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Are you in debt?  Still owe tons of money on your house?  Have a pile of credit card bills that are growing by the day?

Debt is not uncommon. In fact, it is very normal. What is not normal is the harassment that many debt collection agencies partake in when attempting to collect debt that is owed.

The Story Behind Debt Collection Agencies

Did you know that many debt collection companies but your debt from Creditors and lenders?  And they often buy this debt for pennies on the dollar?  The money they collect from you is mostly profit.

This is why many debt collectors use questionable practices when contacting debtors just like you.

Do You Feel Harassed?

Do you feel uneasy about the way that a debt collectors has been contacting and communicating with you?  It may be time to get an attorney on your side to fight back.

Call Francis and Mailman today to get the representation you deserve.  Our attorneys are here to give you a no obligation, private consultation.  Call our toll free number today to start the process of getting back control of your financial health- 877-735-8600.

You do not have to take these harassing and abusive calls anymore from these debt collectors and their unethical employees.  Get the right team of lawyers behind you today and start fighting back.  You could be owed damages, find out from our experienced team today.

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  1. JONES says:

    This is another case of a JDB company, Junk Debt Buyer. They lied to the Ohio Attorney General, then forward the debt to someone else after a full media validation letter was written to this company, and they still did not send out a first initial written notices. Most of these so-called debt collectors do not want to write a letter to you, they rather attempt to bully you into sending them money. Wow. I ran into more and more lazy people. We need people in the agency that are going to do their job. She sided with the scam artist not checking to see if this – what can you do if your Atty General Rep or “specialist” lol wow, do not do their job? They are getting away with their act and they are not licensed to operate in our state. wow

  2. JONES says:

    purchase old debts and are illegally operating in my state.

  3. William says:

    This company is dirty, they do not know how to collect a debt, and they will never get a dime from me. They treaten jail call your friends you name it. Can’t wait till someone shows them how the cow ate the cabbage.

  4. jen says:

    This company contacted me in July. I don’t remember taking a loan out that they said I did and the references they said I used I never have but since they said I would go to jail if I didn’t pay them I started a payment plan. They are supposed to take out money once a month. This last time the took out money twice in one day. Figuring it was just a mistake I gave them a call. No. Matter what exstention I use it sends me to the same voicemail. (Box 517) witch is full. I got online and found their website and the number on there is a live chat number. I then tried to email them and the email was rejected by host. Not sure what to do. Thinking I’ve been scammed. I have given them a total of $629.15 plus $70 in overdraft fees from their mistakes. Anyone else have this problem or know how to get ahold of them? Thanks

  5. jennifer says:

    ok they hound me and hound me when i asked for proof of the check they say that its locked up they cant get it and then said i needed to give them a credit card and pay this and i told them i wasnt sending nothing and then today they call me and said where do i want my court papers to be sent and i wasnt home well statue of limitations in my state is 1 yr misdemeanor and anything over 300 is a felony no statue of limitations so they say what i owe is below that so they might as well quit now or i will get a lawyer and get them so i hope they read this cause if they think im going to pay something that they cant or wont prove is mine then they better get there credit card out and pay it they self

  6. amber says:

    i just got a call from my aunt that said these people are calling my grandfather telling them I commited fraud against somebody and that I have to contac them before they take me to court, i called them and its about a payday loan i got 4 years ago. the guy said unless i give them my checking acct info over the phone so they can debit my acct, i will be taken to court by the payday loan company. i told them i wasnt comfortable doing that and asked for an address where i can send a $order and they said “since 9-11 happened they dont receive mail” and they refused to send me anything in the mail explaining the debt. I want to pay this but I refuse to give my acct info over the phone and they are in direct violation of the FDCPA by telling my aunt I commited fraud. I dont know what to do at this point.

  7. MP says:

    I think I may be a victim of this group too? Just had a call that Im to be served papers,at a scheduled time, in a couple of days. When I called the number the server gave me, it goes to a voicemail for this company. CCR Legal. I to, do not know what debt I have that I owe this company. Not sure what the regulations in my state are. Time to look them up.

