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Mel Harris and Associates Contact Information

Address 5 Hanover Square
City New York
State  New York
Zip Code 10004
Phone 1 866-414-7444
Phone 2 212-571-4900
Fax 212-0965
Head Debt Collector:
Mel Stuart Harris, Attorney, NYS Bar #1059898


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  1. Stan says:

    I think this scumbag firm files bogus summons and judgments against those who don’t even owe the debts. then they freeze bank accounts of the wrong people. This firm is going to piss of the wrong person someday. The NYS bar just lets them run.

  2. chris says:

    These people are total scumbag trash!!!!!! they will freeze your account and try to make you pay a bill that they will not show you. just call your lawyer and have him deal with them.

  3. #3 mary says:

    nasty, not professional when they speak to you…

  4. Virgil says:

    Just recently received a letter from the Marshal Ronald Moses in NYC they currently work on behalf of Mel S. Harris & Friends they are being investigated by the Attorney General Cuomo’s office for illegal business practices. These guys should be stopped and what really annoys me the most is that the Marshalls office in NYC just goes with the flow wherever the money leads them even if the so called debt is bogus. Our rights are being suffocated by these malicious business practices.

  5. Bernabe Santiago says:

    I just found that my account was overdrawn, which I thought impossible!! I checked my account online to find a debit for over $4,000!! Hoping someone can help stop this guy!!

  6. ruby brown says:

    Mel harriss froze my account with TD Bank it contained my workers comp and my husband. SSI money is Mel Harris. and Assoc working together with the bank I am becoming suspicious is there really an Olympia Spradley at mel harris or is this a ficticous person and then there is Shelley Multani with a guyanese voice a very rude group of people I have gotten nowhere with these people and what the did is wrong

  7. Dave says:

    Woke up this morning to check my bankofamerica online account and $1500 was removed from my account by Mel S. Harris. I have no idea what is going on. Absolutely no information was ever sent to me about any debt. Only bills I have are student loans and they are all up to date. Trying to call and no one is answering.

  8. D.Suraf says:

    I just received notice that most of my accounts are being held up.Yes.. Mel Harris is behind it..They claim a debt from 8 yrs. ago..and that they tried to contact us about it through the mail…Bull!! I check my mail everyday and never once got a letter from them or a phone call anything.Bang out of the blue my accounts are frozen for something I had no knowledge of..Sounds suspect to me some kind of scam I’m sure..

  9. jan says:

    Mel Harris is what everyone says he and his company is…scan artists and they are relentless…the average person cannot fight against the injustice that they can you if you don’t have the resources, and they know it

  10. sb says:

    Yup my HR Dept just notified me that they are trying to garnish my check…I don’t owe this debt & of course it’s NOT showing up on my credit report. This is absurd I’m calling my lawyer!

  11. Jamel says:

    Went to the bank to make a withdrawal only to find out that a hold was placed on my account by Mel Harris. I never received any notice or served any summons. What can I do? This has got to be illegal.

  12. Erin says:


    Fight for your rights… I did! Went to court 3x, asked for assignment…they will try to scare you. Learn the law. Third time, when I demanded proof I owed this debt they didn’t show, judge dismissed. But I’m still unsettled. Why is our government allowing this to happen. In, 2010 you must be a smart citizen, know your rights

  13. Dan says:

    Mel S. Harris is part of a larger consortum of Lawyers that prey on the middle class.They attack people who can not fight back. If you are really poor or really rich,they leave you alone.The working poor or what is left of the middle class,can’t afford a lawyer to defend them selves @$300-$350 an hour,wich makes us prey for the preditors.The only way to fight this is to wright to the Attorney Generals office(wich was investigating MH)and secondly,start a class action lawsuit.Since singularly we do not have the resource to fight,united we are invinceable.Mel S Harris is only (1) tenticle.

  14. Maria says:

    There is justice in this world! Thanks to NYS Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, so called firms like Mel Harris are being stopped! Read all about it on the NYS Attorney General website at:

    Thank You Andrew Cuomo!!

