Atlantic Credit and Finance, Inc.

Address 2727 Franklin Road SW
City Roanoke
State Virginia
Zip Code 24014
Phone 1 866-397-4100
Phone 2 800-888-9419

Do you think your rights have been violated by a debt collection agency contacting you?  If you answer yes to any of the below questions, you may have a case against the offending debt collection company or companies:

  • Do you think you have been abused or mistreated by the debt collector?
  • Have these collection reps contacted you employer, friends, relatives or even neighbors?
  • Have they tried to collect more than you owe or collect an amount that you do not even owe?
  • Have the collectors threatened you in any way- lawsuits, liens, loss of your home or even wage garnishments?
  • Have they threatened you in terms of an arrest or police involvement for the unpaid bill or bills?
  • Have these representative called and left a message without identifying who they are and the company they are call on behalf of?
  • Have calls come in before 8am and after 9pm?
  • Has any debt collection agency lied to you in the attempt to recover debts owed?
  • Have you found false or inaccurate information on your credit report, especially anything that could make you suspect potential identity theft has taken place?


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  1. dog says:

    Is this the same as Atlantic Credit and Finance in Roanoke?

    That one is run by the Woolwine brothers. One of them washed out of the Army so he runs the office like a wannabe drill instructor.

    John P. Frye is his cousin. Frye doesn’t practice law. Frye’s partner Michael Katzen does all the work!

  2. frustrated says:

    is this same as mt laurel nj? is david apothaker a real attorney or just a shyster?I think that they buy debt at pennies on the dollar and try to sue you for the full debt in court by any means of harrasment possible

    • C. Tamagni says:

      A friend just received a notice from her employer that they will garnish her salary for over $16K and she has ZERO debt, never had any aside from her car loan which is almost paid up. NEVER received any notifications, calls, letters, summons, etc. NOTHING until this. And it’s coming from Mt. Laurel, too!! She is totally fighting this, she owes nothing, $0, so I don’t get it, she has good credit, can’t find any default judgments NOTHING! She will drive to Mt. Laurel next week if she must!

  3. jerry warriner says:

    I am a disabled retiree who lives on Social Security. Five years ago I was forced to default on my credit card debts.

    Attorney George Cohn of Redondo Beach, CA, sued me on behalf of Atlantic C&F.

    Although my SS benefits are exempt from levy, Both Cohn and Atlantic pursued me after getting a judgment.

    I wrote them to point out that it would be futile for them to go after to me.
    Nevertheless, they hounded me and filed levies in two counties. I filed exemptions, which they did not challenge, so the sheriff in one county had to return my money.

    They’ve spent $3,000 on fees so far.

    Do you think that stopped them? No. They are still hounding me.

    These are vicious people who will not let go even though they won’t get a cent from me.
    Beware of them.

  4. roy e. huskey sr says:

    dont who you are and wye are tou suing me

  5. roy e. huskey sr says:

    i have no money or assetts

  6. Baleigh Stephens says:

    Atlantic called me about a past due bill that was assigned to them by collections. I spoke to Melanie the Manger/Supervisor and she was very concerned of why I stopped paying he debt and I informed her that it was going to get paid. I was on the phone for over 20 minutes on what was stated to be a recorded line and I informed her that I will get the debt on a payment plan and get it settled. This Atlantic company is very unprofessional and they are looking at your credit report as they are speaking with you. So be aware. If you see the number 800-888-9419 on your phone line.. Send to voicemail.. Block the call.. Do not deal with them… They also threaten with going to an Attorney..

    I understand that the company will get commission on what they collect but I can contact the debt business I owe and make a plan on my own.

    Do not answer the number if they call… Make your own arrangement… 800-888-9419.

  7. Leia says:

    These idiots called my cellular phone 4 times in an hour, left disgusting messages regarding they need to talk to me about a “personal business matter” and send numerous annoying letters to my house stating they need their debt settled now. Absolutely not will I deal with this debt collection company. I contacted my original creditor and they are working with me now. DO NOT deal with collection agencies, especially these losers. They are also nasty when you answer them.

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