  8. stacy says:

    Got a call today, gentlemen stated that he wanted to verify that i would be home tomorrow at 10 o’clock because he was going to serve me with papers. He called from an unavailable number which was strange. he then gave me a number to call and I spoke with a guy named Ian Curtis, who sounded like the man that I just talked to. He stated that in 2003 I had a bounced check for a payday advance company, and I explained to this gentlemen that I paid this company in full, in cash. He stated that he could not see what the court order was, but if I don’t get it taken care of, I would be charged attorney fees, and they would do a background check to see if I bounced any other checks. told me to fax over the proof or I would be serviced to go to court. found their website not for sure if it’strue or not, but I will find out at 10am tomorrow

  9. miss m says:

    Well just like (#8 – stacy) I too received a phone call from this company. The gentleman’s name whom called and left a “formal notice” on my VM was “Tony Wilson”. So guess what I did, called back, got IAN CURTIS too and he sounded just like “Tony Wilson”. When I inquired about “Tony Wilson” IAN informed me that they didn’t have a Tony Wilson in the building but that he may be someone who worked out in “my area” (which by the way, how would IAN have known which number or area I was calling from if I BLOCKED MY OUTGOING NUMBER?!)…Anyway, “Tony” might’ve been someone who worked out of my area and IAN wanted to know if I was left a time and date of service. I explained to IAN that I was formally requesting that his company no longer contact me by telecommunications and that I was going to send them a “Cease & Desist” letter by the end of the week; and that if he or anyone else called me I was going to report them to the Texas Attorney General AND the FTC. WELL, MR. IAN CURTIS GOT UPSET WITH ME AND RAISED HIS VOICE…”MA’AM THIS IS A LEGAL MATTER…” I cut him off and I replied, “Sir, I don’t care what type of matter you’re claiming this is, I’m requesting that you don’t call me anymore or I will report you and your company…” so he cut me off, “OK MA’AM I’M HANGING UP”…AND so MR. IAN CURTIS hung up on me, LOL!!

  10. micc c says:

    received a call from a mr. adams that an electronic check to a certain company was returned nsf and he said i now owe this company over 1000 for a 237 debt. i agreed to make payments but also insisted that i had paid this already and i would investigate further. so now i have tracked down this payment that i made over 8 months ago and told him about it and to stop taking any more money out of my and account and then of course he threatens me with more legal action so being in ohio would i report them to the ohio attorney general? this is frustrating not only because i paid this already but because right now i am collecting unemployment and can’t afford to pay twice for one debt so much trash in this country!!!

  11. Kiya says:

    This company is full of it. I tried to call the number listed on the websites, one number was a healthcare provider and the other was a chatline. The person who called me was Dean Jared who claimed to be the Director of Operations. When I explained to him that I did not have the funds to pay today he directed me to Mrs. Long. She didn\\\’t even give me a first name. She told me that I could pay $50 today to hold off on trial but if I couldn\\\’t I would be facing over $3000 in fees and fines for a $225 loan. If amyone wants the number they are using now it is (866) 519-6848

  12. Kevin W. says:

    My wife just got a call from these people and they are at it again! They told my wife that unless she paid them 500 dollars in 15 min that they would be pressing fraud charges on her. I found this request very odd so we began questioning the woman(Amy) and she got upset and told my wife that she is not the one. maybe if they would at least act like real debt collectors they could fool more people but we are not paying this and if they call back I’m gonna make sure that they realize that we are not the one!!

  13. Judy says:

    I recieved a phone call from them tonight all though they gave me a different # But still the same company”s name. They told my husband he wrote out a 1500. check to a cash n go ( they have it on camara) in 2009 and being it was over 500. He would go to prison if he does not take care of it . They were trying to prevent it. the said that it was done in a town we use it live in problem with that is that, town Did Not have a cash n go second we know better than to write a check for that amount ( we are not rich) I ask them to see the proof We will see it when we go to court was their reply. I told her that we have had identy theif happen in 1985 and I know it wasn’t us. They told my husband that a warrent would be issued out for him tomarrow. They did some researh cause she knew a little about us well it ended up my husband was going to deal with them and when he asked to send them $ to them in payments thay said only debit card I told hin tell them tomarrow he will call them bacK give me time to investagate. I have called our local police dapt and he said he bet his next paycheck it is a SCAM. Tomarrow I will be calling my friend that is an attorney and Hopefully I will Never hear from these people again. I refuse to he SCAMED again!!!

