HP Capital

Address  1919 Blanding Blvd., Ste 4
City Jacksonville
State  Florida
Zip Code 32210
Phone   904-672-1023

Fortunately, you have legal rights and you are protected under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Review the law and it will give you better idea how to deal with HP Capital.

If you feel that the abuse has reached the peak of your patience, call Francis & Mailman at 877-735-8600 for a free case review.


Francis & Mailman is Here to Stop Harassment

You may be wondering why you have been harassed by HP Capital about false debt. False debt and errors can be a result of people stealing a person’s credit card or bank account information and running up charges.

Francis & Mailman will clean up your credit report errors painlessly, and help you understand your legal rights. Call us to stop collection and offensive calls.

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  1. David Lawrence says:

    HP Capital called my house looking for someone that has the same name as me. They were incredibly hostile and told my wife flat out lies. Their representative – Marcus Cannon – threatened that there was a “federal case” against me and that serious action would be taken against me by 5 pm on the day of the call. I called them back and spoke to the “manager” who was also hostile. He accused me of lying to him when I told him I was an attorney – so I gave him my bar license number – and told me his representatives would never make the statements that his representative did in fact make.

  2. Dee says:

    The representative left a voicemail to return her call threaten to file court papers by the end of the day. I called back the representative did not have me in the system. I asked to speak with a supervisor. She put a \\\”Senior\\\” on the phone. I asked if she was a manager. She said \\\”yes\\\” I told about the accusations towards filing suit against me. She said \\\”I did not say any of that\\\” I told her that her representative did. She said \\\”your not even a customer and she does not have to do anything\\\” and hung up!!! Watch these crooked people

  3. Charlino Charles says:

    I recieved a call @ 1:30p.m. on 06/17/2009. This person said, he was an attorney representing E-z Pawn on a loan check and was trying to resolve this matter before issuing me a warrant for my arrest @ my work or home, so that there won’t be any embarrassment on my behalf he would to resolve this matter, I told him that I lost my job and home, but i could try and pay $20 or $40 a week in good faith to pay off the old loan, he told me if I couldn’t do anything today,they will be picking me up.Without the full amt. there is nothing I could do,so I told him that I will be @ my old residence to be picked up. Distraught about this conversation, I confided with my fiance, he took over this matter and called the # back, the other rep. said that I was lying and she would be glad to except & resolve this matter. I hope no-one else has to experience this ever again. This is my plea for justice for the poor in pockets.

  4. Amanda says:

    I had the same thing happen… they called my fiance at his job and told him that if he didn’t pay the full amount by the following day at noon that a case would be filed against him, he would go to court have to pay all lawyer and court cost and be arrested on the spot… the guy he talked to Richard was very RUDE. So I called back this man so rude I began to cry, he told me it wasn’t his fault that my fiance cant take care of his debt and that unless I wanted him in jail I better get some money together, he suggested that I call and ask my family and friends for money. I refused. I ended up sending them $75 2 days later to get him off our back but it didn’t help the next he wanted to me to make another payment. He said not to cry to him this wan;t his fault that I could go and cry to my fiance… VERY unprofessional, I was shocked no one has ever spoken to me like that before. I just got finished filing a complaint with the FTC. https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/FTC_Wizard.aspx?Lang=en#last I hope that all of you will this company is screwy and should be shut down.

  5. E. Cobb says:

    These knuckleheads called my phone the other day about a debt that i incurred with Orchard Bank. They told me that they anticipate to garnish my paycheck $102 each payday until i paid them in full (original debt, court cost, attorneys fees). They claim i will have to pay a lot more if the action goes to court. I told them i couldn’t afford to pay that, so do as they wish, then hung up the phone. I haven’t received any correspondence in the mail about this debt but all of a sudden, i get a phone call from somebody at H&P. You guys are right, they are somewhat rude. They didn’t intimidate me at all; I basically told them that i suppose i will see them in court. They said that they are filing a case against me in my county of residence. I’ll be ready. Be aware!

  6. erika says:

    i had the same treatening call this morning. i offer to pay it in payments but they told me to tell them how much money i could came up with and they could work with me. Then the \”senior\” basically told me that my case was on his hands and he had no problem summitting my case for further action. After handing up i cried for an hour, i wanted to kill myself because of all the pressure and how rude he was.

  7. Can't stand these people says:

    They are rude they called me and told me to get my affairs in order because they were going to put me jail. At first I had no clue who was calling me. Then they explained that they were a collection company. A miss Shelly was the one who called me and was very hostile. I cried, I was shaking didn’t know what to do I did pay it and I still am but they are not very nice. Some one need to record them and take them to court.

  8. Connie says:

    Two words: CLASS ACTION!

  9. Laura says:

    They keep calling me despite the fact that I have filed for bankruptcy and all creditors and collection agencies are barred from contacting me in any way due to the automatic stay. “grace Shelley” called me back & said this has nothing to do with bankruptcy, and a decision has been made for me, and that this is a serious matter & I need to call them back. They obviously don’t understand bankruptcy law at all and I have reported them to the FTC.

  10. Paul says:

    These people have left me a message but I have not had the pleasure of speaking with one of their reps. The first thing I would do is ask them to hold for one minute, then when you get back on the line inform them you are recording the conversation for your own records…this is the bottom line, HP Capital has bought your old debt at approx. 3cents on the dollar, thus making this old debt a charge off on your credit report. These people have NO legal recourse to put anyone in jail! This is their business it is how they make there money they buy old debts and try to cash in. Any damage to your credit is already done if they own your debt. Paying them anything will have no positive effect on your credit rating whatsoever so please take a deep breath and don’t sweat the small stuff….go to http://www.FTS.com and go under I believe “barred debt”.

