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Let’s Stop Harassment from Giove Law Office, PC

Are you still bothered by Giove Law Office, PC in odd hours? Are they using insulting language about a debt that you are unaware of? The law firm of Francis & Mailman is here to take your side.

Credit errors and false debts can be a result of mixing up your social security number or creating a false loan on your name where a criminal will use your personal information.


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Francis & Mailman is here to explain your legal rights and fix your credit report issues. We will fight for your legal rights that are protected under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

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  1. Melisha says:

    I am appalled at the treatment that I received by the staff of this company. I was treated very rudely with one staff member hanging up on me an telling if I thought I was having trouble feeding my children this week then wait until next week when they filed legal action and see how difficult it would be then. I was told by another staff member (supervisor) that I needed to quit living above my means, and not use being a single mother on a limited budget as an excuse. I have never been talked to, or talked to anyone, the way that these people talked to me without even knowing me. It is absolutely disgusting that business owners would allow their staff to treat others in such a degrading, insultive mannner. I have spent many years doing collections, and as a business person, and I have never felt the need to insult someone on a personal level especially when I do not know the person on the other end of the phone. However, I am sure none of the people I spoke with in that office loose any sleep at night over the way they treat people throughout their day.

  2. LV66 says:

    Giove Law Firm collectors are really rude, they are collecting on old debts, some are past the statue of limitation, so check your state for this information. If it is a small debt try to pay it back, otherwise seek legal counsel to avoid civil action against you which will result in more problems. I owed $230 on an old debt. I made $50 payment arrangements to pay it back not because they were rude and hard to negotiate with but because I did owe the money. I asked them to send me a letter showing that I paid in full, then I made a copy of that letter and sent it to the 3 major credit reporting agencies. Now all is well.

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