2013: Awards for the 30 Best Blogs for Getting Out of Debt – For Real!

October 13th, 2013 by admin

To put it simply, debt ain’t easy.  We compiled the top list of debt-busting blogs so you can read how other’s have climbed out of debt.

So read on be on your way to a debt-free life and shut those debt collectors up once and for all.

Without further ado, we present the 2013 Best Blogs for Beating Debt:


#1 Zen Habits

This is by far one of our favorite blogs.  We have been following Leo Babauta for several years now and it seems that every post hits a chord with us.

As the site says: “Zen Habits is about finding simplicity in the daily chaos of our lives”.  I could not put that any better.  The posts range from how to live a more simple life, to becoming debt free, to how to motivate yourself to move.  The latest post ‘The Way of No Debt’  is about facing your debt problems head on.

#2 Mint Blog

We all know Mint but we probably don’t use it as often as we should.  Mint has produced a great blog that guides you to making the right goals, plan for you future, and keeping you up-to-date on the latest trends in the financial world.

#3 Well-Kept Wallet

Everything from tips on how to eliminate your debt to investment tutorials.  Our favorite part of this blog is the interviews of successful business people and how they got to where they are today.

#4 Engineer Your Finances 

Teaching you how to be more financially secure, while being realistic in your endeavors.  Good read.

#5 Poorer Than You

This blog focuses in on the financial woes of students.  Covering topics such as credit cards, saving while at school, dealing with debt, and handling job offers or the lack there-of.

#6 No Debt Plan

Quite simply, as the title suggests, this blog gives advice on how to climb out of debt and staying that way.  Giving real world examples, the writer brings to life this boring topic.

#7 Man vs Debt

A dad sharing his journey through debt, this blogger stresses the importance of removing barriers from you life to find happiness.

#8 Consumerism Commentary

This blogger shares both personal financial history, struggles and successes as well as giving us information to help increase our net worth.

#9 20 Something Finance 

This blog aims at reaching those in their 20s who are just starting out in their financial journey. Learning how to manage your money and deal with debt is a new concept to many 20-somethings and this blog is meant to help them get on the right track. (How many times have you wished you made better financial decisions when you were in your 20s? – ’nuff said!)

#10 Credit Loan Blog

This is an in depth look at how important your credit is.  It shows you what to look for in your credit reports and how to analyze your credit score.

#11 Stop Buying Crap

A personal finance blog giving you real world advice.  This blog focuses on how you can save money and taking a close look on what you really need to buy vs what you think you need.

#12 The Simple Dollar

If you are looking for simple steps to build yourself back up after defeating debt, this is a good blog for you.  There is tons of advice on work on your financial health while still being able to enjoy what life has to offer.

#13 My Money Blog

This personal finance blogs give a real-life example of someone climbing their way out of debt.  You can follow his step to cure some of your debt ailments.

#14 Budgets Are Sexy

Are they really?  Well, no.  But they can be fun and budgets are extremely useful.  This blog tries to make budgeting a little less boring while giving great tips on saving and planning for your future.

#15 Blogging Away Debt

A very interesting blog, that allows us to peek in on people’s financial lives.  They have had four sets of blogs since inception, who have given the details of overcoming their debt.

#16 Punch Debt in the Face

If you are looking for a fun read on finance, silly pictures, and some pretty hilarious drawing, Punch Debt in the Face is your spot.  A personal and authentic look on building your financial future.

#17 Digging Out of Debt

Two sisters working together to talk out their money troubles and triumphs.  Follow their journey to a healthy financial life.

#18 Gail Vaz-Oxlade 

Gail give tools on how to take control of your money.  The blog even includes a great Budget worksheet to help with the process.

#19 Dave Ramsey

You may have heard of Dave Ramsey, he provides classes and support to build wealth and beat debt. The blog provides articles on saving and how to manage your money better.

#20 Shaking the Money Tree

This is one woman’s personal blog about finally getting a grip on her financial health.  Tons of tips on saving and couponing, this kinda makes me want to start saving some coupons.

#21 Debt Perception

Personal finance blog about a woman’s journey to recovering from student debt.  You may be able to relate.

#22 Out My Window

Another personal journey from a woman working on planning for a future retirement.

#23  Frugal Confessions

Being frugal can be an art.  It’s really amazing to watch people who can bargain and somehow get the same services and products we buy but at a fraction of the cost.  Learn how this blogger does exactly that.

#24 My Attempts at Frugal Living

Down and dirty confessions on how a single earning family of five, plus multiple animals, makes it through.  Everything from tips on being frugal to recipes on stretching the food you got.

#25 Homeowner By 30

Watch this blogger’s journey through life all in the hopes of becoming a homeowner.  Doing what it takes to save money on a tight income.

#26 Debt Free Adventure

A team of financial writers giving you a look at resources that will help you learn to save, give, and handle any debt you may have.

#27  Debt Hater

This blogger hates debt and so do you.  She stresses how debt affects more than just money, and gives advice on how she is working to overcome it.

#28 Girl Meets Debt

Read about this girls path through student loan and credit card debt.  With the dependency on going to a college these days, avoiding student loan debt is extremely hard.

#29  Working for a Goal

Having a goal is essential to any plan.  Before starting a budget and plan for eliminating debt, you need to set a goal to reach.

#30 Lending Tree  

Articles from experts outline every area that you deal with in your financial path; homeownership, auto, lending, credit, mortgages and much more.

Did we miss any? Leave us a comment and let us know what you’re favorite budgeting blogs are.

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