First National Collection Bureau, Inc.

Address 3631 Warren Way
City Reno
State  Nevada
Zip Code 89509-5241
Phone 1 775-322-0444
  1. EDWARD KELLER says:

    I have received a letter requesting three installments for a “settlement” of the debt. the debt was charged off in 2003. Isn’t time for them to stop trying to collect?

  2. Brittany says:

    I received a letter for a settlement from First National Collections Bureau. There’s no First National Collections bureau on my credit reports (experian, transunion, or equifax), nor do I have an account with Cross Country Bank which they claim to be collecting the debt for. I called them and they were very hesitant to give me the Cross Coutnry Bank information they claim I owe a debt for. According to Cross Country Bank, they don’t do business with this company and I do not owe Cross Country Bank money and they have no record of me in their system. First National Collections Bureau are fraudulent and need to be stopped. Check your credit report and verify the debt before sending this “company” anything!!

  3. ronnie wise says:

    i recieved a phone call at 8:42 call back and it was first national collection bureau and their hours are 6 am to 6 pm first off secondly i have no debt

  4. Karon Murray says:

    I received a letter and I called HSBC and they told me that they do not have anything pertaining to this collection. I’ve checked all my credit reports and this is not even on it. They can get a life.

  5. Amanda Jones says:

    I paid a debt off to Midland Funding for a credit card account and First National Collection Bureau is now trying to collect the same debt again for more than the original amount. I don’t have them listed on my credit report so what is this all about???

  6. paul says:

    This company I think specializes in debt that is either close to or past the statute of limitations, they will then pass it off to Jefferson Capitol, Jefferson capitol will send a letter stating you can have a 60% reduction if you pay in 30 days. Make sure you owe this debt, or it is even stil collectable, SOL in Ca. is 4 yrs.

  7. Carol says:

    Do not try to reach a clifford cucera at 503 436 1413. We built this beach home almost 10 years ago and this number was assigned to us in June 2001. We have fought this harrassment and I thought we were through until we had the recording 2 times on our phone there. Contact Verizon and they will tell you this number was given to us June 2001. Mr Cucera must have been a real dealer as I have had to deal with many such as you and the state IRS since then.

  8. jeepnman says:

    I have been getting calls from this collection agency about
    a supposed debit that is over 12 years old.
    they are in nevada but seem to have other local numbers and offices
    They go by the name:
    First national collection bureau Inc.
    P.O. Box 51660 Sparks, NV. 89435
    610 Waltham Way, Sparks, NV. 89434
    Phone: 800-824-6191
    3631 Warren Way, Reno, NV 89509-5241
    first national collection bureau inc
    9119 n 7th street #201-1 phoenix az 85020

    A.K.A Local Office
    A.K.A Asta Funding, Inc.
    A.K.A allied acceptance
    A.K.A apollo group
    A.K.A midland credit

    The phone numbers I have traced to them so far are:

    They pick up old paper “tertiary paper” from debts that may have been
    paid off or otherwise satisfied, cold calling everyone with that name
    untill someone pays up because they are scared
    they also have been involved in several law suits
    check google scholar. They have a BBB rating of “F”.


    Company Info:
    First National Collection Bureau, Inc.
    A Neveda corporation their registered Secretary is:
    Eliseo Montenegro,
    her home phone is 775-358-2696.
    her home address is: 1190 Glen Molly Ct.Sparks, NV 89434

    You can also write the Director and President at his home:
    Bradley Jardon
    358 Wolf Run; Reno, NV 89511

    The Treasurer David Imburgia at home:
    2435 Trails End Lane; Reno, NV 89511

    These people are not that smart, don’t beleive me? Go to the Nevada

    Secretary of State’s website and do an entity search.
    First National Collection Bureau
    610 Waltham Way, McCarran, NV 89434
    610 Waltham Way, Sparks, NV. 89434
    800-824-6191 (Dead link to server)
    Other (old) address

  9. Michael says:

    I paid a debt through this company and now have no way to contact them for receipt of payment. The creditor was North Star Capital Acquisition LLC and they are not who they say they are either. Does anyone have a number to reach them at??

  10. Hannah says:

    I received a letter from them today for a debt of nearly $3,000 from “Original Creditor: BEST BUY” – I have never borrowed money or had a credit or debit card or bought anything on credit from Best Buy. In fact I have never been inside a Best Buy store. I am writing them a letter disputing this debt. I am almost afraid to contact them because by doing so I will be verifying that they sent the letter to a valid address. I checked online and if a creditor sends you a collection letter you should dispute the debt within 30 days and that will stop collections until/unless they validate the debt by providing details of the original creditor, amount of the original debt, etc., which in my case they cannot do. I hope this is the first and last time I ever hear from them.

