GC Services

Address 1 6330 Gulfton
Address 2 P.O. Box 2667
City Houston
State Texas
Zip Code 77081
Phone 1 713-777-4411
Phone 2 800-727-5848
Fax  713-776-6689
Website www.gcserv.com

If you have been harassed and harmed by GC Services, and you are unhappy and confused with their illegal tactics, first you might check your credit report.

Often GC Services can have wrong information on your credit report. These errors can happen because of many reasons. One of these reasons can be someone stealing your identity and creating loans and accounts in your name.


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Call Francis & Mailman at 877-735-8600 for a free case review or fill out a free case review form. We specialize in credit report error cases and will stop GC Services bothering you in insulting way.

We will determine and resolve errors on your credit reports and help you to start a lawsuit against the abusive GC Services.

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  1. Gunnery Sergeant Gman USMC says:

    Get an answering machine and screen your calls. It ticks them off LOL. The best way to deal with these idiots is to not talk to them, not give them even a shred of information to use against you. They are not going to play fair. The more you cooperate with them, the more they will take advantage of you. Don’t believe a word they say. They are liars, snakes in the grass. They prey on the innocent. They called me looking for a relative that lives in Arizona. I am stationed in NC and that relative has never been here or visited. They just saw “googled” the last name and figured that they could call and harrass me and that I would gather personal information on that person for them. They have called neighbors and asked them to go leave messages for people “HARRASSMENT”. If you give them your social Security #, they will attach it to someone else’s debt and try to collect the debt from you even if you don’t know the person. My best advice is to not cooperate at all with these crooks and scammers. If you owe a debt then pay it to whoever you owe. Don’t give anything to these people. It amazes me how they get away with their scam. I wish congress would secure our information. Anybody can find out any information on anyone on the internet. So much for privacy. Congress!!!! pass some meaningful legislation for a change and outlaw the gathering of personal information for databases. You have sold out our right to privacy so someone can make a buck. Are we going to continue to stand for this? I don’t know about you but it infuriates me. So much for anti terrorism. If you feel safe it is a false sense of security. The terrorist’s have their own databases which are loaded with information on us gathered off the internet. The scam artists are the least of our worries. Gunnery Sergeant G USMC

  2. andrea says:

    i was informed that it would take 30days to clear a check for payment and that I needed to go online. I was given the web address by going through google, then corppay.gcservice.com. I got a list of pdf files and a request credit report from gc services. every time I call on the phone the representatives are rude and do not give me the full information and steps that I need to do to take care of my debt.

  3. ARMY COP says:

    HARASSMENT is not even close to what I encountered last night. JUST REMEMBER THIS NAME >> MR COGSWELL. This is the most miserable human being I have ever talked to PERIOD. oh and this the number that he called from 973-947-4508

  4. San Francisco Bay Area says:

    1-800-727-5848 — I received a bill from GC Services, P.O. Box 7820, Baldwin Park, CA 91706, in which they claimed that I owe $$$$$ from a so-called traffic violation way, way back in the 1990s. Then they started harrassment calls using 1-800-727-5848 under the guise of “Superior Court”. A simple GOOGLE Search on “GC Services” and “1-800-727-5848” reveals that this company and the people that work for them are LIARS and have a track record of FRAUD. There needs to be a thorough legal investigation of this “GC Services” and “1-800-727-5848” by the appropriate authorities as this type of activity cannot continue by this fraudulent entity.

  5. Cassy says:

    I have so much real proof anyone needs to know how (GC) services or creditors in general treat consumers. I would like to change the way FDPA regulates laws allowing sadism to be generalized. Always answer if creditors call, if you can AND always have a tape recorder nearby. recording all info should be excepted by law & if you cant record your conversation with them then tell um thats the only way you are gunna be able to resolve this issue with them. Unless settled through mail for prove. Creditors in general will ask you questions in such a tone that you think that info must be given to them ^they do not ask more like they state/demand info^ They may say the company does not except mail in payment then refer to our USA constitution. I have specific names of agent i have spoken to notty or nice, i keep detail notes. Any 1 interested in trying to pursue a class action suit on this company, im in. I really wish we could go to congress & talk to them about debt situations getting worse.I would share my my solutions with them, its obvious the guidelines set for NCC.

