Global Vantedge

Address  700 Larkspur Landing Circle, Ste 235
City Larkspur
State California
Zip Code 94939
Phone 1  888-638-7866
Phone 2 415-925-2777
Fax 415-925-1706
In India
Global Vantedge Private Limited
Address 77-B, Sector 18, IFFCO Road
City Gurgaon-122 015
State Haryana, India
Zip Code (none)
Phone 1 91-124-419570
Head Debt Collector:
Dennis P. Scholl

Is Global Vantedge Calling You about False Debts?

Are you getting odd calls from Global Vantedge, saying you owe debts that you are unaware of? You should know that credit report errors and false debt can be a result of identity theft or mixing up your social security number in your credit report.


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  1. BT says:

    This company is HORRID! Anyone stupid enough to deal with this company does not deserve to get paid the money they are owed. No one wants to deal with them, they are pushy, rude, and when I answered the phone in my shared home they gave me financial information on my room mate which is illegal! If you are a company willing to work with these people then you are stupid! DO NOT WORK WITH THEM!

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