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Client Services, Inc also known as CSI is a debt collection agency. You may have been contacted by Client Services Inc in order for them to collect a debt from any of the following markets: auto, healthcare, real estate, financial services, education, retail, utilities, commercial, or government.

Is Client Services, Inc. Harassing You?

There are many actions that debt collection agencies such as Client Services, Inc. may use that are both questionable and unlawful. These actions could be repeatedly calling you with the intent to annoy you, threaten you, lie to you, and even use profanity when talking with you about the debt they are attempting to collect. You may receive calls at all hours of the day. Did you know that you cannot be contacted about a debt before 8am or after 9pm? Client Services Inc. is also not allowed to contact your family, or you employer about any debt that you may owe.

If Client Services, Inc. has been contacting you, and has been using abusive tactics, call Francis and Mailman immediately at 877-735-8600. These actions are strictly prohibited and you could win back damages in a lawsuit against Client Services, Inc.

Try to keep records of all contact with Client Services, Inc.. Keep notes of calls, times, dates, and discussions, and keep copies of all letters that you send or receive.

Hire Francis & Mailman and Stop Collection Abuse

If Client Services, Inc. has violated your rights under the FDCPA, the consumer law firm of Francis & Mailman is here for you. Fill out our quick form, or call us now for a free case review.

Client Services, Inc. Contact Information

Address 221 Point West Blvd.
City St. Charles
State Missouri
Zip Code 63301
Phone 1 800-521-3236
Fax 636-947-1565
  1. Ken Sullivan says:

    I received a letter today from Client Services.. The letter claims that I owe $1496.68. The letter states I have thirty days to dispute the debt by letter. It also states i can call them at 800-521-3236

  2. david says:

    i recieved a letter too , i owe 8000.00

  3. j says:

    Constantly get calls on my mobile, sometimes with Voice Mail messages, saying they are so-and-so, and that they need our help with some information and to call them back at an 877#, yet they are never there…so have to leave a message with an assigned acct number. Ain’t gonna happen…

  4. Lynn says:

    I’ve been receiving calls from these people on my work phone number which I don’t have registered anywhere. I have no clue what this is about. I have no debt so I think this is a complete scam.

  5. Mike says:

    Filed chapter 7 bankruptcy in Sept 2009 and was discharged Aug 2010. July of 2011 Client Services is now doing unauthorized “hard” credit inquiries on me (Negative effect on credit report) and trying to collect a discharged credit card account! Have informed my attorney and told them they have no right to collect this discharged debt. we will seeif they go away now and I am disputing with Equifax the credit inquiry.

  6. Becca says:

    They constantly call my cell phone. Up to 10 times a day. The letter stated 30 days for settlement, but once you call they change things up on you.

  7. Bob says:

    I had a terrible financial hardship. As many of us, have worked my way back, the last outstading account was a credit card that happened to be with this people, i got a very decent person, Mr Moore, on the line and helped me, have to admit I was never expecting a debt collector to be friendly in such manners. I am making payments and debt ended in 40% off

  8. Mr Muhd Allam says:


    Greetings Counselor,

    I am Mr Muhd Allam, I am a businessman and owner of the above
    named company from Asia and who apparently conducts his business in

    quieter ways.

    I come to you with a business matter that is unsettling my mind
    alot and with a view of seeking your assistance.

    I have some uncollected funds in the North America (USA)
    arising from some business transactions carried out this year.
    The payment is long overdue by more than 90 days.
    It’s really a setback I had not counted on, not small money you

    I want your legal advice and representation in recovering this debt.

    I await your reponse.

    Thank you.

    Yours faithfully,

    Mr Muhd Allam

  9. Drew says:

    There are legal processes that these companies have to follow. Some are Federal laws and some are State, if you get these calls from anyone, not just this company, make sure you answer. If they’re not looking for you they’re required to take your number out. People change #’s and addresses all the time, don’t ignore it unless it’s really your debt and you plan on blowing the debt off.

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