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What rights do I have – a debt collector continues to call me about money that I may owe?

Fortunately, you have rights and you are protected under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.   You should be reviewing the law so that you can better understand what it is that these debt collection companies can and cannot do when reaching out to you and attempting to collect money that you may or may not owe them.  If you feel as if you are being violated by these companies, then contact our firm by calling us directly at 877-735-8600 or filling out  our  online form.  Our team is here to help uphold your legal rights.

Can I stop the debt collector calls?

By sending these debt collection companies a written letter, they need to cease contacting you via the phone.  Once they get the letter and process it, they must not contact you again.  This is unless they are calling to let you know that no further action is needed, or that the creditor is taking some other action.

Also- hiring a lawyer will cause all contact to go directly through your lawyer.  Even if communication halts, you still owe the debt to the specific lender or creditor.

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  1. trisha says:

    cohen and slamowitz has frozen my account and says i owe 8000$!at first they said 6000$.they wouldent tell me what i owed it for. i need help
    email me

  2. Ken says:

    It seems that after Cohen & Slamowitz were sued in a Class Action Suit back in 2004, they are at it again. Unverifiable (at this time) Subpoena and or Court documents, Placing a hold on funds of an individual who has nothing to do with said stated debt of the debtor (who of which was only on the account in the event of something happening to the account holder, i.e. death or incompacitation)and is requesting that the bank send them the s.s.n. of the account holder. After reviewing the Fair Debt Collestion Practice Act on the FTC website, these actions by Cohen & Slamowitz LLC, aka Gemini Recoveries,INC of Woodbury,NY are outside the guide lines of the FDCPA

  3. Sharon Bishop says:

    trying to pay my payment online but cant get through right now. Might have to try again in the morning. Thank you and have a good day.

  4. joann mays says:

    trying to set up payment no luck

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