Eclipse Resolution

Address 210 John Glenn Drive Ste 3
City Buffalo
State New York
Zip Code 14228-2213
Phone 716-957-3969

Are you aware that from time to time Eclipse Resolution can mix up people who have the same names or mix up their social security numbers in the credit reports?

Are you are getting offensive calls from Eclipse Resolution about false debt that you do not owe? Are you tired of being harassed by a debt collector? Do you feel miserable and confused?


Francis and Mailman is Here to Help

The law firm of Francis and Mailman specializes in finding and fixing the credit report errors. We also will explain your legal rights and advice you how to deal and fight against of harassment and verbal abuse.

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  1. Thomas Chadwick Clancy says:

    My brother was contacted by this company in order to collect on a debt I originally owed to Advance America. The debt was sold for $463.87 to Debt Trade Partners. Eclipse has demanded up front total payment originally of $1661 then it went down to half that and when I told them it was sold for $463.87 the agent said she would resolve it for that amount but only if I paid it in a one time payment. I contacted Eclipse voluntarily to resolve the matter. I have received no correspondence or calls from Eclipse. I have contacted Mrs. Harrington twice so far, who had said she would not take any payments and tryed to dictate the payment be made in full immediately. I want to resolve the matter but have not been given any options that I could do based on my finances. Actually no options for payments were given only demands of payment in full. I verified my current address with Mrs. Harrington which was void of my apartment number and insisted I had received documentation from them. I was told, which is odd, that it didn’t matter to her if I paid the debt or not if I wasn’t willing to give her immediate payment then there was nothing further to talk about.

  2. Jennifer says:

    This company contacted me in order to collect a debt. I was able to call them back to try and settle the debt. The mand that I talked to was Mr. Jacobs. He told me three different amounts to pay and that raised a red flag for me. I started to question the different amounts and he hung up on me. I called back and asked to speak with his boss and he said that he was the boss. I then asked for whoever he reported to so that I may express how his employees are treating customers that are trying to do the right thing. He hung up on me again. I will be calling them tomorrow to try to contact the supervisor, Mr. Walker. I have told the BBB and the debtor how the collection agency is acting. I am very frustrated and hope that debtors read this to be able to use a different collection agency in the future. Also, if this company is contacting you, be prepared to be hasseled.

  3. denise says:

    They keep calling me and looking for my daughter she is over 21 yrs i do beleive its illegal for them to talk to me they keep demanding payment from her which she cant afford even 50.00 a month shes on disability they need to stop using my debit card numbers i made 2 payments for her and they promised me that they got rid of my card numbers but then last month they took money out im having this card inactivated so thay cant do this again

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