    • Douglas says:

      Just like Judy, I was contacted by this company today. They left a voicemail on my phone, sounding very serious and ended it with a very strange sounding “Good luck with this”. I called the number they had left along with a case number. Apparently, way back in 2006, I had done business with Check N Go. That much is true. They said I had an unpaid balance of $410.25. They were taking legal action and were going to serve me papers, and that I was going to have to appear in court. With all of the court fees and legal fees I was “facing” the total amount could be anywhere between $2,500.00 to $3,000.00. If I wanted to “avoid” this legal action, I would have to pay half of the $410.25 to get it to stop. The lady I talked to spoke so quickly, she HAD to have been reading it off of a script, and I could barely get a word in edgewise. DO NOT give them ANY information at all. If they say that they need a current address from you, suggest that if they have an office located near you, that you would be happy to visit them in person to look over the papers. I seriously believe this is a major scam, so I contacted my local Police Department about it. I also saved the voicemail. Please be careful everybody!!!! P.S. If I had not been able to payback the initial loan from Check N Go, then they would have cashed my check back in ’06. And if I had insufficient funds at that time, my bank certainly would have let my know about it. This all reeks of shysters.

  14. james harrison says:

    this place is not a debt collections company. they coincide with the national attorney network. i owed money for a bad check i wrote and they were willing to help me out on a 5000 dollar check for a car loan…are ppl just mad because they had to pay what they owe…..and no i do not work for the company if any of u are gonna say that

    • erica says:

      My attorney said not to pay these people a cent. What they are doing is 100% illegal and I could sue them if they continue to harass me.

  15. Randy says:

    This place is a scam. If you call their phone number after hours it says that the number is not in service or it’s disconnected. When asked about their business license the dude with the scraggly voice said the owner had it. Then when asked to speak to the owner his response was that he was on vacation. I asked for his phone number and of course…he couldn’t give it to me. I too told them that I was gonna hit them with a cease and desist order. I already contacted the Federal Trade Commission and reported them.

    Sad excuse for a debt collection service.

  16. T says:

    This lady Amy called me today and really had me scared but i told her i needed to call her back then i looked them up on bbb and read all the mess that there. I called her back and let her have it for even being willing do this to me after telling her im on unemployment and i have kids not to mention i paid the debt years ago that she was talking about she told me the sherrif is on the way i told her ill be on the porch

  17. mr grey says:

    These ppl just called my moms house …. for my wife… so she called them back and they had her sooo upset =( … she really thought that ppl were going to come to here house and SERVE HER PAPERS AND MAKE HER A CRIMINAL AND TAKE HER TO JAIL =( for some horrid accusation for OVER 7 YEARS AGO!!! CALMING INTENT TO DEFRAUD !!! ….fortunately i was home to take over the call and make them aware of their place 😉


  18. mr grey says:

    These ppl just called my moms house …. for my wife… so she called them back and they had her sooo upset =( … she really thought that ppl were going to come to here house and SERVE HER PAPERS AND MAKE HER A CRIMINAL AND TAKE HER TO JAIL =( for some horrid accusation for OVER 7 YEARS AGO!!! CALMING INTENT TO DEFRAUD !!! ….fortunately i was home to take over the call and make them aware of their place 😉


  19. Leslie says:

    “Government Actions
    NYS vs Check & Credit Reporting, Inc.

    In February 2011, the New York State Attorney General announced a settlement with
    the owner of the Check & Credit Reporting, Inc. According to the AG, lawsuits and complaints filed against the company allege that they improperly called consumers at their places of employment, threatened consumers with arrest, imprisonment, garnishment of wages, and freezing bank accounts.

    The company owner must pay a penalty and must take significant steps to clean up their business practices.”

    Taken directly from the Better Business Bureau report of this particular collection company. Sounds like they are up to their old practices agani after getting into trouble earlier this year for them. Sounds like someone needs to contact the New York State Attorney General’s office again.

  20. furious d says:

    Report them to the bbb and consumer affairs. Its a shame they keep trying to scam people. They already have been reported 31 times for this mess. They had a settlement back a few months ago and they have complaints after that. Next time I hope there is jail time for the owner.