  11. Understand Why says:

    “ms dixon & daniels harassed me so bad. They talk so fast I see why people feel bullied, but think faster than they talk. They try to force folks to pay something w/o knowledge of what it actually is. 1st it was a “Violation of Federal Privacy Act” (and “there is a warrant for my arrest, where was I, unless i agree to pay i would be arrested”?? How many laws is that breaking?), then it was a check? Wouldnt that be on your credit report? Whose information Privacy Act was violated? They told me no, the check is not on any credit report. HUH? You owe a company and it’s not on a credit report? You violated someone’s right to privacy but you are not a corporation and dont even have information to keep private on anyone? Something isnt right with what they were saying so I am researching what they say, and will do what i can to ensure they dont do this to too many other people. They should be out of business. They’ll kill someone with a heart/asthma attack, harassing people the way they do. War criminals arent harassed like that. They dont have a web address, they do have incorrect information, dont know the CEO or CFO of their company, refused to give any other information about the situation or the company, ms daniels says she’s the only person anyone can talk to in the building, she hung up on me (great business ethics!) sighed like I bored her with my questions about her company, but they want us to believe they are a reputable corporation? FTC, AG and BBB will be notified. Who’s their local news station?

  12. Kim says:

    These people have to prove what you owe, according to Dave Ramsey, and if they choose to talk to you like this, you just tell them that you won’t put up with it, and when they can talk to you politely, then they can call back.
    They are just trying to scare people.
    Dave says that companies like this try to intimidate all the time.
    I was left a message like this, and called back and left a message that I didn’t appreciate the rude message that was left for me, and I would like a detailed message left as I do not know what it is about.

  13. Sarah says:

    Yesterday evening I received a phone call from an Ms. Bishop from HP Capital, telling me that I needed to contact them about a matter that was given to her office as well she needs to advice me of my rights good luck….So I called back this morning on 10/27/09 at around 9:30 am She told me that the call was about a payday loan with advance america from 2007 in the amt of 790.00 I needed to have that paid by 2pm today. I explained to them that I didn’t have the money today to pay them, ms. bishop then told me that my drivers license had been red flagged and that I better not get pulled over, and there was nothing she could do about it now. I then said what would you like me to do? I don’t have the money to day she then stated well then why don’t you get legal counsel maybe that will grab your attention, good luck and hung up on me. I called back she stated that she already filed it as a “flat refusal to pay”. I told her that I never said I wasn’t going to pay, all I said was that I didn’t have it today, she then transferred me to another man who I explained how rude Ms. Bishop had been, he asked how much money could I come up with I said 150.00 in 2 days and then make payments, he said 250 and he could work with me, I agreed he transferred me back to get the moneygram info, where they said that I had until 2 pm today to pay, I again said that I don’t get paid for 2 more days, after another transfer back, the man said I had until the end of the business day to pay, told me to have a family member or friend pay it or go get a “payday loan”. WOW really, that is what got me here in the first place. This is repulsive, I am totally willing to pay, but because I don’t have the money today I can go to jail. I will lose my job, lose my house and my car. My life would be ruined.

  14. Leslie says:

    I was contacted by HP Capital about a payday loan. They said that if I didn’t pay by 3pm I would face charges against me. They wanted all or nothing. I told them I could not give them so he said he’ll file charges. From what I’ve read a collection agency can not file charges against a person for a defaulted loan.

  15. Travis says:

    this company left me a voicemail telling me that i needed to call “agent costellas” back and would be in my best interest to do so immediately. when i called them back costellas told me that they were going to bring me up on charges for theft by deception for writing check without the intent on paying it back. i told him that was not the case that i just lost my job and haven’t been able to pay it back yet and i didnt have any money to make a payment right then. costellas was very aggressive and intimidating and to be frank scared the hell out of me to the point of restlessnous and shaking. i dint know what to do or how to deal with what was set forth so i told him i would try to make a payment but didnt know when i would have any money since i was still unemployed. i called them back about a month later ready to make a small payment via credit card.costellas first said that was fine but when i went to make the payment he said it had to go through western union or moneygram…i told him i would try at that point just to pacify him so i could research the company and was lead here. i tell you i am shocked at what i read and how similar others reports are to mine! they need to be stopped before they do in fact cause harm to someone.

    • neysa says:

      Hello. I had the same exact thing happen to me over an old Kay Jewelers debt that was way past the statue of limitations and already off my credit report!! They left a voice mail saying I was in legal trouble and needed to call them within 24 hours, then gave me a docket number. The thing is, the number they called from, was a number that looked like a land-line from my city. When I looked it up online, it showed up as the mainline to my cities borough office? The number they left me to call them back at was an 888 number. I had a lady that was nice, but VERY pushy and talked very fast. She sounded like she knew what was up! She told me that if they choose to sue me, I will also get in trouble for theft and/or receiving stolen property! I was SO SCARED (I told them I will try and find money and call them back. I never did and they never called back! What scammers! It makes me sick cause people are probably falling for this all the time! They never even told me the Co. name. She just said she is the person that files all the necessary paperwork for lawyers to proceed with filing a lawsuit.

  16. s a m says:

    They are very rude and VERY pushy. they dont care who they hurt. I beleive they would be very happy if they could hurt and mentally hurt people. I think its a disgrace especially in this country. VERY unamerican.

  17. s a m says:

    I forgot to write. If they would cause someone to have a heart attack or something like that. Go after them.

