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Do you need help dealing with mistakes in your credit reports or identity theft? Have you been harassed by Goggins & Lavintman, PA about false debt?

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  1. Brandy says:

    I have dealt with this company and they are very unprofessional and rude! The man I spoke to hung up on me nuberous times and was yelling at me. All I was trying to do was get information about the account so that I could take care of it. And I could never speak to anyone else because they would just send me back to the same rude jerk who wouldn’t let me finish my questions about where to send the money or even what the account number was.

  2. Barbara says:

    This was a very rude woman I spoke with. I wanted to pay the check amount and processing fee, which the letter stated was the amount of debt. She refused to talk with me about any amount other than another total that included a POTENTIAL Cival Penalty. As we talked for another 4 minutes – the amount actually went up $5 additional dollars. At which point I hung up the phone.

  3. Andi says:

    I called to rectify a matter that I have the cancelled CLEARED check from my bank pulled online while I called to request an email address to send the copy to, the woman on the other end wouldn’t even let me ask where to send the copy. She just started yelling at me about taking care of my bad check. I called back got another gentleman on the phone who wasn’t quite as rude but informed they wouldn’t accept an email I had to fax or mail. Now I am kind of nervous about sending a copy of the cancelled check because my information is on the check, what’s to stop them from using that information to make withdrawls from my account. Also, on the letter they had no check number ( I know the only check I wrote to this business so it wasn’t hard for me to figure out) or any other information identifying my check. For all I know, they got my information from the business somehow and are hustling to get some money…$100 for a $25 check…seriously? I asked for their Dept of Insurance number that they should have registered in my state to file a complaint with how the first representative treated me, the man said it was irrelevant and that they were not a collection agency. I am distrusting, still going to file a complaint with the Dept of Insurance and check my credit report to be sure they aren’t blackmailing me to give them money for a bad check that does not exist. I have never experienced such a lack of professionalism or rudeness when I’ve called someone to try to fix a problem. I made an attempt but …WOW… I was laughing at the woman yelling at me, seriously, do they hire people with anger issues to harass, insult, and mistreat people who are trying to do the right thing and take care of a debt, whether it’s legit or not? This agency (yes, collection agency, attorneys or not) are the low life of debt collectors!

  4. Richard says:

    I too have had problems with this group. I did not receive any type of correspondence from them. I received a call and returned it not knowing who it was. Boy what a mistake. Immediately I was accused of writing 2 bad checks in 2008. The business I supposedly wrote the checks to was one that was totally unknown to me. I was then asked to verify that I was still living at an address that I had never heard of. Each time I told the lady I didn’t know the company or address, she would repeat the same questions. The woman was extremely rude and argumentative. I have called and requested that the office manager call me to discuss the matter, but have not heard back from them. Any business that would use this group to attempt to collect a debt is making a huge mistake in my mind. Unprofessional, rude, and totally unacceptable business practices

  5. jessica says:

    This company has horrible customer service, I had a returned check of 65.00 due to my financial insitution closing and now its 150.00 I owe, and I am unemployed, the guy would not except payments and laughed in my ear, these people are so unprofessional I have no clue how they stay in business. What they dont know is we have attorneys also and for them to not except payments is illegal. LOL LOL LOL

  6. On to them... says:

    I have been harrassed by a witch named Heather Rogers..over a dentist bill that is under $300. I have had extremely difficult financial issues for the past couple of years and know this has to be paid and when I tried to set up a payment arrangement she started screaming at me. She told I WOULD pay the total amount over the phone that day and no payments would be accepted. After several unsuccessful minutes of arguing I asked to speak to one of the attorneys or her supervisor and she refused telling me that “if she passed me to someone else she would have to show my file as a “refusal to pay”! I don’t think so. She also told me to call my other creditors that she knows I am behind on and tell them they weren’t getting their money and to pay this one” She tried to be very intimidating but I am not letting her. I also told her not to call my work phone number and she still does. Heather Rogers (supposedly). I picture her as being extremely ugly with no friends or family or any kind of love life and she just takes out her failings on people she can’t see face to face..or she probably is abused at home and this is her venting way to make herself feel superior unlike her home life. Yes..very unprofessional and very rude but what do you expect from someone who can’t get hired in a respectable job. She HAS to work there.

  7. Debbie Green says:

    Horrible, horrible customer service. Hanging up on a customer?? Really?? Totally unprofessional.