  21. bbb says:

    did the sheriff ever come for anyone

  22. Jessica says:

    These people are contacting my family and telling them there is legal action against me. So I called and Amy Scott said she could help me if I paid $500 right now that she could get them to stop legal action, after her big speech on how I commited fraud. I told her that I would be more than happy to pay for something that I owe…i just need documentation. I asked her several times for some documentation and she always avoided the answer. Hah! What a joke! Why would i send someone $500 over the phone just because of what they say? I”m glad I did some research because she had me very scared. Don’t fall for it.

  23. fee says:

    I Keep calling and calling this number 1 (866) 519-6848 first to ext 1 the next time use ext 746 set up payment plan paid my first $ 250. 00 They promised I would get all my information payment plan in writing in the mail to me never received anything.Now they want to serve me court papers asked me to call another number I left messages with my call back # no information on this CCR legal Services ?? Now Whats going to happen next ? Are these people Legal??

  24. Brenda Kay says:

    This place is a total scam! Not only do they illegally threaten people and try to collection on accounts that are too old and included in bankruptcy but they don’t appear to be licensed in New York (where they say they operate from) or any other state I’ve found so far. Liars and cheats!! EVERYONE WHO HAS DEALINGS W/THEM SHOULD REPORT THEM TO THE FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE SO THEY CAN BE SHUT DOWN!!!

  25. Tiffany says:

    This company is a complete scam & they are some dirty people they called me & said that I owed a bill from 2002 & if I did not pay it within the day that i would face prison time so being the fool I paid it come to find out I took care a that bill years ago so I contacted my attorney she called this company & they do not even have an active business license As soon as my attorney told the lady from this company that she was an attorney she hung up on her & the number was disconnected so now I am trying to figure out a way to get my money back & never mind this all took place right before Christmas so please be aware these people are scandalous.

  26. Patrick says:

    Well, it looks like I was contacted by this company. The number on here goes to another number that goes to a chat line. They said I had a payday loan that I defaulted on back in 03 so they wanted me to pay it off or they would garnish wages, garnish income tax so on and so on. Well they are not getting a dime from me. I am going to change my bank card tomorrow so nothing can be deducted from my account. So beware of this company.

  27. Glenn says:


  28. stexas says:

    I just recieved a call from these guys as well.. i called to check what it was about and they explained that it was in regards to a cash advance as well,, i know i owe the money and i am planning on paying but i too am not confortable giving my info over the phone. I asked for info in the mail and was told they dont recieve mail?!? they treatened me with court,, Can anyone that recieved a “court summons” tell me if it was legit. and if anything was done??

  29. Elizabeth says:

    Such bs.They call threatening you with jail time. Mr. Sean all sound alike there. Of course when I called back to speak with him he conveniently wasn’t there. The statue of limitations in TX for misdameanor checks is 5 yrs in TX so I told them to peez off. I don’t recall such a payday loan but they sware I owed money on it which I don’t believe. Their shady. Check the BBB LOADS OF COMPLAINTS.I don’t believe I owe this money and if they wanna file papers with the court then they can and I will make payment arrangements with the A.G. Don’t send them money. “Sean Hill” said when I asked him if they were a collections company “No! We are a mediation company” Sean did you know you can get in trouble misleading people! Its called the FDCPA! Their a collections company people and their not allowed to threaten you with jail time! I am contacting the Federal Trade Commission and reporting them.

  30. Elizabeth says:

    I was contacted by this company today stating that I had a hot check for an old payday loan. I don’t recall this acct and do not believe that I owe it. Mr. “Sean Hill” went on to tell me that I owed $584.00 and that if i didn’t send money TODAY that they wouldn’t be able to stop the proceedings.which were them filing papers with the attorney generals office to have a warrant for my arrest put out. So I called them back after doing some research and apparently they are VERY SHADY. I specifically asked “Sean” if they were a collections company and he said “NO, we are a mediation company..blah blah blah. Needless to say their not a mediation company and according to the FDCPA THATS ILLEGAL!i reported them to the Federal Trade Comission and the BBB. They have over 35 complaints at the BBB. Avoid paying this company. If and I say if I had a hot check I would rather go through the attorney generals office and make payments to avoid jailtime then give money to these liars.

  31. Biancajean says:

    So glad for the internet. These people are terrible. What’s sad is that there are people that are scared into giving them their Credit/Debit Card info. Anyone that is ligit does not call from a blocked number, especially if they are claiming to be calling from “the liason’s office to the courts.” So glad I can screen my calls and not deal with them.

