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Are you having problems with a debt collection agency and their reps?  There are tons of debt collection agencies in the United States.  Here are just a few:


These are just a few of the debt collection agencies out there.


Debt Collection Harassment

Unfortunately, harassment is all too common in the debt collection realm.  Calling repeatedly, using improper language, lying and threatening the consumer, calling on off hours and so much more.  Are you dealing with behaviors like this?  DId you know that you do not have to?

There are laws in place that protect you- even if you owe debt to companies.  The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act was put in place to protect consumers against unethical practices and illegal actions.  If you are a victim of unfair debt collection agency practices you can sue for damages.


Get a lawyer on your side immediately to stop the calls and stop the debt collectors from harassing you now.  Talk to Francis and Mailman today for a free consultation.  We are experienced lawyers ready to take on your case today.  We know the laws, we know the rules, we know the procedures.  Call us now.


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  1. J. Francis says:

    C.R.B. contacted via phone to collect payment for medical services provided by Dr. Campbell on Jan 12/13/14/15, 2007 in Sept. 2010. The last correspondence with CRB was in August 2008 at which time I wrote them a letter (August 23, 2008) explaining that Tricare was not billed for services for Jan 12/13/14, 2007. Tricare paid for amount not covered by BlueCrossBlueShield for Jan. 15, 2007. I explained to CRB of the situation, and the collector responded that since it is too late (Tricare will only pay for services up to one year after services was provided)to make a claim to Tricare now, I am responsible for the unpaid amount. It seems unfair that due to negligence of the doctor’s office/CRB to make a claim in a timely manner from the insurance company that an individual must bear the burden.

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