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Address 300 Chatham Avenue
City Rock Hill
State  South Carolina
Zip Code 29731
Phone 1 800-849-9791
Fax 803-329-0797
Website www.wfcorp.com


  1. terry says:

    This company has been demanding and very harrassing on the phone. WHen I have asked them for written statment about my debt and the settlement amount I agreed to via the mail they said they don\’t mail letters out regarding that and that they wouldn\’t make any exceptions but they could email me something. WHat is the differene if they email or mail. I wanted something official from them and they won\’t send it. I also said I would pay them on a certain day and they said I had to pay by a certain time which I couldn\’t. I had to wait till later in the day. They began pushing me to tell them who was paying the debt off for me and they would call them to get the money. I have never recieved any mail from them. I found my debt through them via the credit report. I had to call a number on there which then led me through two different companies till I finally got their number.
    You would think that if they were going to get paid then they wouldn\’t be so rude, pushy and harrassing on the phone. You would also think they would be willig to send me some letter in the mail stating who they are and what we were working on.

  2. Wendy says:

    I just received a phone call from Julia Williams from Williams and Fudge who previously called my mother in NY. I have lived in Florida over 30 years. When I called this person back at 803-326-1399, they had my address as a NY address from 1983. They stated it was an attempt to collect a debt from when I attended college over 25 years ago. I have never had an outstanding collection in my life, do I need to worry about them placing a derogatory item on my credit? Do I need to worry about them harassing my 75 year old mother again?

  3. Geo says:

    I was willing to accept a settelement offer with out admitting ownership of a debt just wanted to make this ordeal go away. AND like #1-terry, I was told that Williams & Fudge refused to put anything in writing via mail or letter head as a matter of policy. In otherwords, they were going to get paid, and all I needed was a paper that clearly spelled out the terms and specified the debt plus account information. A big No Go. They weren’t interested in putting anything on paper, and stated e-mail would have to suffice. No problem…so I clearly expanded and added specifics in an e-mail response to their e-mailed offer for a settelment at 50% of the origional debt. I clearly stated that this e-mail negotiation was a binding agreement, in keeping with legal precedence. No response as of yet with a looming deadline for the proposed pay off. At this point, I am inclined to simply let it go to court. It appears that Williams&Fudge isn’t behaving in an ethical manner. Why attempt to pay them on any settelment offer? Who knows what will happen after your done?

  4. Jason says:

    I dealt with these people a couple of years ago and they were relentless. Anyway, I had paid them on their payment plan. Now there is something on my credit report and I want a letter from them to send to the credit company. I called last year and they said they would email me a letter. Well, still nothing and this is on my credit report still.

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