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Address   701 W. 7th Street
City Little Rock
State Arkansas
Zip Code 72203
Phone   501-374-1300
Fax  514-375-3670

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  1. Shannon Gasaway says:

    This is a horrible, horrible company. They served me with a writ of garnishment with no prior notification of any debt, judgment, phone calls, certified mail, opportunity to resolve debt… nothing. Just out of the blue get a writ of garnishment. The amount they are holding out of my check twice a month will cause me inability to pay my other bills and feed my family and my son in college. They won’t return phone calls. They won’t provide me with any correspondence that they should have sent me. I don’t know how people that work for this organization can sleep at night, ruining the lives of hard working families without giving opportunity to settle debts that people think have long been paid off, such is my case.

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