  11. Terry says:

    These people are debt collectors. They mostly go after debts that are not usually collectible. They are trying to collect from me on a debt that went through bankruptcy three years ago. I will be furnishing proof of their attempts to the FTC for action against them.

  12. chet says:

    Just got my wonderful letter claiming to be representing DirecTV, collecting on a three year old debt that was forgiven. Also contacted by Merchants Credit about a year ago. This time they offer that I can pay either $40.15 within 35 days or $52.19 in 35 days for a “debt” of $80.29. How stupid is that?

  13. says:

    I received one of these fake letters for a account I never had…..mad is hell

  14. Connie says:

    These snakes are calling my parents and bombarding them with auto calls.They had to change their number.My mom tried telling them I didnt live there and even 1 time that she didnt know the person they were asking for but they continue to call.Well FTC knows about this now.They have even called my cousin at his house looking for me and wanting my phone number.They spent alot of money for a skip trace lol

  15. Tammy says:

    I receieved a call from somebody in Richmond, VA who apparently represents this agency. It appears these folks are desperate for ANY job, so they’ve reduced themselves to doing THIS for a living. Only trouble is, they’re claiming I owe money for some account I never had.

    The number I was called from is 804-486-9102

  16. Michele says:

    I received a letter stating I had a $2000 capital one credit card I didn’t pay and they would accept an offer of 6 payments of $142 ea which is a 60% savings. I haven’t had a Capital One CC before. I called Capital One and they said they have no card or anything for my social security. I wrote a letter disputing the claim to The First National Collection Bureau. I should just go down and confront them, I live in Reno/Sparks, NV!

  17. Fed Up says:

    1st National Collection Beureau called my house 4 times yesterday! They are trying to collect a debt on a former roommate that is OVER SEVEN YEARS OLD! I told them that he does not live there, but they continue to call, even though I told them I would sue their “A” off the planet, but they wont comply. I will be contacting my attorney, the BBB, and the Attorney General, AND The Federal Trade Commission. If they are contacting you for ANY REASON, Hang up and call the police or what ever it takes to make them stop!

  18. Gracie says:

    They call me about 3 times a day on my cell but wont tell me what its about and then they start to get rude, till me they can take me to court. But i dont know who they are or what is it about

  19. Amanda says:

    I got a letter yesterday stating i didn’t pay off an old credit card…which i had over 3 years ago! I had just got my check book out to send them their money when I googled them. Crazy!

  20. Debra says:

    My husband received a letter from them about a credit card he said he had YEARS ago. I was just about to write the check and mail it since there’s a deadline but decided to do a quick search *just in case*. I’ll be mailing them a debt validation letter. His credit report didn’t have this debt on it when we looked a couple months ago.

  21. Annoynomous says:

    i recieved a call earlier from this number (714)-495-4808….they claimed i owed debt but i am debt free….they even called my grandsons phone which hasnt been my number in 5 years….they do not exist there a bunch of crooks tryin to steal your money….WATCH OUT

  22. Ashley says:

    I called and spoke to the boss and he was very rude, so rude that I had to hang the phone up if not I would have cursed him out. I’m not an angry person but everything he was saying continued to push my buttons.

  23. janice says:

    They are calling me repeatedly for a Silva Aviation Comapny at my number. We’ve had our number for 6+ years and know nothing about this aviation company. They don’t answer the phone when I try to call back and just continue to harrass us by calling repeatedly and noone answers when I try to call and there does not appear to be a website to contact them.

  24. Ginger graston says:

    this company told me I had a debt with Best Buy that I never had as well. I told them it was not my debt and I was not going to pay it. Somehow they got my job number and called my boss telling them they were the police and were going to serve papers to me. They never did because they are fraudulent

  25. russell says:

    i recieved a letter from them saying i owe from aarons rental claiming i owe them $1672 but are willing to settle for 836. and break it down into 6 payments….. i do not owe aarons

  26. Julie says:

    I received a letter from this company today claiming I owe Bank of America $6539.98, but if I start making payments in the amount of $654.00 immediately and every month for the next 6 months totaling $3923.99 they will consider the debt paid in full.