  18. Stephanie says:

    Had a message on my machine tonight when I got home; some lady with an obvious speech impediment saying my name and citing some lady I’ve never heard of, who apparently referenced me. If this is a collections agency, I honestly have no clue what it could have to do with, as I have very good credit and even though I have outstanding debt, I always pay at least something on what I do owe. So now after reading all your comments, I’m freaking out. Are they really a legitimate company and do I really have to pay them?? I’m scared to call her back tomorrow!!

  19. Maggie says:

    Did anybody ever go to jail or was anybody arrested? I had the same problem. He called an left a message at my work. I would love to hear from anybody of what actions were taken. I have already paid them 620.00 and they want the 412.00 now.

  20. Jason A. Coleman says:

    I received one message that stated this was their second attempt and have been unable to contact me, they were proceeding with State charges of fraudulant intent against me. After I called back I was threatened with jail. I still have the message saved.

  21. Kim Thompson says:

    I too recieved a very rude and absolutly unproffessional phone call from these H&P capital people .Within 2 minutes into the phone call they had me in tears, then into a panic attack, and an anxiety attack. I’m a single disabled grandmother, taking care of my 7 yr. old grandson. I am no longer able to work, so I do the best I can just to survive. While I have fighting Social security for 4 years to recieve my disabilities, my grandson and I live on food assistance alone. Now I have some incosiderate FOOL on my phone threatening to come to my home and arrest me. I’ve never been in any kind of trouble with the law or anywhere else. MR. BAILYS was coming to take me to jail, he did not care about my mental state, nor did he care about my grandson. Pay 300.00 dollars by 6p.m. or you’re going to jail. I paid the 300.00 dollars,then told him I was on my way to a emergency room to take care of the panic attacks and anxiety attacks. Some one needs to do something about this company harrassing and threatening innocent people who are just trying to get by in life. If any one wants to file a class action suite agianst these people, believe me I’m in…

  22. Robyn says:

    Today as I sit at work, another girl gets a phone message from these clowns stating that she is to call them back ASAP. He added, “Your past has caught up with you. Good Luck.” She called back and within seconds was fully hysterical and begging them to tell her what this was all about. She finally put this ego maniac on speaker phone. He said she had until 5:00 today to get the money. I told her to ask what happens if she couldn’t come up with the money. He said, “Do you REALLY want to find out?” She was crying and going on about how she can’t go to jail, she’ll lose her job! He told her to “dry it up” and get this fixed. Oh, there was an extension to 7:00 IF she would repeat this, “Thank you Mr. so and so” couldn’t recall his name. And I said, “Is he serious???” Bottom line – we contacted the Sheriff’s office and they told us it was a scam and not to send them a DIME. They talk fast, use profane language, and empty threats to prey upon those that they catch off guard. They REALLY need to be stopped.

  23. barb says:

    go to BBB.org and type in H&P Capital, Inc. into to the Find a business section. Has numbers and address. Good Luck

  24. barb says:

    Just got first call today. Found this info on another site about H&P capital
    Detail by Entity Name
    Florida Profit Corporation
    Filing Information
    Document Number P08000093357
    FEI Number NONE
    Date Filed 10/15/2008
    State FL
    Status ACTIVE
    Effective Date 10/14/2008
    Principal Address
    STE. 4
    Mailing Address
    13863 PINE VILLA DR.
    FORT MYERS FL 33912 US
    Registered Agent Name & Address
    13863 PINE VILLA DR.
    FORT MYERS FL 33912 US
    Officer/Director Detail
    Name & Address
    Title P, S
    2307 ALDRIDGE AV.
    FORT MYERS FL 33907 US
    Title VP
    13863 PINE VILLA DR.
    FORT MYERS FL 33912 US
    Title TRES
    2517 SIGMA COURT
    ORANGE PARK FL 32073

  25. ab says:

    I received a call ed on Sat. Oct. 12, from a Mr. Robert Stewart saying that he was from hp capital saying that i had an outstanding check and if i did not pay by 12 noon i would go to jail i paid it hope i dont do the wrong thing

  26. gina says:

    wow i receive the same nasty phioone cal from this terrible company i m working nights now so they woke me up with a nasty attitude asking me to get up and listen grab apen or i will be in serious trouble i had a loan out but couldnt pay and its been some time i understand everyone wants their money so i offered to set up some type of payments he didnt want to hear of it and sai to let him know something by 2pm or its ut of his hands it was after 11pm he told me to make a call anywhere in or out the country he didnt care but he will be leaving the office by two pm i was so scared i called him back around 130pm and told him he could have my rent money which is 500 dollars but i couldnt get it to him until tomorrow he said i could take my chances but its out of his handshi sname is tim the number and his extension is 904-418-5000 ext121 wow what do u do noone has any real money to lend anyone now days ill never take another loan out again once i get this paid

  27. monty bryant says:

    i recieved simular calls from a man named nathan davenport, he set me up with a processor and they told me simular things. i explained to them that i didnt have any monet and that i was unemployed. they threatened me and my family, so i eventually gave them my unemployment debit card info. i dont qualify for unemplyment anymore so i have no means to pay them, i tried to call the number they gave me and it is out of service. i tried to call a different number on the credit card authorization form i printrd out and again its disconnected. i believe this to be a scam.

  28. Glenn says:

    These people called me saying pretty much what everyone else has been saying. Aside from the fact that the representative i talked to at the time was kind to me it dawned as strange to me that a collection agency needs to have the money given by western union or moneygram. I came upon this website to see what everyone else had been saying and it became clear that this was a giant scam. I spoke to the company who i owed the money to and they still had control over my case and i was still able to settle it with them directly. Do not answer HP capitals calls and if you do, tell them to stop calling and that you will settle the debt yourself.

