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What Can Francis and Mailman Help You With?

Removing Credit Report Errors

Taking care of credit report errors can be frustrating and take a long time.  Sometimes to no avail.  Francis and Mailman can help you use the right channels to get this cleaned up quickly and painlessly.  And if we look into your case and determine that these errors or mistakes have caused serious damage in your financial health and future, we can help you start a lawsuit in which you could earn for each violation.  Francis and Mailman has worked on very similar cases and knows the proper procedures to take to expediate things.  Call us today.


Dealing with Abusive Debt Collectors

Francis and Mailman can also help if you have continuously been dealing with questionable tactics taken by a debt collection agency.  We know that many agencies use abusive and down right unlawful practices when trying to get you to pay your debt.  We want you to understand that you have rights as a consumer and do not have to take the abuse.  Call our team today to discuss your options in dealing with these types of companies.

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