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Stop Debt Collection Harassment

Sadly, harassment is very common in the debt collection world. Using abusive language, lying and threatening consumers as well as calling on off hours are illegal tactics that all debt collection agencies do.

There are laws such as The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act that protect you, even if you might owe money. In fact, Law Offices of Laurence A. Hecker must obey the laws and rules, no matter the situation.

Also, you can be a victim of false debts as well. Sometimes,Law Offices of Laurence A. Hecker can mix up people who have the same/similar names or mix up your social security number.


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  1. Crystal W. Owen says:

    We paid our debt due last year on 5/30/09. We never received a letter from the law office of Laurence A. Hecker stating that it was paid. We thought that all was taken care of and done. On January 21 2010 we received a letter from another collection agency on the debt that was already paid, after 3 days of trying to get Chad Allen to fax the letter stating the debt was settled we have still received nothing. Today I tried to call and who ever answered Chad Allens phone said that he was out to lunch and rudely asked what did I want him to do about it. I called back and asked the receptionist to send my call to Gabe Hoffman Senior Accounts Manager and not to Chad Allen or Mike Williams she told me that I did not have to be rude and sent me to Mike Williams who in turn put me on hold. After holding for several minutes the call was then transferred to an extension that was never answered. I am very upset with this company because not only were they rude this go round but were they extremely rude last year when I was trying to settle the debt and then thanked me for acting “like a lady” when they screwed up. Without the letter I can not prove to the other debt collection agency that it has been settled. So far this company has shown to be very unprofessional and unable to do their jobs correctly.

  2. Laurence Hecker says:

    I just read your comment. This is the first I heard of your problem. Obviously, it was hidden from me. I am longer associated with the collection agency that remains doing business at the same address. All I can do, if your facts are correct, is apologize. Incidentally, I am now working on the other side, and anyone who wants to fight back against collection agencies should contact me. In virtually every case I can find a way to preclude the collection agency from bothering any debtor or attempting to get money from him or her.

    Laurence A. Hecker

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