  29. dawn says:

    I too am now working with this company on clearing up a debt with a payday loan company. I will say that I am dealing with Sondra Nickelberry and she has been pretty nice. They wanted me to make a “good faith payment” and gave me a week to do so and then I could only pay $35 because it cost me 15 just to sent it western union. Hopefully this will be enough to set up some bi-weekly payments until I can pay it off in tax season.

  30. Theresa says:

    I too recived a very hostile message on my machine, to the point that i got scared for the fear of going to jail. They told me that it was regarding a pay day loan. Yes, I do have an un-paid loan out, but these people are so scary. They told me to have my mom help me penny pinch to get $315.00 by tonight!! I got the call at 3:30 pm. if not, i would “go down” for it. I’m freaking out, I have 2 kids..and I cannot go to jail. So I called Allied and I am trying to work it out with them, I do not want to give this HP ANY money…cause what if they want MORE & MORE!!

  31. sassidy says:

    I too received a crazy call.. Craig was nasty. He immediately told me that I was going to jail on fraud and that I needed to pay money by 1pm… I got scared.. I can\\\’t go to jail I have kids and I\\\’m a single parent.. he was extremely aggressive..

  32. Ty says:

    I received a voice mail from a lady name ms dixon. I call them to see what was going on. Mr davenport picked and said ms dixon away on a meeting he was extremely rude and nasty when I told him i could not pay the entire debt of 320 for a pay day loan he told me that i needed to pay it through western union by 5pm or suffer embarrassment. Then i asked to speak to a manager or anyone else and then he hung up on me. Like most people i got scared for fear of jail and i got the money together to pay them and i called back just be sure and it didn’t feel right. why do they only take wired money? I will not send them a dime and i’ll see whats happens

  33. DH says:

    Someone called me asking for my sister’s contact info. He told me he worked for H&P but wouldn’t tell me why he needed her #. I told him I wouldn’t give him her number if he didn’t tell me what for. He told me that I’d messed things up for her. He then told me that I didn’t sound very intelligent anyway.

  34. Robert says:

    They just called me today,saying that i owed 320,for a payday loan,what a joke i almost paid them,but i asked proof and told them they were being recorded,they laugh and told me do you thinky your above the law i sain no but i need proof,so they hung up on me,i will never pay them i hope the call back

  35. ds says:

    As I read most of these comments, I found myself hearing the conversation I just had with these people. I also was in tears and told I was going to jail and they would not work with me on any payment arrangements. Where is our consumer protection. I’m not trying to get out of anything but just wanting this type of harrassment to stop and for them to have to have a code of standards and conduct to follow. Apparently there is none. They can make things up as they go and threaten. What part of consumer protection is this???

  36. Bubbles says:

    I received numerous calls from Attorney Nathan Davenport after havving tracked me down thru my Brother & a sick friend for an old pay day loan (2001) that i dont owe. EXTREMELY RUDE. Scared me to to the point of Anxiety/Asthma Ataacks, in addition, I am a Diabled Veteran, his phone calls,Threatening Behavior, Deadlines, etc, cetainly reeked havoc with my PTSD.I xperienced speaking with his “Supervisor”, whom I recognized the voice as being Attorney DAvenport. At any rate,I told him I would borrow(would try)the money as he suggested send via WU/Money Gram within the few hours he had given me as my “deadline” before I would be sent to jail on FERDERAL CHARGES!After the last phone call of the day, I started thinking(GLAD NO $$$ WAS SENT!!!)1. I didnt/dont owe a Payday Loan Co. 2. Where the hell did he get my Brothers/Friends Phone Numbersas I didnt live in this as I am living/have been living in a totally different state of the supposedly Loan in addition ,I hadnt even met my Friend whom it he contacted. :BEWARE” I did some investigating with my phone company and was tolod as to how this person was able to get into my phone records(I am unlistede as I am a DV Survivior)this in itself was an invasion of privacy.As i write this note, my Attorney is working on my case & has been since 2 days after the phone call back in I believe Sept 2010.These people (H&P) have used many different names, have an “F” rating with the BBB.At anyrate I called “Attorney” Davenport back told him I had obtained the $$ to send him, & I needed his “Fax” # he got silent, then asked “why”, I simply told I wanted to fax him a letter of thanks for all his help.I got the number & immediately faxed a “Cease & Desist” Letter !! Havent heard from Him, but then a Ms.Dixon called the very next day vernicely wanting to set up a payment arrangement,I simply told I sent a Cease & Desist letter addressd to DAvenport & ALL of H&P Capital’s Employee’s she said she was not aware of any letter, I told her well “now you are” & I hung up the phone. Not only did I het an Attorney, I contacted/filed complaints with the BBB,Consumer Affairs, Fla State Attorney Generals Office.If I do not get 1cent from my suit against H&P, it will be o.k. just to hopefully bring this company down for all the wrongs they have done to so many, will be payment enough for me.Dont send them a Dime!!! 02/14/2011

  37. Robbin Babyak says:

    I have been going through the same problem with hp and they told me i was going to jail and that the cops were coming for me if i did not pay by noon! I was so scared and i called the police and they called the place themselves and said the people were very rude to him also! I just paid my loan off and they told me i still owed 43 cents. I am still trying to get my account off the data base and the state of WA, said they have to do that!

