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Marauder Corporation is a debt collection agency. They are most well know for trying to collect false debt and for collections harassment.

Is Marauder Corporation Harassing You?

Have you been harassed, threatened, and abused by Marauder Corporation about the false debts? Do they call your relatives, friends and even at work? Are you confused and do not understand what is going on?

First of all, save all collector’s names, letters, and phone numbers to have enough evidence to sue Marauder Corporation in the future. You have rights under the FDCPA that protect consumers from harassment and abuse from debt collectors.

Hire Francis & Mailman

The consumer law firm of Francis & Mailman will take legal action for you. Marauder Corporation is not allowed to harass you and they are not allowed to continually try and collect a false debt. Debt collection companies that break the law can be sued for damages. Fill out or form or call today for a free case review 1-877-735-8600.

Marauder Corporation Contact Information

Address 74923 US Highway 11
City Indian Wells
State  California
Zip Code 92210
Phone 1 760-423-1111
Phone 2 760-343-5203
Phone 3   866-223-2439
Fax 760-343-5155
Head Debt Collector (Names he is known to use):
Ryon Alan Gambill
Investigator John Forsythe
Raymond Wrightsman

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  1. nicke says:

    i think this company is such a rip off!! they are hired by companies trying to collect debts and then if u dont pay what they ask for, they put themselves on your credit report and they sell your number to other foreign companies and harass u. i am looking to sue them.

    • Randy D. says:

      These are the undisputed facts about CONVICTED CRIMINAL Ryon Gambill and his crooked companies, National Capitol Recovery and Marauder Corporation:

      BEWARE!! IT APPEARS THAT THIS COMPANY IS GOING AROUND CONTACTING CUSTOMERS THAT BELONG TO OTHER COMPANIES TRYING TO COLLECT THE DEBT THAT THEY OWE!! Please be advised that it has recently come to our attention that un-authorized individuals and collection agencies have been attempting to collect from our payday loan customers.

      Please be advised that IS NO agreement with Nationwide Capital Recovery, CPS Investigations, Collection Professional Services, Marauder Corporation, Bill Collector in a Box, Ryon Alan Gambill, Raymond Wrightsman, Investigator John Forsythe, Peter Wright, Donald Keys nor any affiliates or sub-contractors therein, especially those with the mailing address 74-923 Highway 111, Indian Wells, CA 92210 and/or 31170 Reserve Dr. #C, Thousand Palms, CA 92276 and phone #’s (760) 423-1111, (760) 861-3024 (866) 223-2439 or any address or phone number close to those. If you should be contacted by anyone [other than U.S. Attorneys] Purporting to be authorized to collect from you, please take their number and tell them you will return their call. Then hang up and call THE AUTHORITIES IMMEDIATELY!!! UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SEND OR MAKE PAYMENT PLANS WITH THIS COMPANY. ALL THE NAMES LISTED ABOVE ARE REALLY ONE PERSON OPERATING THIS SCAM!!! THEY ARE FRAUD!!! BEWARE!

      How to contact the Marauder Corporation?

      In person or mail: 75147 La Sierra Drive Palm Desert California 92211

      This just happens to be the home of Ryon Gambill, convicted criminal and owner of Marauder Corporation. Starting in 1998 and 1999, Gambill was convicted of fraud, harassment and extortion.

      Somehow, Gambill, Paul Stoliker, Don Wynot, Raymond Wrightsman and ?investigator? John Forsythe all work at this location.

      Just ignore that Indian Wells address, nothing more than a mail drop.


      • Randy D. says:

        It seems Ryon Gambill (of Marauder Corporation, Bill Collector in a Box, and CPS fame) is “in a relationship” with Christina Troll. Just to be clear, Ryon Gambill is the man behind “debt collection” calls from (760) 423-1100. It is believed that Ryon Gambill uses his access to Experian to conduct skip traces. This is illegal, and both he and Experian have been sued for this many times in the past.

        And it seems there is a person with this name in Indian Wells, CA, which is a location where Ryon Gambill and Marauder have been known to use a mail drop at Postal Connections:

  2. Melissa Leith says:

    I am also having problems with this company (Marauder) reporting an item on my credit report. I have sent them three letters (certified) and have yet to receive a response. I have proof that the debt for which they are trying to collect was paid prior to the account being turned over to them. Now they have placed a second, made-up account for the same thing on my credit report.

  3. Candice Harris says:

    Scott P. Hintz, is suing Experian and Marauder in a class action lawsuit. Just google Scott P Hintz – He is suing in the state of Virginia. And isn’t it funny BOTH Marauder and Experian have very vague ways of contact. It is only via email, or a fake calling tree.