  8. Pam says:

    My husband received a call saying that we bounced a check in March 2010 and needed to speak with me. I called, asking to see a copy of the check to verify signature as we closed our Wachovia account around the time this check was written. The man on the phone was argumentative, saying that they would not provide a copy of the check and that I owed a debt and should “do the right thing” and pay it now. I asked for a manager. Tom Waters got on the phone and accused me of lying and stalling, that he would NOT provide a copy of the check and that my account would be marked “refused to pay.” When I would try to say something, he said, “All you want to do is talk and not listen.” I asked for HIS boss. He said, “That’s irrelavant” and hung up on me. When I called back, Mr. Waters answered the phone, saying, “Pam, we will not talk to you all day. You are not allowed to call back. Pay your bad debt!” And he hung up on me again. Totally unprofessional, especially when I was trying to clear up the problem. To whom can we file a complaint?!?!

  9. Dana says:

    I have been dealing with someone named wayne over at this circus. He told me that i owe a former employer $1100. He told me that they will find out who I work for currently and go after 65% of my pay if I didn’t come up with the money. He also said that it would be 3 times more if i didn’t settle this immediately. I then asked him what this was for and he said medical from the old company. I was like ok he said he would call them and call me the next day. He did. Then it changed to I marked a check lost/stolen and was reissued a new one and cashed them both. ODD I had direct deposit. So he would not give me any contact information. So I then called Verizon Wireless and talked to several different people there who all said that I didn’t do what this guy is telling me I did. So I called him back and talked to that Tom guy who told me I was rude and hung up on me. So I called back and talked to wayne and lost my temper and he told me “I don’t work for you and do not have to give you any information. PAY YOUR BILL.” Who do i need to report these people to?

  10. Mike says:

    I got a call from these people about a debt they claim I owe to eBay. Unfortunately for them, I already went through the BBB, and made it very clear that eBay is breaking the law with their “Buyer Protection Program”, and since they brake a binding contract, I had no intention of reimbursing them for refunding a payment I did not authorize. Now they have these jerkoffs threatening me with a lawsuit? Give me a break!

  11. r says:

    Why are you bothering me????? STop bothering me or I’ll get you for harassment. THere is all bad stuff said about you. GO AWAY!!!!

  12. Barb says:

    This is the RUDEST company I have ever worked with or talked to! They said they have been trying to contact me, BULLCRAP! I have had the same number for a year and the same address for 15 years! I never met such a rude crowd of people.

  13. Derek says:

    Get calls from these guys from time to time but never answer. I have read many many comments on how unprofessional and foolish they are, so I have decided not to call back. Instead I sent them a letter asking for proof of whatever it is they are calling about, as well as a cease and desist order. In my letter I made clear that if they contact me by phone again I will take legal action against them and if they cannot provide me with proof of the debt then it will be deleted and cited different areas of the fair debt act in the process as well as some other laws they might break by contacting me. If you want to report them contact your states attorney general and they can help you. The AG in NY also has a website for reporting these guys and has taken up arms against this type of abuse http://www.NYDebtHelp.com. See also http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-651-209-1825/5 for more information.

    • Victoria Ballat says:

      THANKS FOR THAT INFO! I MAY DO THE SAME! They are leaving me messages for a random person I never heard of with no indication as to why.

  14. Edward says:

    Unknown female…only unknown because she didnt provide a name took my return call after a missed call. When I spoke with her for the first time she said I owed a bill with EBay for which I explained it was in dispute. I advised her not only did ebay refund the customer but the customer who complained about their item never returned my item so they committed fraud. Ebay never responded. I advised her I want to dispute this matter with them, she then went into a defensive frenzy and started to yell at me. I couldn’t image she was actually at a desk with such loud and unprofessional behavior. She not only broke FDCPA reules by yelling at me for intimidation purposes but also broke laws in regards to not disclosing my rights of dispute on first contact and also not allowing me the right by law to dispute the matter within the first 30 days of validation. She yelled at me even further when I advised her of these law infractions and she proceeded to yell further and then hung up on me. I promptly proceeded to file a Better Business Bureau complaint.

  15. Victoria Ballat says:

    Guy named Chris Allen leaves messages and claims to be from this law firm but says he’s a collection agent not a lawyer. The messages are so monotone they sound automated but they’re not. They give no information other than to ask for a random person I have never heard of…and he’s called four times. I don’t answer numbers I don’t recognize and I don’t want to call back to say “there is nobody here by that name” because I don’t want some random lawyer or collection person to have the real name linked to my number. But I have no idea what they want OR WHO THEY ARE ASKING FOR!!! He just demands calls back and the messages are getting increasingly more threatening (i.e. heightening urgency, mentioning legal action, but gives no info as to why or what it’s regarding). MAKE IT STOP! These people have to tell you why they are calling because with messages containing only a random name I don’t know, threatening me for no reason, I won’t call back! But the messages keep coming!!! How do i make it stop?!?!?!?

