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Now a days, having debt is very common.  With the increase in credit card bills, the unemployment rate, the volatility of the markets, medical bills, divorce increase and so much more- it has been hard for the average American to stay on top of everything.  This means that more and more Americans are falling deeper into debt.

With increasing debt, comes the increasing pressure from debt collection agencies.  You may be someone who has been receiving multiple calls a day from one or more debt collection companies.  Are you avoiding those calls?  You are not alone.  Dealing with debt collectors can be scary and horrifying.

In many case, these companies and their employees may use very unethical and questionable tactics to get you to pay off your debt.  Because creditors or lenders often sell your debts for pennies on the dollar to these debt collection agencies-  the more money they can get from you, the more profit they make.  This is why they often use bad practices.


You should know that these actions are often illegal and you can get an attorney to help you facilitate the debt process.  Once you have a lawyer on your side, all correspondence goes through your lawyer- this means no more annoying calls all hours of the day.

Get a lawyer on your side- Francis and Mailman are very experienced and can help to determine if you can sue the collectors for illegal and unethical practices.


Ratings for CreditReportProblems.com

Ratings for CreditReportProblems.com
  1. June says:

    They have a judgement filed against me. They said they served me papers at my parent’s address in NY. I live in NM. And my parents never received anything. Now I call them & they have no record of me in their system.

  2. Shirley says:

    I am trying to buy a home and this company is on my file preventing me from the chance to buy my first home! I have no idea of this company and there was no record of them contacting me for anything! They have a Judgment against me listed on my credit report, I HAVE NO CLUE who or what this company is and why they have a judgment against me! I smell fraud! I am disputing this record and hoping they get it corrected!

  3. frustrated says:

    This compnay has a judgment against my mother. She has passed away and I am trying to contact them regarding this debt. I can’t even get in touch with them!!! NONE of the phone numbers I can find are in service. If they want to collect a debt, you would think that they would be easier to contact.

  4. Atlanta says:

    These idiots are ruining peoples chances of buying homes. They have no record of me in their system but somehow manage to stay on my credit report even when I dispute them. I was able to get them removed from TransUnion but Experian still has them listed. I plan on giving Experian HELL until they can validate this fraudulent judgement.

  5. Very Frustrated says:

    This company needs to stop making fraudulant Claims on people, ruining their credit. Innocent people are having their credit ruined, and preventing them to buy a home, they so desperately need, such as me!!!!I plan to keep disputing this Fraudulant report from this company until it disappears from my credit report!!!

  6. Keelhauler says:

    Just found out these people filed a mystery claim at an old address. No paperwork accompanying their claim. Not surprising since I haven’t used or applied for any form of credit for years abd have received nothing in the mail from these people. All accounts paid/closed years ago. Possible identity theft as I already have a credit report freeze after discovering domeone elses bills on my report.

  7. joe parisi says:

    These are true ambulance chasers. They filed a bogus judgment in a court where my son never lived. Be careful. They use many addresses including california.
    File grievance complaints with the local bar.

    Go to the district attorney or AG. File a complaint. These are lowlifes just looking for a quick back

    Joe Parisi

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