  32. dani lee says:

    I got somebody calling my job
    leaving a message like this
    Josh Snyder CR and ASS 18774472540 and case number 184117-9419 He said its time sensative for me to contact. I called the number and its Check & Credit Reporting Inc which is a junk debt dealer

  33. says:

    I was contacted by a women who stated she needed to serve me court papers. I ask what it was regarding and she referred me to a phone number, when I call this number is the check and credit reporting incorporated. I talk to a man named john lewis who told me I defaulted on a payday loan four years ago. I paid this loan and have the bank statements to prove it. he ask me to fax the bake statement as proof I printed them off and blocked out every account number except for the 1 that showed I paid the loan. he called back and told me they could not verify that this was a real bank statement unless they could see the account number. I told him to f off and to take me to court then because I have physical evidence I can show a judge and then I would sue them for harassment. they have been constantly hounding me and causing the great stress while I am pregnant, this has caused my blood pressure to go up so finally I told them I contacted the sheriff department and made a complaint. the sheriff said do not pay them. I wish these people would get a real job and stop trying to live off people that work hard!!

    • samantha says:

      I got a call earlier this afternoon in regards to a bank loan, which, I don’t recall doing. He said it was from 2005. I was 18. I am now 26. Doesn’t make sense. His name was Mr. Lewis as well. I don’t know his first name, but he said he was from check and credit reporting incorporation. Hmm..these stories have me thinking. Apparently I owe 4 thousand and then some. So being scared of threats of theft, fraud, etc., I asked how do I go about fixing this and he said $580 could clear it all up basically. They had the last 4 digits of my social and my address. I don’t know what to think, but everyone that I’ve told this to says fraud.

  34. Chris says:

    I had an $1800 debt. They called and threatened back in 2008/9. I made payment arrangements with the company at $200/mo. Paid it in full, but never received a Final Payment letter. I paid the debt off in 2009 and here it is 2012. Not only has this affected my credit for 3 years, what’s worse is they resold the debt to another company, who is again coming after me for $1800. I have my case number, and CCR freely admits that I have paid off the debt in full; however, I have asked for the final payment letter to be emailed to me. Was informed that I “should” have the email by the end of the day. Still nothing by the end of the next day, so I called again. “It should be to your email within, um about 5 days”. I told them that was unacceptable and I expect the email by the following mid-day. No email by mid-day, so I called again. “Sir, we MAILED the letter to…”. Okay, number 1… I asked for email now for the 3rd time, and secondly, you sent the letter to my old address. Here is my new address, and I still want it by email or I’ll be including your company in my lawsuit. Today is Feb. 23rd and the last time I talked to them was on the 17th. Still no email or physical letter. I am filing with better business bureau and sending CCR a cease and desist letter demanding such explaining my actions for pursuing the law to the fullest extent under the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act if such expectations are not met.

  35. lisa says:

    Can this co take you to court and how much can they garnish from your paycheck should we respond to this co for calif

  36. Sam says:

    Received a call today from a lady named Annette Kline stating she was with the County Courts Liaison Office and that she wanted to know if I would be home in the morning to service a summons. Said she didn’t know what it was about and gave me the number 877-447-2540 to contact. Talked to a man that said it was an old payday loan from 2005 and that I needed to take care of it or court precedings would continue. Said if I took care of it that they could pull it out of the court and wanted my credit card or bank information. Seems like this is happending alot

  37. ???????? says:

    I got a phone call yesterday. They left a message on my answering machine stating that they had legal matters to discuss with me before “papers were going to be sent to my home and/or place of employment”. I called back. Was informed that they were an attorneys office and I owed “Money-Mart” $241.00 from 2002. They had all information on me, includind SSN and then asked me if I knew a couple poeple (stated their names), I DID. They stated these people were used as refrences, and if I did not pay then they could be held liable. I stated that I just wanted the information in writing (because I do not believe I owe this), They asked for my email address so they could send it that way. Sending it in the mail would take 5-7 days and it was already in the process of me being served. I gave my email address, and they sent a strange looking letter (PDF form) that stated $341.00. $100.00 more. The letter stated the amount was due to the office today. The man on the phone had told me he had pulled the account back from the attorney for 24 hours so I could review the doc I received by mail. They seem to have alot of info, and I do not want them harrassing the 2 “refrences” they stated. I dont know what to do. I think I need to contact the origional debtor and see if I owe this? See what they have on it? From what I have read, this place does harrass people. This would not be a 10 year old debt for a very low “odd” amount. $241.00 or $341.00??? They stated they recorded the phone call, so I should state you mentioned a different amount owed over the phone then on this strange looking letter. They also stated that if I waited for it to arrive in the mail, I would probably be issued a summons in that time frame “but it was up to me”. Why could he “hold” this for 24 hours to send me an email, but not give time for an official document to come in the mail? Especailly when I called them straight back the same day regarding the issue. Let me know if anyone out there has suggestions.