  4. annoymous1 says:

    I think this has happen to me. I don’t know who to believe. Back in March 2009, CPS, who is a affililate of Marauder, contacted me at work regarding a loan I defaulted on with MoneyandMore. Now MoneyandMore hired them at some point to collect debt for them. MoneyandMore denied having a contract with them and demanded payment for the loan. I had already set up payments with CPS. So I contacted CPS and they told me that MoneyandMore was going out of business and they were tring to get all the money they could out of their customers. CPS also said that they were sueing MoneyandMore for breach of contract. CPS continued to collect debts and claimed they sent the funds to MoneyandMore. MoneyandMore deny ever having a contract with CPS or their affilates and also claim that CPS did not send them any money. Therefore, customers who defaulted on loans with MoneyandMore still owe for those loans. CPS offered me a settlement because they wanted to be done with MoneyandMore. Which saved me $54.00. All I know is that CPS coperated with me fully. MoneyandMore did not. They never explained anything to me over the phone. I couldn’t get a hold of them by phone. They wouldn’t return my phone calls. They just contacted me out of the clear blue sky via email about this debt. When I told them that I was on a payment plan, they sent me a letter stating that I still owed them money and let me know they had no contract with CPS and it’s affilates. As I said before, I tried contacting MoneyandMore. They were unreachable and to this day they have never returned my phone calls. Now they have a new collection agency calling me by the name of United States Credit Agency. I told them that I am not paying a dime, because I already paid MoneyandMore. I think I am going to sue MoneyandMore. If CPS is fraudate like they say. Then how the hell did CPS get my information?? They had to of got it from MoneyandMore. Back when I emailed them, I asked this question. They never responed to it. They just sent me that letter. BECAREFUL. DON’T MAKE THE STUPID MISTAKE I DID.

  5. annoymous1 says:

    Update on my 11/6/2009 post. MoneyandMore sent me an email a couple days ago stating that a “ROUGE” employee sent those letters out claiming that CPS had no contract to collect money from MoneyandMore customers. The email basically said that it wasn’t true. It now states that CPS is indeed their primary collection company. I also found out that they reported me to Experian. Again, do not get a loan from MoneyandMore, I wouldn’t be to quick to trust CPS/Maurader. BE CAREFUL.

  6. Annonymous #4 says:

    I received a statement in Sept. ’08 from CPs regarding an amount I apparently owed to Money and More. I wrote to them in Oct., Jan. ’09 and again in June ’09 with no response. My credit report was reflecting an amount I owed to Marauder beginning in January ’09. I was never able to get a response from anyone. Then in July ’09 a collections rep from Money and More emailed me stating they had been unable to contact me via telephone. If they had my email address on file I don’t know why it took them all this time before sending me any communication. I sent Money and More my bank statement showing the amount owed to them was paid in full in August 2008, and they sent me a “Paid in Full” statement with a zero balance owed. In December ’09 I received an email from someone that claims to be the President of Money and More stating a rogue employee had recently given out some false information that Maurader was not the collection comany on my account. Next thing I know there is a collection from Maurader showing up on my credit report again. I think these people hope that for a few hundred dollars it isn’t worth a consumers time or effort to try and take them to court, and maybe most people will just send them the money to be done with the matter. I’m still not sure what I am going to do, but will be writing Maurader, Money and More, and all three credit reporting agencies.

  7. Dee Dee says:

    I’m worried about this now. I’ve seen it on my credit report but was unsure as to what it may be. I recently settled with MoneyAndMore, does this mean Marauder Corp will be shown as paid also?

  8. William says:

    I called them and set up a settlement in full for a deletion, I got a confirmation I got the name(TIM DUNCAN) I never recieved the letter he said I would after payment, I called him back 30 days later he said it would be in the mail still have not got it. The account is showing settled for less than full amount and I paid more than the full amount to get a deletion. this account was supposedly for Cash Advance but I was in a hurry and did not get it validated. I am disputing it with the CRA’s Monday. This whole Collection Industry is a scam!!!!

