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Are you dealing with annoying debt collectors? A debt collection representative calling you names and being disrespectful?  Feel as if you are being harassed?  You can stop these questionable acts and so more right now by calling Francis and Mailman today.  Get a free consultation by calling now- 877-735-8600.

Laws on your side

There are many laws on your side.  The Fair Debt Collection Protection Act, Telephone Consumer Protections Act, and the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  All of these and more protect you from companies taking advantage of you, harassing you, and causing irreclaimable damage on your financial and emotional health.
Contact an attorney- Francis and Mailman- to get a more in depth look into the laws that can help you fight back against these companies and their actions.

Cases Against Cavalry Portfolio Services, LLC

Bynum v. Cavalry Portfolio Servs., L.L.C., 2006 WL 850935
(N.D. Okla. Mar. 30, 2006). Debt collector disputed the fact that they received a cease and desist letter from the consumer, but the court was unable to determine if this was fact. Court dismissed defendant’s motion for reconsideration because consumer was able to testify their physical and emotional damages. Debt collector continued to collect the debt after they found out that it was discharged in bankruptcy.


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  1. James Jones says:

    Over a year ago I received an article of mail from Cavalry. I opened and it said I had a debt I was unaware of. After calling their toll free number I learned that the debt was NOT mine. The SSN did not match. The call operator assured me at that time that they would remove me and there would be no negative consequences since it was an erroneous debt. I recently checked my credit last week and found that Cavalry was STILL reporting me as having an account with them that was a delinquent debt. When I called I simply asked for them to remove it and wanted documentation that the debt was not mine and the action/s they were taking to correct the problem. The phone operator “Stephanie” told me they could not do that. I was them refered to a manager named “Rob.” Rob also denied my request to send me some form of documentation stating that the debt they had linked to me was erroneous. Rob not only neglected his duties as a manager, but when I asked him simple questions about the debt collection process. He told me he did not know the answer to my questions. How can a supervisor not know simple questions that ask the procedures or events that lead to an individual being reported to a credit report. Congrats Rob, I cant wait to hear your response from my lawyer!

  2. Maribeth Corrigan says:

    Called date 1/24/12
    by the name John Gail 1st time left me a massage called him back I told him he needs to send me a letter ect. But he keeps saying this was my debt I need to pay it…I told him not to call again till I get to send him my respond letter but just now he calls me back and saying this was my last chance.

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