Collect America, CACV aka CACH, LLC

Address 3385 Bailey Avenue, Ste #8
City Buffalo
State New York
Zip Code 14215
Calls Routed Through GA Numbers:
Phone 1 404-492-7970
Phone 2 404-287-0204
Phone 3 678-392-1168
Phone 4 770-881-7088
Phone 5 716-462-4971 (Emanee Development)
Fax 404-592-0173
  Head Debt Collectors:
  Lamond Marquis Cooper, convicted felon – drug dealer
(aka Lamond A. Conrad, Lamont Ashley, Lamond M. Burns, Lamond Marqus Cooper)
Jahaan McDuffle, convicted felon
Donte Lee, convicted felon

Dealing with Debt Collection Contact from Collect America, CACV aka CACH, LLC?

You are not alone. There are many consumer who are being contacting by Collect America and many other debt collection agencies out there. There are hundreds of debt collection agencies who’s job it is to collect debt owed by consumers just like you. These companies tend to buy your debt from a larger lender or creditor for pennies on the dollar. They then harass you to recover as much of that debt as possible- profiting on a big portion of that money.

How to Handle the Harassment?

If you think that you are being harassed by a debt collection company, you have stumbled across the right website. Francis and Mailman is a successful and experienced firm who has file many lawsuits for consumers who are fighting back against unethical debt collection companies.

For every violation can prove, you could win up to $1,000. We ask that you start taking notes during each call, keep all the records you can- letters, notices, etc. Anything you have to implicate that these companies are breaking the law will definitely help us in court.

Call our firm today to start the process- 877-735-8600.


  1. Theodore J Pinnock says:

    You firm has filed a lien on my home for a judgment against my son. I am TJ Pinnock II and my son is TJ Pinnock III. This can be verified against SS# and age. Please advise or repsond.

  2. Mr Muhd Allam says:


    Greetings Counselor,

    I am Mr Muhd Allam, I am a businessman and owner of the above
    named company from Asia and who apparently conducts his business in

    quieter ways.

    I come to you with a business matter that is unsettling my mind
    alot and with a view of seeking your assistance.

    I have some uncollected funds in the North America (USA)
    arising from some business transactions carried out this year.
    The payment is long overdue by more than 90 days.
    It’s really a setback I had not counted on, not small money you

    I want your legal advice and representation in recovering this debt.

    I await your reponse.

    Thank you.

    Yours faithfully,

    Mr Muhd Allam

  3. Allyson Bush says:

    Can you tell me if you took over debt collection for the former Fleet Bank in NY ?

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