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Many Americans are Dealing with Falzone Law Associates – Just Like You

Have you been dealing with Falzone Law Associates that has been harassing you by the phone, trying to collect debt that you do not owe? Do you feel scared when you see their familiar phone number?

You should know that you are protected by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and all debt collection companies must respect and obey the laws.


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Handling Falzone Law Associates alone is not an easy task, especially if you are not aware of your legal rights and laws. You can be a victim of the theft of credit card or bank account information and running up charges.

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Ratings for CreditReportProblems.com
  1. Edward Ellis says:

    VERY VERY rude! I am trying to resolve a credit issue, and the “collections” arm of this company has done nothing but threaten and yell at me. I am simply asked them for one thing. Proof of Debt, mailed to me, so it would be post marked from a verifiable address. Weather or not this has happened, I don’t know. But, and this is EXACTLY what I was told, I mailed it, if you didn’t get it, that is not my problem. From what I can find online about them, they seem VERY shady. I have contacted the original creditor, so that I can confirm what this place is saying, and have also filed a complaint with the Ohio Attorney General’s office

  2. Joe says:

    Do not start trouble with this law firm, it cost me thousands, and I wish I was co-operative – dumb move.

  3. James Green says:

    Todd Gullo of this company called me and left a message saying I was identified as “a person of interest” in a case he was investigating for Falzone Law Associates and that I needed to return his call at a 1-800 number so he could explain specifically what this case was about .
    I called an attorney first and was advised not to answer over the phone anything until I understood who was calling and what they were calling about.
    I called and asked Todd Gullo what this case was about and he said it was confidential.
    He then said he needed to know if I knew Charles Green.
    I know no one by that name but felt Todd Gullo was trying to intimidate me with his loud demanding voice and conmtinuing to say that was a “person of interest”. I would not answer and he said I had to answer and I then told him I would not and huing up.
    I watch enough cop shows to know where Todd got this little TV catch phrase but to have bill collectors using former bouncers to call people hiding behind a false curtain of cop jargo and insinuated legal action pending against honest and uninvoled citizens of the USA —
    is Un-American and they ought to be put out of business for using the telephone system in this manner for this purpose .
    I hope some government regulatory body will get wind of Falzone Law Associates and QAR LLC and Mr. Todd Gullo up in New York State and put them out of the “collection”business.

  4. Frank Falzone says:

    Todd Gullo called me and said I was a person names Cliff Warren. When I told him he was wrong he started screaming that I was liar and a deadbeat. I have no idea who this Cliff person is, the call came on a new cell phone I had just set up. You do NOT have to ever pay a third party debt collector, Not EVER! The BS they feed you about papers is just that, BS.

  5. an ex collector says:

    This company is fraudulent. I used to work for them but refused to break the law. Record all conversations and report them to your state’s Attorney General. They dont sue anyone and any threats they make, ie wage garnishment, leins being placed on home or property, freezing your accounts, etc.. are a violation of FDCPA law. You are entitled, by law, to $1000.00 per violation. They talk a good game about suing people. And any posts you read about people being sued by them- are written by them, so again, record everything, and sue the hell out of them. Also- your original debt gets wiped clean because they did, in fact buy the debt.

  6. william graham says:

    I do not know what has happen to my bank account.I agreed to pay 2 payment of $354.00, 1 for feb and 1 for march. Falzone took it apon themself to take the whole amount leaving me in a problem with my bank. I call the office to fix this on theirend. I called my bank 3 times to be advised of what had happen to the transaction that occured. they can not stop the transaction at the back end,if their ofice to react again, my bank will charge me another $100.00 in bank fees that I DO NOT HAVE available.I had sent a check in the mail for $354.00 for a payment.Please reverse the transaction. Please respond back to me by email please.

  7. william b. graham says:

    This law office is a big scam and fraud.I lost $500.00 stolen out of my bank account.BE CAREFUL of finances.I am reporting this to the Attorneys General Office of Pa. and New york. and to bring same apon them of Defamation of Charater. This law firm is crimial and trouble in everyway. BE AWARE of this SHIT.

  8. Sister says:

    My brother received a call from QAR Collect/Falzone Law Office to pay a $1k debt. They confirmed the debt so he authorized an initial $500 charge to his bank Visa. They not only took that $500 but then submitted a SECOND ***UNAUTHORIZED*** CHARGE for $404! Be VERY CAREFUL about providing these people your banking information as they WILL take more than what you authorized.

  9. Unemployed says:

    Yes, they did buy my debt. I am not a dead beat. I lost my job in 2008. It came down to living or paying credit card bills. You can guess what happen. I called the credit card company & found out this place had my bill. They are willing to work with me. They will let you send a money order or cashier check. I agree with the first writer do not give your banking information. I do wish they would have been a little more easier going on payment arrangements. Other then this I give them a thumbs up. I will also say just be careful when working with anyone on past due bills. I know from past experience people like this will sue.

  10. ralph says:

    Same here.
    Got the fishy phone calls. Also they use phone number 1800 403-4920 ext. 119 and 716 362-4900 they said they where not a debt collection agency and where looking for one of my relatives that does not live with me. Dont give these people any information. Legit lawyers dont talk on phones they send certified letters just for starters.

  11. Debbie says:

    They admited over speaker phone the lady I spoke with Misrepresented their company. I have a witness to the fact and I called our state attorneys office waiting on a call back now. They faxed a paper to my husbands work wanting to verify his income which they did not have permission to do. When I called the 1-800-403-4920 ext 110 to find out who they are and what they wanted they claimed they were hired by HSBC to collect for them. Big Mistake on Falzones part I have a fresh copy of my credit report that account states was SOLD. Be careful with them. They are scum and scam artist.

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