Collectech Systems, Inc.

Address 31229 Cedar Valley Drive
City Westlake Village
State California
Zip Code 91362-4036
Phone 1 818-597-7500818-597-7500
Fax 818-879-2963

Is Collectech Systems, Inc. calling you about a debt that you do not owe?

Did you know that on occasion that debt collection companies sometimes have the wrong information about you and your credit report?

Wrong social security numbers or mixed up similar names can lead to these errors. Do not let a credit report error ruin your chances of getting a loan or a mortgage.


The law firm of Francis & Mailman specializes in such credit report error cases and deals with debt collectors on a daily basis. Call today at 877-735-8600 or contact Francis & Mailman for a free case review about your problem with debt collectors and wrong information, and they can represent you to fix this issue.

Cases Against Collectech Systems, Inc.

Blair v. Collectech Sys., Inc., 1998 WL 214705 (N.D. Ill.Apr. 24, 1998).
Debt collection notice stated on the front side to contact the creditor and make payment, but on the back side of the letter, it stated to dispute to collect in writing. Consumer found this to be confusing and misleading.

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