  38. Linda Rainey says:

    H&P Capital called me on 03/07/11 and told me that they had my account in their office and I needed to call them back as soon as I got this message. The mans name was Bill Huffman and he told me I needed to have $500.00 in his iffice by 4:00pm before he left or I would be in trouble and I wouldn’t like what was going to happen to me. I told him I lost my job he told me to loose my pride and beg, and then he said again I had till 4:00pm and he hung up on me. He was very very rude. 03/08/11

  39. Chuck says:

    They are still at it. I have been receiving calls for a week. I finally decided to take their call and was told the same things as everyone else. I called them back to tell them to do what they had to do cause I didn’t have the money and the dude kept rambling… I told him he better send me a letter confirming this and he said he didn’t have to do anything…

  40. Lauriel Bristol says:

    I couldn’t believe the way I was treated. I spoke with a Bill Jones and Alexa, both of which were rude. I asked if they were a debt collector; they refused to disclose that information. They implied I had committed a legal offense and proceedings would occur against me and that it was my last chance. I called an attorney for the FDCPA and played her the voice mail they left me stating “a decision has been rendered on a vary serious matter in my name and I think it was done without your knowledge…my CLERK (as if they are a court or law office) was supposed to contact you but they dropped the ball…I’m trying to be fair in every regard and give you this last opportunity to tell your side of the story and make a final statement in your name…” She’s going listen to the voice mail (which includes two FDCPA violations not to mention a the lie that I would have the opportunity to tell my side of the story…they are a debt collector, unfortunately they cannot take circumstances of delinquency into consideration, legally anyway). I KNOW ALL THIS BECAUSE I, MYSELF, AM A DEBT COLLECTOR for home mortgages. AND I NEVER TREAT PEOPLE LIKE THAT…and since I work in home loans (not little payday loans for 300 that is too small a debt to reduce)…I get to actually help them, give them modifications to save their home…or Deed In Lieu, short sale to spare their credit. I would be fired if I EVER told a customer to shut their mouths…I would get written up if I so much as interrupted them while they were speaking…I didn’t know there were debt collectors out there who are allowed to behave so rudely and apathetically…no wonder people hate us.

  41. Dawn says:

    These people called my daughter and told her she had to give up my phone to them. I have no clue what its about, he refused to give her and address where I could contact them. The only way I was able to get info was the number showed on the caller ID, and he said his name was Eric Ross. He was very rude to her, and I suspect that he is the same one who keep calling my ex-mother in law and will not give out information/or address, and continues to harass them, even though they have told them to stop.

  42. Jeff says:

    I received a call from H.P. Capital today, they were looking for someone who’s name I can’t pronounce. The person had my phone number previously. I pressed the option offered to speak to the next available representative to have my number removed… I waited for 10 minutes and no one answered. I called (904) 418-5000 – the number I received the call from, I talked to a Mr. Kelly Green, he gave me attitude and was hostile with me. I was trying to correct their mistake. I talked to his supervisor who was also rude. This company needs to be put out of business. They are a menace, bothering and harassing the wrong people…

  43. Jennifer says:

    While I understand that HP Capital may be a debt collection company for real debt, be careful. I finally dealt with these people today after 6 weeks of random calls and messages. Today, when I finally talked to someone, I was told I owed approx $250 for a jewelry debt from 2005. Was told I had been notified many times and it was due by 5pm since a “decision had been made against me”. I asked for verification of the debt and waited for the email…. which NEVER came. When I called back to check on the email verification of debt, I finally asked if they had a social sec # we could use for verification instead. That number was not mine. I was immediately told “sorry, we will remove you”. click. THen I had a message on my home machine stating the Jennifer they were looking for was Jennifer L and I was Jennifer A. Why are they not verifiying that the people they contact actually are the people that owe the debt? They are trying to scam people. So watch out. I will be reporting them to as many places as possible. Agents were rude and forceful. Know what you are dealing with before you pay!! Make sure it is YOUR debt.

  44. OLIVE says:

    This is really scary. I receive a call 4:29PM from (904)418-5000 and they left a voicemail message stating her name is Sara Salem from HP and Associates regarding a federal claim file against me and to call as soon as possible at (904)418-5001 ext 207 to discuss the next action that will be taken. I called back at 4:35pm and the rep I spoke with stated that they receive this claim because I have a debt with such company and that they can signed off to hold off on court action with a lump sum pmt of $1300 or $352 for 5mos on a financial hardship. I was trying to tell them I have not receive anything of any collection on this acct for a long time. Because I was so scared with everything she was telling me, I told her that the only reason I was not able to make any pmts recently is because I have loss my job back to back and other family financial reasons and not because I was trying to avoid the debt. I tried to asked her regarding acct # and any other info regarding the debt and all she tells me is verified the last 4digits of my ss# and they didn’t have the full# and my ex-husband name. I then asked if the acct they’re trying to collect for is a joint acct and she stated that it’s not. She even have a wrong address and had asked me what’s my last name now. I corrected her but didn’t realized something was wrong at the time. I told her of my situation and that I cannot possibly promise something that I don’t have but would like to try to resolve this and hold it off from going to court. She then transfered me to a “Senior acct manager.” Then a male rep picked up and was very rude and just started repeating the offers that the previous rep mentioned and that I am refusing to make arrangement and there’s nothing he can do and hung up on me. I called back and that same rep picked up and was talking to me in a very rude tone and was belittling and stated nothing he can do and that I cannot get away from my debt. I tried to tell him I’m trying to work something out and he refuse to even listen to me or try to work with me and he just hung up again. I called back and he picked up again and he just threatened to turn it over to court and hung up again. I told him I don’t even know if this is really my debt. I kept calling back and because I was so scared with what can happen, I started having my anxiety attack, and when he answered I tried to make other arrangement and he stated I need to give bank information and just transferred me to another person. Another lady rep picked up and started asking me for my bank information. I requested to get something in writing in regards to validity of debt before giving up money that I don’t have. The rep then hung up on me again. I called back again and the same Senior rep answered and stated cannot help me anymore and hung up. I kept calling back and nobody answers anymore. I then remember that earlier that day, I pulled my credit report at a non-secured wifi connection at starbucks and those information that they have shows on the credit report I pulled, the way they verified it. I started getting more scared so I looked online about this company and found all these complaints and with same situation I just been through. Be careful when you get calls like this. Because it’s so scary to hear such threats, I forgot about my rights as a consumer under the FDCPA with Federal Trade Commission. These collectors, even if it’s a valid debt, cannot harass or use such language or acts to collect debts. We have rights as consumers and debtors, and one of those rights is to request information and written documents to assure the validity of the debt.

