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Address 265 Post Avenue, #150
(also 900 Merchants Concourse, Ste 400)
City Westbury
State New York
Zip Code 11590
Phone  516-338-7520
Fax 1 516-338-6060
Fax 2 516-338-7954
Fax 3 866-576-1011

Daniels & Norelli, P.C. Can Be Impossible to Manage and Deal With

Are they calling you after 9pm? Are they using abusive language? Do you feel miserable? Are you confused about debt that you know you do not owe?

The laws are on your side. You are protected from unscrupulous credit collection acts. The consumer protection act provides guidelines and rules that Daniels & Norelli, P.C. must obey.


Why Do You Need an Experienced Lawyer?

Francis and Mailman is here to take your side and help to fight with Daniels & Norelli, P.C. Sometimes, consumer can be a victim of people stealing a person’s credit card or bank account information and running up charges.

We will check your credit report to make sure there is no mistake made. Moreover, we will help you to stop offensive calls and harassment. There are many more rules that protect you, and you should be aware of your rights as a consumer.

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Ratings for CreditReportProblems.com
  1. david vincent says:

    I tried 4 times to talk civil with these people and espially a MR WINTERS at this Company and I only owe 400 dollars and made payments – I wanted to sort my account out and this guy was SO RUDE its unbeleiveable..I will be reporting this Company to the Attourney General and as many others as I can

  2. Stephanie says:

    I am still shocked at the way I was talked to by an attorney from this company. I called to ask a question, and was not able to ask anything because this woman did all the talking….or should I say yelling. She was RUDE and THREATENING! I am shocked that the law and the NYS Bar Assoc. allows these people to stay in buisiness. From what I have learned these people are liars and ruthless. If you hear Daniels and Norelli….get as far away from them as possible!!

    • jackson says:

      Get proof. Then sue them.They cannot threaten you or yell at you.They cannot call you over and over when you tell them to stop.Look up your rights on Debt collection what debt collectors can and cannot do.And I know they cannot do this. Yes,report them to the everyone you can.They can collect the debt fairly and put a judgment against you or even take you to court though.

  3. TONY says:

    Don’t even try to reason with these jerks,

  4. SALLY says:


  5. zoya fralof says:

    ref index # 27222-09.
    today as per agreement with MR Mike Muller . my name was removed from defendant’s list. attached please find a copy of agreement.
    Mike Muller is going to contact and confirm the case

  6. TexasGuy says:

    I spoke with the charming Ms. D’angelo. She yelled and REFUSED to provide me with any documents regarding my balance (Yeah, I was stupid enough to deal with them). She wouldn’t even give me an EMAIL address for their company. She just kept screaming “What do you want?! I gave everything to you already!!!” over and over until I was tired of hearing her voice. Im filing complaints with the FBI, New York Bar, and BBB.

  7. cm says:

    scambags! they calling saturdais and sumndais at 8 am!
    i will report them and make them feel sorry.

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