    I have NEVER had an account with Bank of America. Honestly, I’ve never had a bank account period. I would rather keep my money than be charged a fee (and with BOA tons of bogus fees) for someone else to keep my money.

    This letter though is from First National Collection Bureau, Inc., but it has First Financial Investment listed as the Creditor. There is even an “original account #” on there….how can there be an original account number, when there was NEVER an account to begin with?!?!

    This is the second time in 5 years I have been contacted about a BOA account that I never had, the first time was several years ago, and the amount they claimed was less than $4000…if it’s an old account that was never settled, then how does the amount of the original debt continue to rise? It doesn’t, because this is bogus and I hate to tell them, but I’m not dumb enough to fall for their scam.

  27. Renee says:

    I paid these people in January for an old credit card and received a 0 balance settlement letter… today, i get a call stating that they have been tryting to reach me for some time and that i need to pay the balance. I told the lady that it was already paid and she instructed me to fax the letter. Let’s see if that will get them to stop the illegal activity of trying to recollect on a paid off debt. If not, I guess i will find myself in court with them. DO NOT TRUST WHAT ANY COLLECTION COMPANY TELLS YOU

  28. John says:

    These people need to be shut down…years ago, apparently. I constantly get calls from them, from all those different numbers, sometimes dozens of times a day, and I have NO debt.

  29. George says:

    I just go a letter from them claiming I owe 50% of original debt. But it is a really old account that I paid the original creditor. They don’t even have a website where you can go to make the payment, that has fraud written all over it. Other creditors that I have paid allow online payments.

  30. Casey says:

    I have been recieving at least three auto calls a day. For someone that has never had my number. We do not owe these people. When I asked how they got my number. They were rude. And acted like I was the one that owed them. No wonder no one wants to pay them. Learn some better customer service, Donna Chase and Don Landers.

  31. James says:

    I’m trying to pay off an old debt to First Premier Bank, they had my infor and everything was correct, but gave me a # to call that was FNCB; they had the same info too. However, after reading all these posts I am nervous about sending them pmt even though all the info between them and c.card company is valid.

  32. RILEY C GRIFFIN says:

    Received a collection call from this agency, with a reference number for the account of Fingerhut.
    I called back, gave the reference number, and was immediately pressurred into providing a credit card number for the debt.
    I DO NOT owe Fingerhut,and have never received any notice from First National Collection Bureau.
    Do Not give any personal information over the phone, it also makes the collection agenct mad when refusing to acknowledge debt is mentioned after informing caller the conversation is being recorded.

    Collection Agencies Must provide written notice of intent to collect, and must cease collection action when notified in writing.

    This Collection agency Will be receiving a Cease3 And Desist Letter From Me.

  33. LeeAnna says:

    These people have called me, leaving messages on my phone that I, or my legal representative, need to contct their processing dept…yada yada yada. Now i get a letter stating I woe First Premiere Bank. Never heard of them, nor have I ever had an acct with them. They can kiss my ***. Im glad I googled them and found all this out.

  34. Paul says:

    These fools try to settle a debt I owed 11 yrs ago, I did my penance and had it on my reports for 7 years. I will not pay on a debt thats wayyyy passed the SOL or cannot be reported unless I pay 1 nickle on this………….resetting the 7 year clock……..good try fools.

  35. Lynda says:

    I received a letter, with a last name that I haven’t used in over 12 years. They stated I owe over $10,000. I never had a debt with Providian National Bank.

    They also stated that an account on a monthly payment plan of 70% discount payable in 6 payments of $525.15 could be set up.

    I’m very upset over this. Can’t anything be done?

    I also checked out the Better Business Bureau, and they have a “F” rating.

  36. barbara says:

    i keep getting calls from 5024105896 called back disconnected and now a important business matter- ran search and this popped up – I wish they’d get alife and leave people alone- I am disabled and on social security

  37. Chris says:

    I got a letter saying “I owed over 1000.00 to verizon which I haven’t had for 30 years!! I won’t pay them anything I do not owe!

  38. Tim says:

    EVERYBODY PLEASE CALL 1-877-382-4357 This is the Line to FTC to VERBALLY File a compliant ONLY call if they have violated the Law OR you are not the Person in debt they are looking for.

    I AM NOT the person they are looking for BUT I DO KNOW COLLECTION LAWS!