  45. meka says:

    Hp called 8-31-11 for a loan that not over 90 days, askin for money. Im sure of all the complaint and i am seriously thinking to file against them for falsified info, misappropriation to obtain funds fraudulently and much more. They have info sold from internet payday loan and in sure of their scam. Anything over a 1000 is felony but all individuals hopefully get loan in good honesty of paying back. We all suffer hardship but ppl please know NO company can make you quickly reconcile anything you never receive certified notice of, always call original place of , trsettle your pay arrangements and the company doesn’t accept good faith to pay you have much more luck with havin your loan submissed. HP is seriously goin to hear from me and always record them if you can.

  46. meka says:


  47. Deborah says:

    I received a call last night looking for a relative. I told the rude young lady that I had no new contact information for the person. She began ranting about how I shouldn’t be a contact and hung up on me. THEN she called back and asked why I hung up on her! She told me if I wasn’t responsible enough to be the contact, I should have agreed! I asked her “Who ARE you?” and she hung up again. Wow….

  48. jon says:

    i got a call from H&P on a SATURDAY saying that i owed on a debt in my home town that is from with in the last year and i have not lived in my home town let alone my home state in the last year. heck in the last two years i have been in my home state for maybe a month. all i know is when i was home i didnt get any loans or anything that i would have to pay back. they need to check their info more carefully. i also dont know how they got my phone number when my name is not on the cell phone contract( yes they call on my cell phone), the contract is in my wife’s name. they need to have a class action law suit brought against them and be shut down. all collection and telemarketing agencies out there dont call on the weekend, what i dont get is why they call on a weekend, sounds kind of shady to me

  49. SickOfThreats says:

    Who are these people? What companies do they buy the debts from because I have NO clue why they are calling looking for my Husband, we never took out any Pay Day Loans, etc. in our lives! We got a call from them, told them you have the wrong number, sorry!! The usual attitude but she said, “Oh OK, thanks”. Always tell any debt collectors they have the wrong number, they stop calling, believe me! Tell them it’s a new number, you just got it this number recently & no one by the name of the person they are looking for lives at your residence. End of story! 🙂

  50. steve v. says:

    This same company contacted me about a payday loan that has been discharged under chapter 7 bankruptcy. A Mr. Sims called me a fraud and said this was a serious case and he would send people over to my house immediately, unless I paid them. I told him this and other debts had been discharged under my personal bankruptcy. At that point he called me a liar and said no such case exists and indicated that there is a new collection entry on my credit report, like I really need a new negative entry when I am trying to reestablish credit. I don’t know what to do but this is frustrating.

  51. Mrz.A says:

    Today My kids grandmother & my ex-husband get a call from Mr. Jones asking for me. He goes on by saying this is a legal matter & she needs to contact me asap or is going to get real ugly & good Luck to her what???? what he just said they are crookes dont pay them no money The loan I had taken out was in 2003 which I PAID its 2011 come on people legally no One can collect on a debt thats over 7 years is not even on your credit report

  52. KD says:

    If every body were to a file a complaint on the Federal Trade Commisions website, that’s who regulates collections companies, I’m sure with this many complaints, they would be inclined to shut HP Company DOWN! I myself got a call this morning asking for someone I haven’t seen in 12 years. When I told him this was a bad number to reache the person at, he asked me for my name, which I refused to give. He then told me he was a federal agent and they were going to do a sweep of my phone, and have me arrested! I called the Jacksonville, FL. Sheriff’s Dept. and they told me they couldn’t do anything. Even though the company is located in their jurisdiction, he threatened me, and impersonated a federal officer! Way to go cops!!! Yay!!!! So do EVERY ONE a favor, and file a complaint online with the Federal Trade Commission.

  53. Admin Assist says:

    We have been receiving calls from this company for a former employee. Unfortunately, the calls were automated and the call back number would not put you through without an account number. Found this website and got a number where I could talk to an actual person. I’ve explained to him that the debtor no longer works here and the gentleman says he has removed our number from their system. We’ll see….. At least he was very pleasant.

  54. Sick of hp says:

    I too rec’d a call from this company despite the fact that I told the rep I was not the person he was looking for he still gave info abt the debt and was extremely rude when I told him it was not my business and I didn’t want to hear abt it he threatened that I was only making it worse for my sister…I told him to do what he felt he had to but that I know my and my sisters rights and not to ever call my number again and to send correspondence if they want to communicate….he hung up on me

  55. Ashley says:

    I received phone calls from many different number but all were from HPC. I do not have any debt. They are contacting me looking for my father. The rep, Bill Jones, who I talked to was very rude and kept cutting me off everytime I tried to ask questions. He did not give me any information. He asked me where my father was and I told him he lives in Ohio and the rep said, “I KNOW THAT.” He was just rude. They need to be stopped.