  38. angry consumer says:

    These people have the most illegal business practices! Don’t let them bully you. File a complaint with the FTC. It only takes a few moments to do so online. If the FTC sees a pattern (and they will) they will go after these losers and fine them. The FTC will also get them to stop harassing you. GOOD LUCK

  39. tasha says:

    This company is full of shit they called me to say i owe a loan and if I dont pay them I will go to jail. When I went home i started to check my paper work and Im already in a payment arrangment with the co. I do owe. This co. was trying to scam me. All I know is I am not paying them take me to jail. Please don trust check and credit reporting inc.

  40. sammy says:

    i got a call saying i was being summons to court for fraud. they couldnt even tell me in what state to appear.they want $635. well so do i. they will not answer any of my questions and said they didnt call me about the summons. im going to make them earn thier money lol. im calling them everyday 8 or 10 times a day just to piss them off.for the people who dont know this company; dont be scared they are a joke and liars.877 351 7827 is the # to reach them. bring me a summons over something that isnt mine, well you can hand it to my pit bull…

  41. Shelita butler says:

    Just received a call from this company stating I had an outstanding bill from 2002, from Money mart in Louisiana, I don’t remember the loan and when I questioned them they said I would be served a summons. I call the original company and they told me the debt had been wiped out their system and be careful with these companies. They cannot arrest you for a debt. I’m so confused, can someone advised. The references they say I had I don’t even know these people

  42. Shelita butler says:

    Just received a call from this company stating I had an outstanding bill from 2002, from Money mart in Louisiana, I don’t remember the loan and when I questioned them they said I would be served a summons. I call the original company and they told me the debt had been wiped out their system and be careful with these companies. They cannot arrest you for a debt. I’m so confused, can someone advised. The references they say I had I don’t even know these people

  43. Pam says:

    # 31. Ok so I had the same phone call yesterday. I was told that there was a summons in my name and that I was going to be taken to court facing possible criminal charges. I questioned why this did not come up on my credit report when I was cleaning my credit 4 years ago. the way credit reporting agencies work is this….the company sends the debt to the agency and they have so long to get the funds to pay back to the original company. After a certain amount of time the agency no longer has to pay the company but then gets to pocket the money. This takes place within a year and then the company writes it off as a loss. So when the agency is calling you they are actually collecting the debt themselves. My debt was from 9, yes 9, years ago. I can also tell you your references will not incur the debt as they did not sign for it. As I suspect, there is no summons coming or issued. It is your right to have the information concerning the debt and to NOT be bullied. It is a scare tactic and nothing more. I fell for it. Who wants a summons or criminal charges, but that is how they get you in the moment. They scare you and then act on that. Let me tell you, look up your rights and know them. They cannot harass you! They cannot harass your friends. You can tell them at what times they can call you and they cannot call you at work. That is illegal. They cannot visit you at work. That is illegal.

    #28 You can actually dispute the debt with the credit reporting agencies. They will send out a letter making the company PROVE you owe the debt. If they cannot they will take it off your report. At this point, they cannot prove you owe the debt and you can even reference the current debt was originally CCR.

    Also look at the time frame of the original debt. As long as you make your payments on time for two years no one is going to notice an old debt on your credit. Also if you dispute the debt this will show in your report and you can explain that it is not your debt. I implore you all to look at your rights. The Fair Credit Reporting Act is there for a reason and it is because of companies like this. Also you need to report this to the BBB and Federal Trade Commission to report them.