  15. Amy says:

    I just got a letter for mel back in sep 2010 i called and asked for information about my debt they couldnt give me much of anything so i did nothing i am now having my paychecks garnished and i dont know what to do about it cant believe after all the complaints ive seen the last 4-5 yrs that they were still able to target me with this

  16. Angel says:

    I received a Marshal’s Notice of Execution for a debt that is not my. I never visit or open an account with BALLY’S FITNESS CENTER or Point Technology, LLC. They have the my address, my name but the wrong social security. I Called Mel S Harry and Ms. Burns (from their office) told me not to worry about since it was not me. To said no to worry is very convenient on their part, but the records in Court are showing my name and my address and they are not willing to change that.

  17. dantheman718 says:

    I got a Marshal’s Notice of execution from a Ronald Moses from the same address listed above, but a different contact phone number, and it only said 15th floor so I don’t know if his office is suite 1500.

    But I looked up Ronald Moses and it appears that he is a real City Marshal, But I’m not sure if he has already obtained a Writ of Execution.

    I am aware that a judgement was granted against me from one of my creditors, but I don’t recall recieving a second subpeona from Queens Civil Court in order to grant the Writ of Execution. I heard that in order for the judgement to be enforced, the plaintiff must get a second court order, known as a Writ of execution in order for the Marshal to start seizing personal property.

    So is this notice of execution legitimate, is there any way for me to find out if he really had the power to execute the judgement against me?

    I guess I should contact the queens civil court to find out right?

    Anyone have any info regarding this ?

    I would really appreciate it.



  18. Tito Solise Morales says:

    They’ve done to me the same as the previous postings. Then finally I sued them on my owe and won. Now they are still taking money out of my account. And I’m glad then did. Now I will sued them for punitive damages violating a court order!

  19. Steven says:

    They bought a charged off account from CHASE and served me papers to go to court without a date!! They wanted me to go to my local court in BUFFALO and answer the summons and they want ME to get the court date so THEY CAN SUE ME!!
    Low life bottom feeders. Just so deseperate to try to get $7000 out of me!!!

  20. sasha says:

    tired to sue us called a lawyer for a free consultation found out that there is no one sewing me and there is no papers in the court house complete bs.

  21. Sean says:

    I actually received a call from another attorney asking if I needed legal representation for consumer credit. After I received it. I notified the court by letter that I never received a summons and complaint, and therefore cannot defend any allegations against me. I went to court and the loser never showed up, so they dismissed the case without prejudice. I never had an account to begin with. The main thing you should do when you receive something in this regard is always respond to the summons and complaint to both the court and the plaintiff’s attorney. Deny everything and make sure you go to court. These guys don’t have any contracts or any information to defend them trying to collect money.

  22. Scott says:

    Folks, no creditor can garnish your wages or bank account without a judge’s “ok”. The fact that you let something get to the “judgment” stage is the reason you now have that stress. They contacted me about 2 debts that were valid. We worked out a payment agreement after I demanded proof.
    Grow up…you borrowed money and didn’t repay it. If you take out loans and don’t pay them back, what do you expect??

  23. says:

    This firm was very helpful in resolving a longstanding debt that I owed. I was very nervous when they contacted me, but they were extremely courteous and gave me a really good monthly settlement. No one likes when the debt collector comes calling, but they were professional and took my financial situation very seriously.

  24. john doe says:

    This firm is a very good firm but they have a credit manager name Oconnel that he is a liar and a asshole that kisses ass all day long. He is only interested on the females and he is racism against the guys who look better than homa and think thay are after the females.He is a compolsive liar. If they got read off him this company would operate at iy best but as long as they keep him there they will continue to get law suits, he has no idea of the collection industry,and its not a manager that would get you promoted because if you are better than him he will get you terminated, he is a bastard

  25. Luis says:

    This bogus piece of thrash of a lawyer just got me, I am having my wages garnished, I did not even get a letter informing me to of the garnishment. I wonder who is worse, the city marshalls, that are not any better than thieves or Mel S. Harris. I swear by everything, I will find a way to get my money back, and make sure that Mel S. Harris is no longer in business and suffers the same fate that he has put on so many people.

