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When dealing with debt collection agencies you may not know all the rules and laws that have been put in place to protect you and your rights. Listed below are some of the actions that you should familiarize yourself with so that you are not taken advantage of and harassed by these companies.

Things Debt Collection Agencies Cannot Do

We all aim to pay our bills as they come in, but we all know that things happen and payments are missed. When this happens our debts sometimes get sent to debt collection agencies.

So what is it that these companies cannot do or say to use when in communication about our debt?

Use of Profanity

If the collectors you are talking to start cursing or swearing at you in an attempt to get money from you, you can be sure that this is a highly illegal practice. Be sure to take note of the caller, time called, and words used.

Threaten to Have You Arrested

Debt handled by debt collection agencies is not a criminal offense and cannot result in jail time. Some unlawful agencies may use this tactic to scare you- this is not okay.

Lie to You About Any Information

These agencies must be completely upfront with who they are, who the creditor is and the true amount that you owe and the true deadline. Use of bogus information or communication is not allowed.

If you think a creditor has broken the law- call Francis and Mailman to discuss your case and your options.


Ratings for CreditReportProblems.com
  1. charlie tuna says:

    These people want me to pay for something that is not mine and will not let me explain what is going on. I just wish they would take me to court so I can make a fool out of them and sue for everything they have

  2. Johnetta says:

    Damn, I wish I could think of soemhtnig smart like that!

  3. jody riley says:

    I filed for bankrupsy and they keep on calling me. I am sick of them.

  4. Larry Baker says:

    Have called me Twice a day for a week or more. I have
    no outstanding bills that been turned over for collection.

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