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Learn Your Rights

Understand the rules that debt collection agencies must follow when attempting to collect debt.  Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act:

  • They cannot call before 8 in the morning or after 9 at night.  Doing so is inappropriate in most cases.  If those times work better for you, you can let the debt collection agency know what times are best for you to discuss payments
  • Cannot call repeatedly in an attempt to annoy or harass you.  This means calling over and over again.
  • Cannot use obscene language.
  • Cannot lie or threaten.  Many examples are saying that you can be arrested, lose your house or sued if that is not likely.  Debt collectors often go this route to scare you into action.
  • Lie about the fees or amount owed.  Some debt collectors may use this practice to offer  you a “deal” that is false.  For example- they may tell you that you owe $10,000 (when you actually owe $8,000), but then offer you a deal of $8,000 if you pay it off now.  This is intentional fraud.
  • Contact you at work (once you have told them specifically not to), or contact your family and friends about your debt situation.
  • Display or promote your debt situation publicly.  This is a tactic that attempts to embarrass you.


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