  26. Angela says:

    These people are complete unprofessional scumbags. They froze my personal checking account, with absolutely no summons, or warning. They took every penny I had out of my checking account. I have a young daughter that spends a great deal of her time in a Childrens Cancer Ctr, I have run out of heating oil & almost food. This is not even my credit card, it was my husbands, prior to us being married. It was paid for over 3 years ago, for which we have paperwork & verification of. They stated that my husband didn’t pay them the money, although it was paid to another agency.

  27. linda says:

    The last two posts must be from employees of Harris…there is a class action lawsuit against this bottom feeder which they tried to have dismissed but the judge wasn’t going for it!

  28. amanda says:

    I also got a call from these people telling me I owed an old ticket from 01 :/ I always watch my credit report and the only ticket I got in 01 was for passing a school bus, which I had to pay the fine to get my licence back so I knew it wasn’t correct. I told the lady I didn’t think It was correct and she said “well it is what are you going to do to pay it” in a very trashy angry unprofessional tone. I laughed and said hey I’m the one being sent to collections here aren’t I the one who’s suppose to be rude? And she hung up on me!! So I called the court house and sure enough they said their computer system is sending over the wrong tickets they’re sorry and will have it fixed. Thank God!! 2 days later I checked the court house online to make sure my ticket wasn’t there and it wasn’t but another one was! 700 dollars added to it from Harris and Harris :/ I dont even want to call these rude people back :[ Is this really a law office????!

  29. These people are evil says:

    These people have the most ignorant Rep. in the world. Olympia whatever her name is a rude, nasty woman. I called to work something out with her because they tried to garnish my bank account and she tried to use scared tactics and being very antagonistic about what I need to give her because only she can lift it. I told her she can’t do anything, I’m on ssd and my bank account is protected.

  30. Kelly says:

    I see all these bad comments about M.H. & Assoc., but they are not unlike ANY other debt collection firm out there. In fact, they were actually very nice and helpful to me when I called their office. I found out that I had a judgement against me a long time ago that was awarded to Mel Harris, and true, they may not have served me properly, but this is something that is practiced by MANY debt collection firms. The sad truth is that until there is something done on a higher level about cracking down on due process, you can complain until you’re blue in the face and this is still going to continue. As far as this particular firm, I just wanted to note that they were actually very pleasant to deal with compared to some others out there, in case there are any of you out there that are nervous about calling them like I was. My judgement was for over $3000 and I settled with them for less than half that amount. This was in fact a legitimate debt that they bought from a previous credit card company, and I did owe some of that money so it was only right that I should have to pay. I should also not that my original bill was way more than I settled for. If, and only if, it’s an actual debt that you owe, try to just settle with them if you can. It’s not worth the stress or screwing up your credit for a decade. By the way, in response to all the people saying there is a class action lawsuit against these people…look up any debt collection firm and I guarantee you will find there is a class action lawsuit out there against them also. It’s common. When it’s time to pay up, people seem to look for every excuse in the book not to pay, like “I’m being treated unfairly so I’m going to file a lawsuit.” This is what happens. You run up debt, you eventually have to pay it back and if you won’t, no one is going to call you and ask you to pretty please pay it back. It’s not free money. If you borrow and don’t pay it back, expect to be sent to collections and then to court.

  31. More of the same says:

    Like many of you, I too have an index number from the NY court system that says I owe debt. I paid back a debt for $14,000 in 2 years from Rushmore Recoveries. Which is also in the same building possibly the same “firm” as Mel S. Harris, my then fiancee’s money, 1 of 2 savings accounts. I have proof from Chase of a 0.0 balance but they said it’s not good enough. Then what is? It also does not show up on my credit report. They threatened to garnish my account but suddenly did not. Now a year or so later they are offering me to pay 30% of s debt I already paid!

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