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Frontline Asset Strategies is a collection agency based out of Minnesota. They deal in the collection of debt for various industries including: auto, banking, education, mortgage, utilities and more.

Is Frontline Asset Strategies a Scam?

Though they are a real collection agency the way in which they handle their collections process may make it seem like a scam. Like all debt collection agencies, Frontline Asset Strategies must follow the laws under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Frontline Asset Strategies Harassment

When you are contacted by Frontline Asset Strategies it is important that you document every call and keep copies of every letter that you send to them or that they send to you. No matter if you owe the debt they are trying to collect, you have rights and they include not being harassed by Frontline Asset Strategies.

If you are harassed by Frontline Asset Strategies or any other debt collection agency, you have the right to sue them for damages.

The laws under the FDCPA are very clear, and were put in place to protect consumers from abusive, harassing, and harmful collections practices.

  • Frontline Asset Strategies must be clear about the debt you owe, and cannot try to collect more than the original amount.
  • They also must not call you before 8am or after 9pm.
  • They are not allowed to call you at work if you have told them you cannot receive calls there.
  • They cannot talk to anyone other than you about the debt they are collecting.

Sometimes this harassment happens and you are not even the person they are looking for. You have the right to dispute the debt. It is also a good idea to make sure a false debt is not showing up on your credit report, and ruining your credit score.

You do not have to deal with harassment from Frontline Asset Strategies. The consumer protection law firm of Francis & Mailman are here to fight for you.

Hiring a Consumer Protection Lawyer

Francis & Mailman and their team of consumer protection lawyers are ready to hear from you. They know how to fight these large companies and protect your rights. Don’t let the harassing calls stress you any longer. Contact Francis & Mailman now. Fill out our quick form or give us a call at 1-877-735-8600 and get your free case review.

Frontline Asset Strategies Contact Information

Address 2700 Snelling Ave N, Suite 250
City Roseville
State  Minnesota
Zip Code 55113
Phone 1 877-258-1590
Phone 651-621-2800
Fax 651-621-2879

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  1. Maralynn says:

    Thanks for starting the ball rolling with this insihgt.

  2. Tamra Nelson says:

    I have made payment arrangements and they continue to call anywhere from 5 to 20 times a day, then they started calling all my children’s phones! Half the time they call and hang up instead of talking!! I’ve made arrangements and it was like pulling teeth, cause they wanted my checking account number and routing number, I finally got their address and will mail the payment. I have worked for a collection agency and trust me, this is NOT the way to collect! Their people are hateful and crappy. I will pay the bill, just quit the phone calls!!


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