  56. Cmartinez says:


  57. Steve says:

    I just recieved a call from this company and they informed me that I was going to be sued if I don’t pay them tonight. The man on the phone was mumbling and I had a hard time undertsanding him. He quoted 2 different amounts I supposedly owed. Everytime I tried to speak he would talk aver me. When I told him to hold on while I spoke, his manager got on the line and threatened me. His name was Tim Hoffman. He kept throwing treats around and that they were going to take it straight out of my bank acct. When I tried to get his information, he backed off and then told me that he has had enough and is taking more fees out of the acct just due to MY rudeness.

  58. cissy says:

    I got a voice mail that was mumbled into the phone, saying a complaint had been filed against me and I needed to call asap. I called back and was told KAY Jewelers was ready to sue me, but if I made arrangements, I offered to pay 500 dollars at the time to pay it off, he said no, but I could pay that and the rest later. He had me in such a panic the day before thanksgiving, telling me I was lucky I got this courtesy call, so I wouldnt be blind sided. I was like Sir, this is blindsiding me, I havent had any contact from you. He assured me he sent letters to my address, repeated it to me. I said, yea that is my address, he said they been sending letters to that since 2005. I was like that amazing as I didnt even live there as it wasnt even built! He told me I needed to make a payment before 7pm tonight or papers would be filed and it would be way more. Also told me I had to tell him what day I wanted my payment to come out each month. I was so upset I couldnt even focus to pick a day. It was clear he was smiling on the other side of the call and told me to enjoy my holiday.

  59. Jennifer Carter says:

    I got a call on my mom’s phone from HP & Associates asking for my sister. Understand that if the debt collection company that contacts you does not have a way of processing credit cards, then that the company is probably a scam. If a company contacts you and tries high pressure tactics to collect the money then ask them to send you information about your debt in writing because you have a right to see what you owe in writing. I have a feeling this is one of those debt collecting agencies that purchases a list of old debt and tries to collect on it.

  60. Annoyed says:

    These people are ridiculous. They have been calling my friends harassing them. The only thing I can put together is the people they are calling are references on my resume which was posted on Monster.com anyways. I called them, didn’t even have to tell them who I was they knew. They tried to get my ssn and my address and I refused to give it to them, so they refused to tell me why they were calling, so I told them that my attorney could verify all my information and settle whatever claim it is they were after. As I started to give them my attorney’s phone number, they said Oh No and hung up on me. Obviously not a legitimate collection agency. And obviously they are breaking law.

  61. katheen says:

    I just now filed a complaint with FTC!!!!!! They NEVER said they were calling to collect a debt.my mom answered the call and they told her they were fromthey said they were calling from Mchenry County Illinois where i used to live 3 yrs ago…regarding stolen merchandise….so my mom was scared and gave me the phone….the womans name was ms. Ford….this call was on 1-6-2012 from 904-418 5000. she said there is stolen merchanise do i know anything about it…i said no…she said stolen jewelry from Kay jewelers..i said nothing was stolen from them ..I THOUGHT she was the police…i kept asking who she was and she said she would tell me in a few minutes…out of respect and fear thinking she was an officer i let her talk and didnt ask who she was anymore….then she asked if i owned a dodge neon…i said i have never had a dodge in my life and shewaiting a few minutes and said she was looking something up….she said do you own a ford explorer i said yes its a 1997 and i told her it had 170k miles….she NEVER said lets work this out…let us make arrangements she said we will be taking car of the car….i said the car is paid for….she said that they were going to TAKE MY CAR by now STILL not telling me who she was i was crying and so upset having a panic attack and hives (i have psoriasis and They called me about kay jewelers yes i owe the debt. i have 3 kids and status asthmaticus which is a deadly form of asthma….health decreased in past year i used to have just plain old allergy asthma…anyhow…i cannot work…) i said i need that car so i can take care of my kids needs and go to the hospital ..i have to go to the er often for asthma….i was scared to death….she said is the car in your name…i said yes but i will take it out of my name then..and she hung up on me….now i was crying and angry…i realized what had just happened…as Amos and Andy used to say…I was “Boozled” Andy done boozled me for the last time! so I called the number back crying as i spoke and said who are you people i want to know who you are….the man did not give me his name and he transferred me to a “manager” after i briefly stated what had just happened…he put me through to rachel anderson at ext 140. ….when she answered she was agressive and siad how much money to you make i said i cant work i am sick and she said well thatdidnt really matter she was sorry personally but she still had to collect the debt i told her what miss ford said and she said that never happened i said yes she threatened me never said she was attempting to collect and made me think she was with the police….she laughed at me….she said i see you filed bk in 1994 i said yes i was young and immature with money…she said well you filed again in 2005…i said my husband at the time lost his job i had a 2 month old baby he did not have unemployment the company went out of business….and we had a house payment i couldnt help it….they said it was against the law for me to get credit after bk i said no its not…she siad you have to go before a judge before you can apply for credit…i said my credit score went up after bk because we got credit right away at the advice of to our lawyer we were to try rebuild our credit…she said that we had no right…i snapped back and said it was not her business….then she said to take my car title to a payday loan and get a loan on for atleast $1000 and to call everyone i know to giveme $50 each by January 10th. which i was in the ER yesterday on that date with the asthma…i hung up with her and was so upset didnt know what to do…my bf is actually my ex husband yes we got back together lol but we will never remarry….anyhow..i got sick and was no longer able to work as of june last year..i was looking up my credit report this morning and it shows kay jewelry and then it showed below the collection agency….it was not the name of thecompany that has been calling me it is called NCA out of kansas so icalled the number on the credit report listed for the debt co. and it went to HP Capital…they have an automated operator that says something but does not say the company name at all….until they answer the phone and then they say they are HPC…NOT the name on the credit report…i said are you NCA and they said NO they are contractors for them…they work for them…i asked for Rachel anderson….and i reminded her of who i was she said she tried to i call yesterday …i said i was in the ER and can fax papers to tprove it with asthma atack….not like you care..she said of course she cares…uhuhh…so anyhow i found my nerve and told her that miss ford NEVER said she was with a collection agency and gave the impression she was with the McHenry police dept about theft…i told her that she could not talk that way to me and could not take my car that was in my andmy ex husbands name….and then i said you cannot expect me to get a title loan wheni already have debt andcant pay it and cannot get a job…i said lets be nice to each other and be serious..she said “I was nice to you the other day…i said ohh no you were not…you toldme i had no right to get credit after bk…she said she never said the things she said….i said whatever …i know you cannot talk to me that way…so i said i cant make payments of anything more then $20 a month….take it or leave it…and i would not make a payment UNTIL i had a statement in writing…she got mad and said why i need that…i said for protection for myself….she was mad and she asked for an email address…i said no….snail mail…she was very upset and didnt see the need…she said so you will send payment when? ilaughed and said when a lawyer looks at the paper you send….and i toldher you cant take a car that has street en value of less then $4000 and mine is not worth $500….and to stop threatening me….i hung up with her and found your website and called the FTC after someone said it needs to be done….and we will see what happens….i will not give them a penny until i know i have to…if they are abusing us on the phone they are breaking the law and they can take us to court and it can be thrown out i think or they can be sued for their conduct and i can get money from them! the ftc said to go to the website after hanging up with them ftc.gov and read about debt collectors the faq’s state :Every collector must send you a written “validation notice” telling you how much money you owe within five days after they first contact you. This notice also must include the name of the creditor to whom you owe the money, and how to proceed if you don’t think you owe the money. ….I also noticed the amount is over $1000 more then i actually owe kay jewelers. they said its overdraft fees…i dont have a bank account therefore no overdraft…and she said it was a kay jewelr overdraft….i didnt respond…i knw that its charged off and kay jewelrs is not involved anymore and thats bologna….the phone call with ftc was maybe 5 minuts…its worth it….lets all have ourw day in court with these morons…sorry for the typos…my hands shake due to allthe breathing treatments i have to take. God bless and Good luck respond on here if you want any more info that i find

