Credit Management Control

Address 1 P.O. Box 1654
Address 2 200 S. Monroe Street
City Green Bay
State Wisconsin
Zip Code 54303
Addres 1  P.O. Box 589 (53187)
Address 2 1426 S. West Avenue
City Waukesha
State Wisconsin
Zip Code 53189
Phone 1 866-844-2357
Phone 2 800-669-9940
Fax 800-235-7657

Is Credit Management Control Contacting You at All Hours Trying to Collect on False Debt?

Credit Management Control can be annoying and aggressive. Their job is to collect on debt that you may be unaware of. Many people are victim of credit report errors or identity theft issues.

Do not let Credit Management Control make your life miserable; if you are being harassed and abused by a debt collector, remember, you are protected under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.


Francis and Mailman is Here to Help

Francis and Mailman can assist you to comprehend your legal rights and laws.
Moreover, we also can help to determine if you can file a lawsuit against Credit Management Control.

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  1. Pamela Cushing says:

    My experience with this company has been a nightmare so far. The customer service reps. that I have dealt with so far are anything but professional. They are rude, to say the least, they refused to identify themselves when they called me….they wanted me to give them my personal info first….not sure if the reps I talked to are ligit or not. Next step will be to report this company to the Better Business Bureau. Any one else having problems with them??????

  2. Sandy says:

    This company is horrible, reps are rude and very nasty. I have been a bookkeeper for over 30 years and have never experienced anything like these people. Was trying to resolve an issue for my 65 year old Mother in Law, asked to speak to a manage and was told “NO”. Sorry but I won’t stop with that.

  3. Kairii says:

    Thanks for being on point and on trgeat!

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