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Nobody wants to get calls from debt collectors, but some debt collection companies cross the line and become hostile, making threats, lying about your rights, calling your place of employment, and even threatening prison time.

Consumers have rights and it is important to know your rights. Even if you do owe money, debt collectors must follow the law. If your rights are violated, you can sue and collect damages!

The Consumer Law Firm Francis and Mailman, P.C. can provide with dedicated and aggressive professional legal assistance. If you have been a victim of harassment by a debt collection agency or creditor- our team is ready to help you fight back. Often these companies that are trying to collect debt use unfair or even abusive practices when contacting you.

Francis and Mailman is Here to Help

Our consumer rights law firm is ready to protect you, and all consumers, who have been subjected to unfair and illegal practices.

We are here to help with multiple things including:

  • Being a victim of debt collection harassment
  • If you find that your credit reports contain inaccurate information
  • If you find that your credit reports contain information that doesn’t belong to you
  • If you are a victim of identity theft
  • If your background / employment report is inaccurate
  • If you are listed as deceased

Francis and Mailman was founded in 1998, and is dedicated to help you with your case.  We offer a  no- obligation initial consultation to go over your case.  Get the expert advice you deserve.

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  1. Scott Wright says:

    The reason for reaching out today is that CDYNE is currently working with a number of collection agencies as well as collections solution providers to provide Ringless Voicemail Drops. If you are already utilizing this services we have found that many people in the industry are simply being charged too much.

    If it is worth investing 5 minutes I would love to show you how we are working with others to successfully utilize this tool!

     FCC, FTC, and TCPA Compliant!
     Greater Connection Rates = Increased ROI
    • Voicemail Listen Rate- 96%
    • SMS Advertisement Open Rate- 87%
    • Live Agent Call Listen Rate- 54%
    • Voice Broadcasting Listen Rate- 39%
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