    These people are breaking the law themselves by Calling from a 714 line which is Orange County California, when their office is in Reno Nv.
    They call with a caller ID saying local office
    Then a computer comes on saying they are lookig for a person, if you click through you get a person who answers the phone as First national Collection , This is a violation of 3rd party disclosure law and then they go into talking to you without a mini maranda which is required BY LAW.
    CALL 1-877-382-4357 To File your complaints With the FTC and Shut these people down, ONLY people who obey collection laws should be allowed to work the Job.

    • Rather Not Say says:

      Yup. Started receiving calls from a (714) area code last week. I do not answer phone numbers that I do not recognize.They have not left a voicemail either. Then this past Monday I received a letter in the mail in a maiden last name that I haven’t used since i was thirteen years old. Im in my 30s’ now. I know that I never took out any credit from Capital One Bank. So after I received the letter I started researching them. Which led to a lot of different websites. A lot of people complaining that they never had any accounts with said original creditor and a lot of people stating that if it was for a debt that they owed at one time, it was around 10 or more years old and that the debt was already paid years ago. Then I realized that a lot of the complaints stated that this collector is in Sparks NV and is using a (714) area code. I checked my phone and the number and the address on the letter are related! I refuse to make any type of contact with this scum bag because I am 100% sure that I do not owe them any money!!! I did however report it to the FTC today online!!!! Sad thing is… they are trying to scam people who cant get any credit. I just don’t understand!! I am very ANGRY!!

  39. Penny Wood says:

    I filed chapter 7 years ago that included this debt…I am not paying one red cent on something I no longer owe.

    Penny Wood (Terrell)

  40. Jace says:

    This company called my cell phone first, but didn’t leave a message. A few days later I got a “Debt Collection” bill in the mail for a “Sprint PCS” account. I have not had any accounts with sprint for over 2 years. I called Sprint and they actually verified that I have a $0.32 credit on my account, let alone have no debts. Surprisingly, they were not very interested in any information about this fraudulent company trying to collect debts in their name. I am not that far from Nevada…

    • Rather Not Say says:

      Same thing happened to me recently. Was getting phone calls from a 714 area code which is Orange County CA. They never left a message. A few days later I received a letter in the mail stating that I owe a couple of thousand dollars which originated from Capital One. I am 110% sure that I do not owe this alleged amount. Funny thing is…I do business with Capital One and I am am in very good standings with them. I dare them to try to collect on me. I will not make any contact what so ever with these scammers! They are out of Sparks NV. The phone number and the Sparks NV location are related. Another thing… they addressed the letter to me in a name i had when I was a child some 14 plus years ago. Here is a quote from the letter, “The law limits how long you can be sued on a debt. Because of the age of your debt, creditor will not sue you for it and will not report it to any credit reporting agency.” That statement just baffles me. If the said collection agency is trying to collect a legitimate debt … they usually report it to the credit bureaus that it is in collections??!!

  41. AK says:

    Received a letter today saying I owe $14000 on a visa to First National Credit. I called back and the lady by the name of Sur Garrison started to get very rude and said she will prove it its my debt and I owe this money. I said I will send you in writing that i dispute this debt, she started discouraging me to send anything in writing. Not sure why. But all this sounded fraud and nothing but fraud.

    I told her if this was my debt, why did Bank Of America give me a mortgage? I have been debt free for many many years except for my mortgage.

    I hope someone does something about this company.

    • Rather Not Say says:

      I am about to! Getting sick of these low lives! I will not be harassed for money I never owed in the first place.

  42. Paid Debt says:

    Received a Notice for a debt that had been paid over 10 years ago. Sent the company certified letter demanding they not send me any more notices or I would be force to take legal actions. I agree this company needs to be stopped.

  43. Barbara says:

    keep getting calls from local office 5014106896 no message when i call back disconnected or out of service

  44. Evelyn says:

    First National contacted me (this is the 3rd agency to contact me since 2005 trying to collect a debt I never had). They claim I owe Washington Mutual $2,063. I never had ANY contact with Wash Mutual whatsoever. When I asked them to provide me with the loan application with my signature on it, they said I had to request any information from them in writing and they were very nasty. We decided to google them, boy what an eye opener, as God is my witness, I never opened any type of loan with them. My credit rating is good and always has been. As far as I am concerned, they can shove anything they receive from anyone where the sun never shines. There are those folks who will stoop to the lowest level to make a dishonest dollar. For shame.

    • Rather Not Say says:

      Agreed. People who get busted trying to pull these scams should be federally charged if they aren’t already.