  9. Deborah Farley says:

    I saw a debt on my credit report from this company. Called them and they said that I owed a debt (10 years old). Without thinking I set up a settlement with them on a Friday, giving them my account information. I wanted to get the debt off my credit report. After speaking with my lender, I decided to ask for proof of owning the account. Never received it instead I sent an email to the company on Monday, cancelling the settlement and questioning the debt.
    I received numerous of threatening emails regarding the cancellation forwarding some of the emails to my legal department.
    When I got paid, I noticed that they ran my card for the settlement. Once I realized that they did an unauthorized debit of my account, I took the emails to my bank and ask for an investigation and reverse the charge. It was granted based on the information provided. Now they are still trying to get money from me. I owe $402 and suppose to be waiting on seeing if the supervisor will grant another debit or extension. I will pay this debt because I do not want any negativity on my credit report. I will never give my account information to another company that out of the blue say I owe them.
    This is poor business for consumers and with the recession it doesn’t make it better.

  10. Brian Russom says:

    I got a call from someone claiming to be Jennifer Green at Marauder (sometimes known as CPS), and she said I owed $34 to some check cashing company for a bad check IN 1998! I informed her that I had no knowledge of this, and CPS can’t collect on a debt from 11 years ago if they made no attempt to contact me and identify the transaction and the check number. I asked her to send me more information. This sounds like a scam where CPS fabricates a story about a very old debt that an elderly person may have trouble debunking 11 years later. I guess a lot of folks just pay the small debt to stop the harassment. Not me.

  11. Broderick Hawkins says:

    This company added a collection account on my credit report for an unknown debt. I have never had any relationship with this company.

  12. Heidi says:

    This is a scam business. There is an unknown debt on my Trans Union credit report from this company. I called and talked to Smith. He was very rude, told me that I’m a gambler and that he collects money for his client from the casino. I told him that I need proof of the debt and he hung up on me. I couldn’t believe how rude he was! I’m going to write a letter to FTC reporting this crook.

  13. Nenette says:

    Thomas Tucker called me at work and said he is from CPS and said i am de-frauding a rebate company on 2004 and i said i dont know anything about a rebate company and i filed a identity theft six years ago and closed my bank account. He said he don’t believed me and i’m lying and he keep talking and not listening and he actually called numerous times and calling some of my co-workers and even talked to my supervisor. This is a harassment and humiliating. He is rude and nasty. I trying to get some of my personal information. I filed a complaint at BBB and FTC against him and Marauder CPS.

  14. Magic Hammer says:

    The Recipe for Stopping Ryon Gambill and His Crooked Companies

    Ryon Gambill has made his living as a shady debt collector. He operates under various company names: Marauder Corporation, Bill Collector in a Box, Nationwide Capital Recovery, National Capital Recovery, Collection Professional Services, Check Protection Systems and so on. His two main phone numbers are (760) 423-1111 and (760) 423-1100.

    He invents debts based on information he obtains from Experian or he tries to collect debts he does not own.

    Do NOT be intimidated by his threats! The only person he ever sued was consumer advocate Bud Hibbs and Gambill lost that case. He however gets sued all the time. He never wins, he either settles or just ignores the case and then a default gets entered against him.



  15. Ebony Braxton says:

    This is a scam corporation. They are an unknown company. There is an debt on my Experian credit report from this company. I have been looking for a number to call these people but no luck what so ever! I’m going to write a letter to FTC reporting this scam artist. I need a number for them. Can anyone help me?

  16. Justice says:

    Here we go again The Marauder Corp/Capital whatever!!! Out scamming, scamming, and scamming on poor unsuspecting people again. they never really stopped- The Justice system failed again. !!!! This time separate from my first identity case with them now I am getting calls from a Capital. just Capital, I linked Capital with Marauder on rip-off report-I was not surprise at all!!! They first called me about -passing bad electronic checks and legal paperwork was being drawn up and they have summons and sheriff to come and take me to jail, all in one sentence, and come to my work to arrest me- mine you I am well known at my co much needed- My company said: ok let them, we will bail you out and sue them. Lol. I work for a great company!!! Also left another message stating they will contact my H.R and find out the proper procedure on how to service and arrest me. This was kind of funny, why tell me, just do it Of coarse I know it is un-founded- the way they conducted themselves told me, it is all a big scam.

    Then, 10 minutes later they called my friends and left a message braking all the laws in the book, mine you, good friends that know me inside out and to me that is Defamation of character, and what they did was a federal offense and invasion of privacy and stomping on my constitutional rights. That was stupid, cause now my friends can be witnesses, and they are more e pissed off then I am, I have no control over that- maybe Capital should have not left those threats-kind of eye for an eye thing going. My friend told me he called saying he was representing me, and this dummy asked for his bar #, my friend said,: Who said I was a lawyer, you think I need a lawyer? So he engage in a heated battle with my fiend which I think is also against the law they should have just hung up! Capital told my friend that they have no control over how a third party makes contacts-Some company name Locator service of Orange County lol. If I lived in Sacramento It would have been Locator services of Sacramento- You people think Im stupid- No such company!!!

