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Debt Collector Harassment

Ignoring and avoiding Credit Recovery will only stress you out and make you more miserable every day. Instead of ignoring the calls, you need to take legal actions.

If you are sure you do not owe debt, you need to ask the debt collector to send you a request proof in writing of the debt and in writing stop calling you and work place.

If Credit Recovery will still harass you with phone calls and use inappropriate language, the Fair Debt Collection Laws is on your side.


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Credit report errors are often happen due to many reasons. Make sure that Credit Recovery did not mix your social security number or did not mistake your name with another person.

The law firm of Francis and Mailman is experienced with the cases like these, and can help you fight back against Credit Recovery. Keep in mind, even if the debt collector is found guilty, you still owe the debt outlined by them and the creditors-this is not forgiven.

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  1. Nicole says:

    This company contacted me at work. Not sure who they are or what I owe. Thought everything was paid off. I was at a meeting and they left a message. How dare they invoke my privacy via work and voice mail! That should be against the law. What if they have the wrong person?

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