  62. Elise says:

    i got a call from these people today saying there’s a federal complaint against me and its a very important matter that i need to address today, since i have read through these other complaints i realize these people are a scam. ive never wrote a hot check or had a pay day loan EVER, i pulled my credit report and there is no collection that went to hp? im very confused and much less they are calling my mothers house and not mine. i wouldn’t worry about these people i believe its a major scam also

  63. Beyond Annoyed says:

    The calls come from a local number but they want us to place a long distance call to FL. We know our credit is clean as a whistle (credit report checked) and we purchased a second home recently. Like if we owed a back debt or collection, I can guarantee our home loan lender would have found it. I just ignore all their calls and will never call them back. If they want to send me something in writing…more power to them.

  64. Jordan says:

    I just wanted to inform everyone that I got a call about a month ago from a guy named Mr. Tate. He had told me that if I didn’t pay the amount I owed I was going to get charged with court papers and I would be charged with fraud. At the time I had like 50 dollars in my bank account and I let Mr Tate know that I could not pay until I got paid. He demanded that I pay him today, he gave me three options to either pay it in full, pay the minimum ( which was 50 dollars ) or pay half today and half next week. At this point im freaking out. So I paid him everything I had in the bank. The only way you can pay is with a debit/credit card and I wasnt told there was a 12 dollar fee for using it? Soo my account over drafted and I was left with no money for the rest of the week… About a week after, he kept calling my work phone over and over again. It really stressed me out. I ended up getting a call from a lady called Mrs Evans and all I have to say about her is she is sooo nice. She is in a different department than Mr. Tate ( higher up ) She told me that I didnt have to pay her anything if I didnt want to she just has to call to let me know I have a balance. I cant even explain how nice she was and was very understanding. I let her know my issue with Mr. Tate telling me I was going to be served court papers and all. She said that it was wrong of him to say those things because it is illegal and all a lie. She said that collection agencies are 3rd party and they do not have the right to put you in jail, serve court papers, or even garnish your wages. All they can do is simply call you and ask for a payment. She let me know that because of all these people working for HP Capital are saying these types of things, the business has many lawsuits filled with them. ** Soo people, if you EVER get a call from this company telling you anything about going to jail or anything besides asking for a payment id suggest you either file a lawsuit, dont freak out and let it ruin your day, or you can give Mrs Evans a call to let her know who said what to you and she can take care of it!!! Her number is 904-418-5190 Ext: 204 Thank you all!

  65. William R. McClung says:

    Jeff Rook, rude an intimidating person who leaves threating voice mails.

  66. Shellbell says:

    Oh wow do I have news for ANYONE searching the name H&P capital… I filed a lawsuit against them in the state of Florida through a GREAT attorney named Alex Weisberg. Here is his contact information

    Alex Weisberg*
    Weisberg & Meyers
    888 595 9111
    866 577 0963 facsimile

    You do not have to live in the state of Florida to file against them. It’s worth a phone call to this attorney to see if he can represent you. There is no fee to you, as the companies who violate the law are typically held responsible for your attorneys fees.
    **Document everything, every phone call, time, day, what was said. It’s worth it!!!

    H & P did the same thing to me as mentioned in so many of the comments above. I happened to record what they did and took very accurate notes of what was said in the conversation. H & P was ordered to pay my attorneys fees which were over $13,000 and also had to pay damages to me. They think they can break the law however/whenever. Good luck!! I’d prosecute them all over again, fortunately, I haven’t had to deal with them since this incident.

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