    Here is another thing after all the treats and aggressive contacts; they say there is still a window of opportunity for me to get this cleared lol. Oh really???? If I am passing bad checks as you have falsely accused me of and as a law-bidding citizen I want my butt in jail!! Who gives you the right to let someone passing bad checks to go free and commit for crime??? See it all just dont fit in the box!!!! This info is for you people the innocents!!! Protect yourself- I would love false imprisonment, how much you think that is worth????

  17. LNTV says:

    Marauder, CPS, and NPR are the same company. This is not some type of scam. I used to work for them. They are a collection agency for Payday loan companies. They also do a small amount of collection for auto defaults. So for all you people yelling “FRAUD” and “SCAM”. Pay your bills.

  18. YOU R A FRAUD says:

    If you worked for this company you are INDEED A FRAUD just like they are. You did not USED to work for them, your still an employee. Loser!

  19. Not Fooled says:

    I got a call from your little scammer friends. However, I called the original creditor and was told that they did not use CPS as a collection agency and to ignore any other calls from them. Mr. Thompson at CPS also said I owed it to a website that does not exist. He also called me a liar and when I proved him wrong, he hung up.

  20. Angry in Brea says:

    Received calls from a caller stating they where Capital, exactly like Justice posted. This is indeed fraud, If I had more proof it’s related to Ryon Gambill’s organization I would be suing. Police reports have been filed, it’s all documented, even filed a report with the State Attorney Generals Office. I kept all the messages that were left on my cell, work and friends phones. This idiot has been harassing me for three years for debt that’s not mine, even after proving it to him directly.

  21. Robert Taylor says:

    This company should be called Mafrauder corporation because thats EXACTLY what they are, FRAUDS. They practically give themselves away as so with their demeanor. Professional debt collectors aren’t rude and don’t speak to you the way these people do. A good way to call them out is to play dumb and act like you’re not the person their looking for, give another name. If the rep is rude in anyway or the demeanor is off then you KNOW its some BS…DO NOT pay these people a dime!!!! They aren’t even a legit collection agency..

  22. T Wood says:

    Marauder may be a real company, but there is still some illegal activity going on.These people have been calling my phone and threaten to arrest me. I never received any money from this company and don\’t owe any payday loans. They have reported to Transunion that I owe $560 for a collection. I reported this to Transunion did a dispute and also called the Federal Trades Commission. Which they are highly aware of this BIG SCAM. Hopes the following information helps.

    Just got a media advisory on an upcoming FTC announcement that will interest you.

    FTC Cracks Down on Fake Debt CollectorAgency Alleges Operator Attempted to Collect on Phantom Debts – Victim Will Describe Her Experiences WHAT: The Federal Trade Commission will hold a press conference on Tuesday, February 21, 2012, at 10:30 a.m. CT (11:30 ET), to announce a complaint against a “debt collector” who allegedly worked with a call center in India to trick consumers into paying debts they did not owe.WHO: Steve Baker, Director, FTC’s Midwest Regional Office

  23. Nan says:

    CPS just took 103.50 from my checking account! Not sure how they got my account #!! I have reported this as fraud to my bank and tomorrow I have to call these guys and try to get some answers… How can they just access my checking account!!!

  24. Kris says:

    They called me at work and told me I was committing fraud. They then hung up and called my boss, asking what kind of car I drove and to verify my address. I filed a police report and a report with my employer. Yet these people still call. I have reported them to my state Attorney General and was told they are aware of the issue and investingating the company and its owner.

    Threatening arrest is ILLEGAL. If anyone tries telling you that you will be arrested, they are lying. Under Federal Law, they are not allowed to threaten you. If it continues, report them. Sue them. Do something because they will not leave you alone.

  25. Terri Timme says:

    Years ago I had several payday loans. Got the majority paid off and was contacted by Marauder Corp about an $850.00 debt, yes, it was my debt and arranged to pay off. verified amount and paid off, credit report was clear until about 6 months later when they placed a unpaid debt for $253.00 on my report.

    I’m not contacting them anymore or offering to pay what I don’t owe. Screw them and if need be I will go to court against them.

  26. Estella Boyd says:

    This is crazy I have tried several times to call the numbers they have on file but no one ever answers. They have several numbers to call, none is correct. I think they are just a scam myself. I need to get them off my credit report, A.S.A.P.

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