  6. Angree1 says:

    GC Services are very unprofessional. I was harassed almost immediately when all I was trying to get was get information and each person gave me different information as to how much I owed! One woman threatened to garnish my Tax Refund without even asking me if I planned on paying the debt or not….low-class people do low-class things…and this company should be put out of business! I’m also reporting this on Rip-Off Reports!

  7. Elaine says:

    We need to file a cival suit against GC Services for not only harrassment but discussing personal business with other parties representing paperwork as not being legal before signing it
    This company has broken the law. I honestly think this company should be made to pay a severe fine for its practices. It is horriable

  8. harold says:

    Cogswell from gc services called and harrassed me about a credit card bill that wasn’t even mine. Cogswell and the rest of them are a bunch of unprofessional jerks. I called him fat and he asked to talk to my mother. he’s filthy

  9. TWB says:


  10. James says:

    Why aren’t these crooks in jail. They sent a phoney collection notice to my one of my kids; mailed presorted first class, so they must have sent a ton of them at the same time.

  11. Johanna says:

    I agreed, signed and contracted a rehabilitation agreement with these people where I would make $50 payments each month to clear up a college loan. After sending in the primary payment which they required I send in by money order they still garnished my paychecks. Then they tell me in order to correct this problem ill need a checking account to be deducted from. The reps always sound like they’re reading from a script and will never work with you, they have this annoying “oh well, oh well!” attitude….These people are not happy folks in life, but I guess everyone needs a job….

  12. cisco says:

    (johanna)I just went through that today, i spoke with a supervisor last time who wanted me to start the rehab program for an intial $220 payment, and they would stop the garnishment. But today i spoke with this snobby sounding woman \”who had the oh well attitude, and made the supervisor sound like some scary guy. I think i will also record these conversations. Any advice, or other agency that can take over my account, i cant afford to be garnished and pay the debt for a salli mae school loan at the same time. I got hustled by a rivate school when i was a kid and now most of the jobs i studied for are overseas. The school DeVry consistantly told us that their graduates were obtaining good jobs in their field of study. Mostly to keep everyone in school, to keep getting USA grant, money, or other money in anyway they could. Most people in class felt so insulted by the lies, knowing previous classes graduated without jobs. These corporations got america by the throat. They can rocord you but you cant record them. You can try taking them to court but they spend you to death in legal costs.

  13. CP GMan says:

    These guys call looking for my mother who has never lived here and lives across the country. I of course tell them I don’t know who they are talking about 🙂

    The rule of thumb is tell them nothing. Give them nothing. I have read up on these rude get your money at all costs vultures all over the internet and they will try everything to get validation.

    As you can see they will lie get you to send a small payment and then garnish your paycheck. They do this because you validate who you are and where you work. Without this verification they can’t do anything.

    It is cheaper to change and un-list your phone # or even use a cell phone. Smart Phones like the Droid and IPhone have apps that can block and or hang up on these scammers if they call.

    Send letters unopened back marked “Return to Sender” – If they try return receipt – don’t answer door for letter carrier. After so many days they will automatically send it back to the sender. They can’t verify you receive the notice regardless of their “30 Days” to dispute if you claim to never have gotten a letter.

    If they call you at work tell them they have the wrong person and hang up. Never give them any information. They will use it against you. If they keep calling work send a letter using priority mail (you can verify delivery without them having your correct return address where with return receipt they will see your address that the card goes back to.) Your letter should state that you do not know the person they are looking for and if they continue to call your workplace they will be sued under the FDCRA.

    They will actually call you from a local number near you (even though they are in TX) to try to get you to pick up so don’t answer any # that you don’t recognize. Change your answering machine / Voice Mail so that your name is not part of the greeting.

    In this economy where the Banks got bailed out and now sick companies on GC Services I love to tell people how to make them work harder and hopefully they get paid less. Because being a collections agent is lower than scum occupation.

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