Frederick, Goldstein, and Zoe

Address 44 Bristol Street
City Canandalgua
State  New York
Zip Code 14424
Phone 1 866-949-9434

Are you still harassed by Frederick, Goldstein, and Zoe that continuously calls you?

Are you upset and confused? Thousands of people are being called about false debt that people do not owe.

If you do not have any patience and you are exhausted from the abuse, Francis and Mailman is here to help.


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You are not alone. The law firm of Francis and Mailman has experienced attorneys who are ready to fight back against the offensive Frederick, Goldstein, and Zoe.

Francis and Mailman will take care of your credit report, making sure you do not have any errors and mistakes. Sometimes, Frederick, Goldstein, and Zoe can mix up your social security number or you can be a victim of theft identity.

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  1. Kevin Trout says:

    This company is a scam. They will try to collect money that is not owed. They will threated with false court and police action. They are also verbally abusive and rude. Do not give them a dime. They are not legit. Call the NY Attorney General’s office and file a complaint if they contact you. Also Google them and read the many complaints against this company.

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