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Owe debt? Getting continuous calls from debt collectors? Scared? You are definitely not alone. You are not unlike so many Americans out there who are struggling with mounting debt. If you are getting many calls from debt collectors, it is important for you to know your rights as a consumer.


Credit Report Errors

Did you know that a credit report error or mistake can cost you money? Call us today- toll-free to find out the reasons that you should look into your credit report and make sure that it is free of errors. We can also help you to clean up your reports and background checks and also determine whether or not you can sue the credit reporting agencies. There are many things that can cause errors; human mistakes, identity theft and so much more.


It is important to watch your credit reports often. You are entitled to a free copy of your report from the three main credit bureaus- TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. You do so by going to This is an easy process that just verifies your information before giving you access to the credit data that is listed for you.

Need help from a lawyer?  That is where Francis and Mailman come in handy.  We know all the consumer right laws backward and forward.  We will provide you with a free consultation today.  Give us a call now and start the process now.

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