Colonial Credit Corporation

Great Seneca Financial Group
Address 700 King Farm Road, Ste #503
City Rockville
State Maryland
Zip Code 20850
Phone (866) 896-3996
Address 15200 Shady Grove Road
City Rockville
State Maryland
Zip Code 21202
a.k.a Platinum Financial Services Corp.
Address 700 King Farm Road, Ste #501
City Rockville
State Maryland
Zip Code 20850
a.k.a First Residential Mortgage Network, Inc.
Address 9500 Ormsby Station Road
City Louisville
State Kentucky
Zip Code 40223-4027

Many People in United States are Being Harassed by Colonial Credit Corporation – Just Like You

Have you been having a difficult time coping with Colonial Credit Corporation who has been calling you constantly about debts that you do not owe? Are you tired of harassment on the phone with collectors? Are you scared and confused when you see the calls come in?


Do you know that debt collection companies sometimes mix up people who have the same or similar names? The wrong information can lead to all these significant errors and ruin your chances to get loans.

The law firm of Francis & Mailman is here to help you. Once Francis & Mailman is on your side, you are protected from being harassed by Colonial Credit Corporation. Let us to help you from verbal abuse and insulting practices. Call us today at 877-735-8600 for a free case review.

  1. Andrea Duchatellier says:

    I have been flagged/denied a job at Goldman Sachs because they failed to file a satisfaction of judgement after their judgement was rejected! !

  2. Mr Muhd Allam says:


    Greetings Counselor,

    I am Mr Muhd Allam, I am a businessman and owner of the above
    named company from Asia and who apparently conducts his business in

    quieter ways.

    I come to you with a business matter that is unsettling my mind
    alot and with a view of seeking your assistance.

    I have some uncollected funds in the North America (USA)
    arising from some business transactions carried out this year.
    The payment is long overdue by more than 90 days.
    It’s really a setback I had not counted on, not small money you

    I want your legal advice and representation in recovering this debt.

    I await your reponse.

    Thank you.

    Yours faithfully,

    Mr Muhd Allam

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