  45. inspector clouseau says:

    my police dept & state atty general state that this company is fraud & part of an international scam thats untrackable – any calls from area code 855 is the UK. 855-568-2611. they operate under several diff business names. another is global recovery systems. they will also call from 513-469-5091 & 5284. NEVER, NO MATTER WHAT THEY TELL YOU OR THREATEN YOU WITH – NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR SOC SEC NUMBER OR BANKING INFO.

  46. law says:

    First National Collection Bureau is now working their scams out of Baltimore, MD.
    Phone# 443-270-9457 or
    My number is a new number because I just moved here but they keep calling for someone I do not know and I can’t get them to stop!

  47. troy p says:

    Here’s a good one, my score was 672 with a direct tv collection in 2008, which was the last time it appeared on my report. 4 yrs later, it appears as a NEW DEBT, making my score 644. All the while, I have added a 100pct ontime mortgage and auto loan, which should raise my score, which it did to 689. But now with this NEW DEBT label, im down to 644. i think its a new scam to get people to react, SOUND FAMILIAR, im thinking class action suit, cause when i called them, they said there was miscommunication between them and the bureau, and a bunch of accounts were mistakenly reported this way. I dont think it was a mistake at all, i think it was ON PURPOSE, im wanting to start a class actions suit, email if this sounds familiar

    • Rather Not Say says:

      Im with you! We should get a class action law suit started on this Collection Agency claiming bogus debts on innocent people. Any lawyers reading this post that want a case?

  48. tootoo68 says:

    5 years of harrassment for a
    debt that belonged to my daughter 10 years ago. Thanks
    to the Call Block Fairy, I have never had to answer to
    these jerks, that even called 7 times on Thankgiving. I ain’t got the fairy.. get it

  49. mad in michigan! says:

    I would like to thank all of You, previous commenters!!! I almost paid these fools $583 for a debt owed to DirecTV! I seen these comments and decided to call DirecTV myself and of course (not a surprise now) I don’t have ANY debts owed to them! What a bunch of idiots!!!!

  50. Lawrence says:

    I started getting phone calls from First National Collection Bureau Inc. in October of this year from area code 863 in Lakeland, Florida though the callers never left any message. So when I first contacted the number the person whom I spoke with told me that the collection agency is located in Reno, NV. So I asked why they called me from a Florida area code and was told that since my area code is from that state then they use an area code for the same state for which the person they are trying to reach resides. Okay well I have never lived in Lakeland though I used to live on the gulf coast in St. Petersburg with a Florida area code for my cellular number. The person at this agency also told me that they use various area codes and call back numbers for debtors whom they have on file. They told me that they would continue calling me to try to get me to pay up or agree to a settlement on an old Orchard Bank master card debt which I incurred several years ago while living in Florida. I was told that I started using the card in November 2005 and it went to collections in August 2006. And that they recently acquired my old credit card account just this year. I was living in FL for over four years from 2005 through the end of 2009 and this agency never once contacted me while I was living on the east coast. The phone calls increased up to two or three days in a row into November. So I finally contacted an attorney in south Florida whom I know for assistance. Bret Luskin went to bat for me and gave my contact information to a law firm in California where I reside and an attorney contacted this agency and for the past several weeks the phone calls and harassment have ceased. Mr. Luskin also told me that since my former master card account went into collections in 2006, then that is much too long for any collection agency to try to get me to pay any amount. According to federal consumer credit protection laws. First National Collection Bureau Inc. is one of many businesses that buy up old credit card accounts which remain unpaid and unsettled and they pay pennies on the dollar and then contact debtors and claim that so much is owed on the account and harass people like myself into trying to pay up or arrange for a payment settlement. They even had the nerve to ask me where I am employed and for my bank account information which of course I refused to share. They also told me that they needed my banking info so they could make a monthly debit for an amount for which I would agree to until my old debt is paid and settled. These folks are scam artists of the lowest kind and if anybody else is to be contacted by this agency then do not give out any personal information and your are not obligated to tell them anything regarding your employment situation, address or banking information. They are in direct violation of federal consumer credit protection laws and they do know that they are breaking the law! You are obviously entitled to contact any lawyer whose specialty is credit and debt collection.


  51. Carl says:

    I just received a letter from First National Collection Bureau, Inc in Sparks, NV stating that I owe Cashcall over $5000. I have never borrowed anything from Cashcall and never will. A scam company using a fraudulent companies name? Now that’s funny!

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