Educational Credit Management Corporation, MA (ECMC)

Address 1 Imation Place, Bldg. 2
City Oakdale
State Minnesota
Zip Code 55128
Phone 1 800-780-7997
Phone 2 651-221-0566

Many people owe money to a creditor or lender, it is typical in our time, but it does not mean you have to deal with harassment or verbal abuse from Educational Credit Management Corporation, MA (ECMC).

Educational Credit Management Corporation, MA (ECMC) can be annoying and offensive. They do not follow the law such as calling after 9 pm, using poor language, and threatening to put you in jail if you do not pay the debts that you do not owe.


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Francis and Mailman will take your side and discuss your legal rights that you are probably unaware of. We will check your credit report, making sure you are not a victim of theft identity or mixing up social security numbers.

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  1. ann flores says:

    trying to collect on a debt that has been long paid off-contacting me several times while in chapter 13 BR and violating stay-got very very nervous when my lawyer told them we were sueing them

  2. LP says:

    ECM was included on my bankruptcy account and the record shows that I owe no additional money in the balance section. Now they are writing about a loan. In the column for debt owed and in the column for debt allowed. I paid what the BR court told me to pay. Now, they have been writing me for money. My Bankruptcy have ended and I paid the amount that they said that I was responsible for.

  3. TG says:

    I went to get a mortgage recently, and was told that I couldn’t until a mistake was taken off my credit report. 4+ years after going through the loan rehabilitation program, ECMC is still showing up on my credit report. I have spent hours on the phone with ECMC staff who all seem unable or unwilling to help me correct this error. I am considering legal action if I do not recieve any help in the next few days.

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