Nationwide Credit, Inc.

Address  2015 Vaughn Road Nw, Ste 300
City Kennesaw
State Georgia
Zip Code 30144-7802
Phone 1 770-644-7400
Phone 2 678-486-1027
Fax 770-644-7420

Nationwide Credit, Inc.

West v. Nationwide Credit, Inc.
998 F. Supp. 642 (W.D.N.C.1998). FDCPA states that it is a violation of the law for debt collectors to disclose any information regarding the debt to someone other than the consumer or the consumer’s spouse. Debt collector disclosed the debt to a third party by contacting the consumer’s neighbor and leaving a detailed message regarding the debt.

  1. Mike Wasko says:

    I have an old Directv debt that I settled some time ago with another agency. This company has recently put this debt back onto my report. I recently send them proof of payment through the old agency, and am awaiting their response. I think that they should have contacted me (at which time I would have proven payment has been made) before placing this incorrect information onto my credit report.

  2. Diane Miller says:

    I have received harrasing phone calls on my cell phone for a bill that is not mine. I’m told it will be taken off but the calls continue to come. Perhaps if they used an American Company to make these calls the corrections and deletions would be made.

  3. Milissa Perkins says:

    I have a Directv acct. on my credit report, which I do not owe. I have been through this before with Directv, so this time when I had my service D/C I kept my final bill with a $0 balance. Out of the blue, a year later I start getting calls from this collection agency that I owe Directv $106. I sent them a copy of my final, showing that I didn’t owe any money to anyone. I showed them the proof. I looked at my credit report a few days ago, and this hasn’t been corrected as of yet. It still shows that I owe a balance and its still in collections. This infuriates me!

  4. Cathy says:

    I’ve been receiving calls from NCI for just about a year now. I was unfortunate to be assigned a phone number of someone who apparently has a lot of debt. I’ve explained to NCI numerous times that I am not the person they are trying to contact. I do not know these folks or am I related to take my number off their calling list. The calls continue. After receiving an informative v-msg Sunday evening I returned their call today. I asked for their mailing address to send a certified letter informing them if I continue to receive calls I will seek an attorney to file harassment charges against them. The letter went out today. I’ve had enough.

  5. James H. Williams says:

    I received a call from this agency tonight (2/3/10) at 8:20 pm. I know absolutely nothing about this company, and I have absolutely no reason to be doing business with this company. I am reporting the call the to National Do Not Call Registry.

    James H. Williams

  6. Mike says:

    I have been receiving calls for someone named Annett Francis for almost one year, I am not this person! Have called them 5 times and waited on hold for up to one hour each time to tell them, each time I am reassured I will receive NO MORE CALLS. They call early and late up to 3 times a day, filling my answering machine so i miss other important (calls that are for me) I’m DONE!

  7. Andre Williams says:

    I received a letter in the mail from Nationwide regarding an account that I settled with DirecTV and another collection agency almost six months ago, and I haven’t had DirecTV service at my new residence and never received a bill until today. These tactics of waiting until the average consumer has forgotten or thrown away their old paperwork thinking they’re in the clear and then sending new collections letters fishing for money are shameful and should be illegal.

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