    One recourse is to make the collection agencies “Validate the Debt”. Asking a collection agency to validate the debt is like showing a crucifix to a vampire! You see if the collection agencies cannot prove that they are the lawful creditor and that the debt is truly owed then you win. They must prove that they have the right to collect a debt from you by showing the original agreement that you signed with the original creditor and also in some cases providing the receipts of your purchases. If they cannot show this …YOU WIN!

    Hope this helps

  44. Scammed says:

    I got the same call stating that I owed a Payday loan from 8 yrs ago also, I gave them my information and they debited my account $264.00 the also let me set a payment arrangement hoever today I was supposed to make the final payment and the # was disconnected i should have know better I am sooo mad right now. I called my bank and they said I may be able to recoaver some of my money, but because i authorized the payment that I may not be able to.

  45. Mary says:

    I had someone call me this morning. I should have taken her name but didn’t bcz I didn’t have a pen right away. She said she was the process server for Butler County’s (something) department and that would I be home within the hour so that she could give me my court papers? I said yes. She gave me a docket number and I asked if it is on Casenet yet, she said no she just got it this morning, and then asked me if I knew what CCR was. I told her no, because I didn’t. I don’t owe nobody anything anymore, to my knowledge- with the exception that my identity was stolen in 2007 and I still have my letter from Certegy to prove so…anyhow, she gave me a number and said to press 1 for the Legal Dept. I did and the operator said I couldn’t access this number in my area. Well, I got the bright idea to call the courthouse and the lady looked up the info the supposed process server had and they don’t have anything like that on me. SO I told them what happened and they told me it was a scam and I should call Butler Co. Sheriff Department and report this as the woman is apparently posing as a fake process server and she could be in trouble just for that alone. So I go ahead and try that number again and get a woman named Crystal Pino and told her I called the courthouse and they said this was a scam so please stop harrassing me! She said nobody is harrassing you and CLICK* SHE HUNG UP ON ME! So anyone who gets a call from them, take their name who they are with, thier number to get back in touch with them, who they are supposed to be (like she said, a process server)and either call the FBI or the local authorities. This Bull needs to stop.

  46. tucker says:

    I was called by this company back in Feb 2012 about payday loans with outstanding debt and was told they had court papers,but I made payment arrangement with them and paid it off. I was also told that I would recieve a letter stating I paid. Well today, I thought I would Check with one of the payday places. I was told I still had a outstanding balance as this day 7-7-2012. Well i will be talking with my atty.
    My person of contact was Mr Darwin Ross Extn328 at 18774472540 #40 Tucker -7-7-2012 1:45

  47. Richard says:

    August 23, 2102. I tried to get this company’s website and they refused to provide it. I called and asked for their website and the guy hung up. Called again and asked the lady for their website and she demanded to know my name, told her “Richard” and I had no case number just inquiring about them. She refused to provide the website name, stated it was their company policy. I asked her once more, either you have a website or you don’t, that it would be public anyways, what is the big deal. She hung up too. By the way they got an “F” rating with the BBB.

  48. John says:

    These people are frauds. I have a clean credit report – just bought a new car, etc. I monitor my report weekly and there is nothing on it. I have no unpaid debts – nothing in collections. This is a scam. It kinda stumped them when I notified them that I don’t even live in the state they think I do and haven’t for a decade. Try to send a “summons” to an address that hasn’t been used in 10 years. I dare you. lol

    Anyhow, just a scam. Ignore them. If they persist – let them know you are aware of the law and will have your attorney contact them.

  49. Glenda says:

    I received a called from a Ms. Green, who identified herself as a detective, said a warrant for my arrest was going to be issued. Every time I call I speak to someone different and get a different story. I have requested emails and/or a letter and they will not do it. I filed a complaint with the FTC, every one should. the # is 8773824357.

  50. Anonymous says:

    I got a call from this place today too. They left a message on my voicemail at home using my maiden name (that I haven\’t used in over 5 years). They told me it was very important that I called because of a legal matter or something like that. The number they left for me to call back was 800-766-0250. The recording said it was Check and Credit Reporting Inc and she said it was Credit Check and Reporting. She told me pursuant to Section 12-25c I was being sued for check fraud because I owed Advance America $300. She said they were suing me for $1375.67. She started to ask why I didn\’t pay it back and I said I don\’t know, it was a long time ago (she says May 2006 but it was more like early 2005) but that I filed bankruptcy over 2 years ago and it was discharged. She tried to tell me that it wasn\’t covered and that I still owed the debt. I told her that was impossible because everyone on my list, including Advance America, was included in the bankruptcy. I asked her where I could send my discharge paperwork, she wouldn\’t answer. I asked her who I could talk to to get this cleared up and she said, \”call your attorney\”. This sounds like a big fat scam and I\’ll be filing a complaint with the FTC.

