Lead Resources of America, Inc

Address  3276 Rosecrans Street Suite 204
City San Diego
State California
Zip Code 92110
Phone    619-226-8715
Fax 619-226-8721
Website www.leadresourcesofamerica.us

Stop Harassment from Lead Resources of America, Inc

Unluckily, Lead Resources of America, Inc can have the wrong information on your credit report. These errors can be a result of harassed calls and illegal tactics from abusive Lead Resources of America, Inc.

Mixing your social security number or people who have the same name can lead Lead Resources of America, Inc to call you in odd times and be rude to you.


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Ratings for CreditReportProblems.com
  1. JW says:

    they charged money to my account and i diddnt use any of there services. scam company, authorities notified

  2. DB says:

    This company makes a living scamming military personnel. We have a lawyer and have to fight this company because they scammed my son who did not receive any money, no books, no equipment, etc. In fact, canceled his contract within 24 hours. Attorney Generals need to become involved in this scam and check this company out. Advise your sons and daughters in the military to stay away from this company.

  3. nunya beezwax says:

    They hide with their little shell company and they used the name TACTICAL LEARNING to do their business. They are connected loosely with various organizations that screw soldiers and scam them. They sell electronics, learning systems and are very creative.

  4. smereu says:

    The will use SKYPE for fake phone numbers, they will call your relatives, they will contact you on Facebook, they will use MYSPACE…whatever way they can.

  5. P says:

    scam company reported false information to credit reporting agency. Company changed account types while still being investigated. Company offered to repair the credit if I paid the full amount…which could be considered wire fraud in some circles…

  6. JL says:

    Complete scam! I returned the equipment and closed the contract within 24 hours and 2 1/2 years later while I was on leave from Iraq, they contacted me saying I owed them thousands of dollars. They threatened to take my rank and contact my chain of command. Told me I was an irresponsible soldier and that I should be ashamed and continued numerous times to down me as a soldier. (Mind, this is while I was on leave from Iraq) They have continuously attempted to contact me and threaten to take legal actions. They will use all resources to attempt to contact you and scare you into making a payment.

  7. Andrew Ethridge says:

    Wow this is scary this is happening to me to. I purchased CLEP books after basic training(worst mistake of my life but they pray on new soldiers) I never used this product; I only used the computer. I paid Tactical Learning in full 3 months later. After my second tour 2 and a half years later, I got a call from a very rude man who claims i owed them $5000. I immediately contacted Tactical Learning who is now under another name called Smart Industries. Smart Industries confirmed my paying it off and even sending reciepts to LRA. I was told by LRA that I was in the clear. The next month I got a call back saying that I still owed them. I called back Smart Industries and the owner told me that he had no authority over them. I was threatened legal action. I contacted a attorney. We are fighting this now. These people are insane. They will attack your character and try and scare you. Do Not fall for it; call a attorney once they contact you.

  8. J.A. says:

    they still say i owe them… anyone have any information on how should i approach this legally? they screw the military… why isn’t anything being done?

  9. Evil says:

    Someone help me. I don’t know what to do. They are ruining my life.

  10. Under Siege says:

    They lie, cheat, and steal. They’ve harassed me for years now over a bogus debt threatening everything from law suits to garnished wages, treading along and even crossing legal limitations the whole way. Very, very bad company. They deserve prison time.

  11. gameday Gabe says:

    they waited till the month after I got out of the military to begin harassing me and even changed up their story on me. first they said they were going to pursue legal action as a base of intimidation and never did and now they wont stop harassing me as if that is going to make me pay them any money. They’ve stalked me on Facebook, bothered my parents numbers, sent letters to my house, and even taunt me over the phone.Why is nothing being done about this ? they posted a negative inquiry on my credit report. I want to take legal action against them. how do I go about it ?

  12. Soldier says:

    I was scammed into buying the CLEP program after I graduated BCT from Ft. Sill in OK. The materials I recieved where outdated and the so called “laptop” did not even have memory in it. When I removed the allotment I was contacted and threatened with breach of contract lawsuits. Needless to say, 5 years later, I have not been contacted by an attorneys or law firms, only constantly harrassed. I had to delete my facebook account, change phone numbers and eventually even moved. Now they have my information again and are still threatening me via mail and phone calls. Is there anyone that can help me? I contacted them over 2 years ago and they told me that my account had been “purchased” by Lead Resources and I would have to take it up with them. When I contacted Lead Resources, I was berated and insulted and threatened again. It is getting to the point where I feel threatened. It is a shame that a company like this is being allowed to harrass good standing Patriots who put thier lives on the line for this country.

  13. Keylon says:

    Your article pefrctely shows what I needed to know, thanks!

  14. Are you serious? says:

    Granted I did apply for the program, but was injured in Iraq and was left with a paralyzed left arm, since being discharged they have harassed me from state to state, threatening taking my personal assets and my everything? What is being done about this? Haven’t seen one good comment on here, no wonder?

  15. Kelsey says:

    My husband is dealing with them right now also. First of all he had no idea that when he filled out a form just to request information on the CLEP program that it was a real contract. He went over 6th months not thinking anything of it and then all of a sudden they start harassing him about money he owes without receiving any books or laptop. He had no idea he even signed a contract because they lied and said they would just send him information. They started contacting him through facebook and attacking his credit to the point we cant even buy a car. He tried to take the case to navy legal and due to training the attorneys keep dropping his case. This company is such a fraud it is not even funny! We have no idea what to do because we dont even trust them enough to even make payments. It seriously needs to be shut down. They are taking everything from us.

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