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Address 1010 SE Everett Mall Way Ste 100
City Everett
State Washington
Zip Code 98208-2855
Phone 888-313-9662

Stop Harassment From IQ Data

Is IQ Data harassing you daily? Calling you in odd times? Threatening you to put you in jail for not paying debts that you do not owe.

You should know that all these illegal actions are prohibited by Fair Debt Collection Practices Act law. To stop harassment and aggressive calls, call to Francis & Mailman at 877-735-8600 to discuss your case. We also offer a free case review.


Why Hire Francis & Mailman?

The reason why IQ Data is harassing you on the phone could be because of false debts. The criminals can steal your credit card or bank account information and run up charges.

Francis & Mailman will help you to stop violent action from a debt collection agency and fix errors or mistakes on your credit report.

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  1. Jessica says:

    My credit report says I have a bill with this company. I have called multiple times to try and get a copy so I can figure out a way to pay it. They are extremely rude and have not sent anything. It makes me want to give up, but it is only hurting me.

  2. lets get em says:

    They wont give reciepts or copies because they are liars and just want your money so they can keep charging you on the same account and its bogus that they can “remove” anything off your credit even in a positive paid account will stay on file for years! i want to get some recorded and hopefully paperwork signed and dated and ready for a lawyer we need to class action suit. It cant be legal for a company to run as rudely and greedy as this, and it goes for a lot out there, but with all of us together that are being scammed we can get these guys!

  3. steve says:

    They sent me to collections only 18 days after my lease ended (I had 30 days to pay). In addition, they started charging interest after the 18 days. I sent a check to to them the first day I left my lease, but it never got there. Even so, I contacted them to find out was going on, and to my surprise found I was in collections accruing interest before my 30 days were up. I have all the paperwork to prove this. If anyone ever wants to file a lawsuit against them I’m more than willing to join in on it.

  4. Michael King says:

    October my lease was up. I had informed the manager of the apartment building that I was moving out in August. I then backed up my alert to the manager in September. They had my address and phone number. Because I did not have a exit inspection the apartment manager decided file with this company stating I did not give a 30 day notice and that I left bedbugs and other issues. All false and unsupported on either end.
    I contacted this company and eventually got in touch with a person by the name of Doug who said he was part of their legal department. At first he calmly talked and sounded very understanding then suddenly started over talking me and got very rude. Would not listen to anything I had to say and lime a angry five year old became enticing me to try to sue the c9ompany and demanding to have the name and phone number of my attorney. When I stated I did not have one yet it sounded like he was dancing around and telling me I had nothing. One of the oddest thing I had ever experienced. It was kind of like he was living off of adrenalin from the different victims.
    My advice is be very careful with the rental agency that is hired to manage your apartment. They will hire this company to ruin your credit. This company will lie about your record and make bad threats to try to force you to pay them money. They are no better than any other collection company. They are trying to tell me I owe them $1275.00.

  5. Ginger says:

    I’ve had similar issues with them. Very rude and extremely vague when i asked exactly what i owed. I asked for an itemized bill and never received it. I’ve contacted the rental property and was told it has been turned in for collection. Its been over a year and i asked for a bill again. Still waiting.

  6. Stacey says:

    I wish I could rate IQ Data/Rent Collect FIVE GOLDEN STARS!! I called yesterday regarding an error on my credit report. I expected a battle, but instead, the individual who answered my call handled the situation with marked professionalism. After a brief hold, he recommended a resolution with which I am abolutely thrilled!

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