  16. Victoria Ballat says:

    OH MY GOD!!! I just called their number back on a blocked line (to protect myself because I have no idea who these people are or whom or what they want) to say that I have no idea who they are asking for and ask what they might even be calling about since I’ve been getting increasing threatening messages directed at some person named “Annie”. THE RECEPTIONIST (6/2/14, approx 650PM EDT) STARTED TO SCREM AT ME!!!!! “OH PLEASE YOU RECEIVED NO THREATENING MESSAGES, THIS IS A LAW FIRM”. She then began yelling in circles demanding the number they called BUT REFUSED to answer a simple question: what possible reasons would bring your company/firm to call my number? Instead yelling further that without my giving her the phone number it “couldn’t be removed”. THEN SCREAMED “THIS IS NOT SOME CUSTOMER SERVICE LINE, THIS IS A LAW FIRM SO BE AN ADULT AND GIVE ME THE NUMBER”. I again said I am reluctant to do so considering the increasingly threatening nature of the messages, that they are not even for me and I have no idea what they are in regard to! AGAIN SHE STARTS SCREAMING…even when I asked her multiple times to lower her voice, stop screaming, lower her tone. She screamed at me again “Do you want to play games or give me the phone number and stop receiving threatening messages because it’s no help to us if we’re calling the wrong number anyway”. SO she basically admitted that they leave threatening messages after refusing the very notion when I started the conversation. She then continued yelling “and what am I supposed to think about some person who calls me from a line that doesn’t show up on caller ID asking me questions that I have no information about because they won’t tell me a number”. SO, apparently she was VERY ANGRY and aware that my number is private and blocked…talk about fishing for information.

    I was finally so sick of it that I just screamed the phone number they had called over her continual yelling. She then says “THAT I HEARD….Who is Anne? Is there an Annie in your home? Are you related to somebody named Annie. Who is this person???” AFTER I JUST SPENT TEN MINUTES STATING I HAVE NO IDEA WHY YOU ARE CALLING MY NUMBER OR WHOM YOU ARE TRYING TO CALL BECAUSE IT’S NOT MY NAME!!!! She harassing me for info I don’t have!!! Then she says “well now I can remove the number”. I was done staying calm and just said “Spectacular” and hung up the phone (before I cursed her out and lost it.

    She obviously didn’t care how “irritating” she thought I was because these people are so desperate to get information and names, etc…even if it has nothing to do with you…that they will stay on the phone hammering away. AND THE CALL THEMSELVES A LAW FIRM!!!! My god! So far I got four messages from some kid “rep” being increasingly hostile and rude about what was in the “best interest” of whom ever they were trying to reach and then I get some receptionist acting all high and mighty at her “law firm” screaming at me for ten minutes who sounded about as educated as a fifth grade drop out (and I’m offending fifth grade drop outs, so my apologies).

    The fact that this woman screamed at me that “THIS IS NOT CUSTOMER SERVICE, IT’S A LAW FIRM” says it all! These people are horrific nightmares and I have no idea how anyone could ever hire them or expect them to accomplish a thing if they have no “customer service”, aka simple manners and the ability to converse with a human being and possibly answer simple questions for any reason without hostility and screaming.

    I am quite frankly even worried they will see this post and try to figure out who I am. I’m even worried it might have had something to do with me that is now unresolved because they have the wrong names, info, but won’t explain the reason for their calls or behave as professionals or even reasonable human beings. These people are bottom feeders and the very reason for all the laws to protect citizens from these type encounters. The fact that the receptionist stated her reason for screaming was because she was working at a “law firm” and not customer service is insane…SHE OPENLY DECLARED SHE HAD A RIGHT TO TREAT ME THAT WAY BECAUSE SHE WORKED AT THEIR LAW FIRM. So, that’s how lawyers should be expected to behave? Good to know.

    This “firm” is in violation of so many laws it is impossible to list them. Any actual “lawyer” associated with this “firm” should be disbarred. I only want to know what I can do make them suffer in some small way for this in the hope it helps anyone they attack in the future.

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