  51. Julio says:

    I enjoy what you guys tend to be up too. This sort of clever work and
    exposure! Keep up the superb works guys I’ve added you guys to my personal blogroll.

  52. sara conway says:

    I received a call from a man saying he was a process server and wanted to know if I’d be home tomorrow morning. When I said no, he gave me a number to call and a case id number. I called and the lady said I owed a payday loan from 2007 and that the loan place had tried at that time to remove money from my checking account but the account had been closed out. They said if I didn’t settle with them right away I would be taken to court and the charges against me would be a fraudulent act against a bank. The loan wasn’t through a bank though. Not sure what I should do. They told me I should go to Walmart and buy a debit card and load the money onto that and then call them with the card number. Should I do this?

    • Chanel S. says:

      Heck no, don’t do this. Speak to an attorney. I just recieved a call from these people yesterday, threatening me with judgements, and jail for “fraudulent act against a bank” from a payday loan on Nov 15, 2006 (44 days short of 7 years from today). They won’t send me any type of email confirmation to verify who they say they are. I did end up giving them my debit card info, but after reading these posts yesterday and no email verification/confirmation, I drove straight to my bank and requested a new debit card and had them cancel my initial card. Also, find out if they’re even operating legally in your state.

  53. Chanel S. says:

    I just recieved a call from these people yesterday (10/1/13), threatening me with a summons to be served at either my home or place of employment and would need to present valid ID, threatened me with a judgement, fees of $3000.00 if I go to court, and jail for “fraudulent act against a bank” from a payday loan on Nov 15, 2006 (44 days short of 7 years from today). They waited til there’s 45 days left on a 7 year credit report to threaten me. They won’t send me any type of email confirmation to verify who they say they are. I did end up giving them my debit card info, but after reading these posts yesterday and no email verification/confirmation, I drove straight to my bank and requested a new debit card and had them cancel my initial card. They’re in NY, and I don’t know if they’re even legally able to do this in the state of California (where I live). Can anyone interject, please?

  54. Shelly Morris says:

    I paided these people 600.00 now I get a phone call saying a paid loan was never paid…

  55. cr says:

    I also recieved same phone calls. each story is the same and I gave them my bank acct information. They had all my information and this was from 7 years ago???!!! IDK what to do now or how to stop it!!!!!!! This evidentually was a scam and I have been a victum as well.

  56. DAY says:

    I was called by this outfit and threatened with legal action, court summons, etc for a payday loan that was taken out in 2001. Trouble is I have never taken out a payday loan in my life and they had no correct information about me except the last 4 of my social. As this was clearly questionable at best I contacted the Illinois Attorney General’s office. They advised me to make a formal report. I called this “debt collection” outfit to get their mailing address for the report. The woman on the phone became irate that I was reporting them to IL AG and refused to give me the address. Further, she continued to threaten me stating they were also contacting the AG to report ME. The guy at the AG laughed and told me to give them his direct number, he’d LOVE to hear from them. What a joke! Don’t give these crooks a dime.

  57. Secrena says:

    They are calling saying they are a private investigator and that they are going to come to your house…here is a recording of the voicemail that they left …

  58. Michael says:

    I received a call today on my voicemail from a Veronica. She gave a speech about how I owed two debts and that if I didn’t call them back immediately I would be served with a summons and hauled to jail tomorrow morning. First of all, I don’t owe this debt. Secondly, the statute of limitations for suing to collect a written debt is 4 years. These two debts were from 2001 and 2002. My credit report is spotless and my score is 761. These are shameless, greedy people and what they are doing is ILLEGAL. Don’t be frightened by their threats.

  59. Gina says:

    The company is attempting to collect on old debts that are past the statue of limitations. They can not take any action if the debt is valid and unpaid. No legal, no court, no jail 🙂 Additionally, the debts do not report on the credit bureau report.

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