Meridian Management Solutions

Address 20300 S. Vermont Ave., Ste 120
City Torrance
State  California
Zip Code 90502-1338
Address P.O. Box 11029
City Carson
State California
Zip Code 90749
Phone 1 888-459-0999
Phone 2 310-273-9867
Fax 310-273-9867
Addres 800 W. Sam Houston Pkwy., Ste #200
City Houston
State Texas
Zip Code 77042
Phone 1 866-834-6218
Phone 2 866-354-3556
Phone 3 713-579-7000
Head Debt Collectors:
Erica Lynn Brachfeld-Governing – CA Attorney at Law, Bar #180683

Is Meridian Management Solutions Calling You about False Debt?

If you have been harassed by Meridian Management Solutions about the debts that you do not owe, call Francis & Mailman immediately.

Credit report errors and false debts can be a problem for your personal and credit lives. You can be a victim of someone steals your personal credit card information and runs up charges in your name.


Francis & Mailman is Ready to Help

If you feel that your false debts are result of identity theft or debt collection company negligence, call Francis & Mailman at 877-735-8600 for a free case review.

We will fix all errors on your credit report, and may file a lawsuit against Meridian Management Solutions for your personal damages. We are here for you.

Cases Against Meridian Management Solutions

Hartman v. Meridian Fin. Servs., Inc.
191 F. Supp. 2d 1031 (W.D. Wis. 2002). Once notified that a consumer is now represented by an attorney, the collector’s communications with said consumer violated the FDCPA.

Hartman v. Meridian Fin. Servs., Inc.
191 F. Supp. 2d 1031 (W.D. Wis. 2002). Collector’s threat to report to a CRA any unpaid debt more than 45 days from date of placement without explanation of when the account was reported was a misleading misrepresentation in violation of FDCPA.

Hartman v. Meridian Fin. Servs., Inc.
191 F. Supp. 2d 1031 (W.D. Wis. 2002). A third party debt collector’s contact with consumers in the name of the original creditor was a false representation in violation of FDCPA.

Hartman v. Meridian Fin. Servs., Inc.
191 F. Supp. 2d 1031 (W.D. Wis. 2002). The debt collector’s initial communications with consumers in the name of the original creditor failed to contain the validation notice and was in violation of FDCPA.

Ratings for
  1. Sharon Partin says:

    This #(866-834-6218) keeps calling our home asking for my daughter. My daughter has not used this # for 20 years and does not live with us…STOP CALLING US! We have nothing to do with her and whatever this is. If they have her #, contact her

  2. Tony Tidwell says:

    This number keeps calling my home and does not leave a message. Filed a complaint with the BBB about the calls. I guess I will have seek leagal assistance if things don’t change.

  3. Bill says:

    Keeps calling saying they are an attorney office. They are looking for someone I do not know but has my name. People are crooked and will lie to get information.

  4. Jeff Cory says:

    Keep getting calls from this number, asking someone that I dont know. Saying she is an attorney and the said person uses my address. Sounds like threatening If I dont provide inforamtions.

  5. K patterson says:

    These people call me all the time. I have no idea why they are calling. They need to stop!!!

  6. Joe Lazio says:

    This company has begun calling me to collect a debt from my mother. My mother does not now live with me. We have not lived in the same house for 40 years. She is committed to a convalescent hospital with Alzheimer’s in a declining state of health. She is on Medicaid, and has nothing but the clothes on her back. They found my name and phone number out of the phone book. I have told them this, but they still keep calling me. My mother is not even in the same state I live in! They need to be harassed and put on a leash.

  7. Alice says:

    These people keep calling me and threatening my daughter with “we will find her if she does not return our call.” What’s that about? Also, why are they discussing my business with my daughter? I was at a doctor appointment when they called today. I have asked them, but not written them, asking them to not call me again, but they persist. My impression is that they attempt to use intimidation and threats to control people. I know, according to what my daughter tells me, they sure scared her with what sounded to her like threats of “we will find her.” Once they “find” me, what do they intend to do to me?

  8. Larryann Willis says:

    This debt collection company has not only been harrassing me but also lied and said they had my IRS Income Tax records. They told me to defraud other credit card companies to get the money to pay them. They sent a settlement agreement letter via fax with NO SIGNATURE. This company is clearly crooked.

  9. Millennia Atlantic University says:

    This company has been calling our school asking for an employee which no longer works with us. I have repeatedly told them to stop calling and that this was a business phone. I will be filing a claim against them since we know our rights and it is against the law to harass a place of business.

  10. June Dove says:

    A male voice called my number, asked for A person. I told him I have had THIS number for 3.5 years and don’t know of a forwarding number for the person. He went ballistic on me, but sounded like the news lady whose words became “scrambled” during her newscast. I kept asking him what he was saying. He was NAAAAAASTY!!!!!!!!! How can one stop harrassing phone calls that don’t belong to you?

  11. Eddie says:

    This company is a non-law firm debt collection boiler room out of Houston, Tx. It is set up as an LLC and is jointly owned by Erica Brachfeld, a Cal. debt collection lawyer and a non-lawyer drilling company president identified as Ralph Ayala, Jr. They are NOT the Brachfeld Law Group. Erica Brachfeld is not licensed to practice law in Tx and her partner is NOT a lawyer at all! Anyone who gets a call from these scam artists should not send them any mone or admit to the alleged debt. I have filed suit against them in Federal Court for multiple FDCPA violations as well as for illegally recording my phone conversations during their debt collection attempts. Regardless of whether or not the debt is valid, debt collectors can’t violate FDCPA regulations or break any other laws during their collection attempts. DO YOUR HOMEWORK,and know the rules of debt collection so you will not be victimized! Our trial starts next month, I’m looking forward to getting a judgment agaibst them on public record!

  12. Mother says:

    They call and call..have info but not all of it matches saying i owe i hostal insurance says im payed up and i was at 100% the claim i owe and that Blue Cross did not pay..i do not have blue cross we have cigna..i said i would get the straight with the hospital and they said the hospital would not help me after being turned over to them and i had to pay 2day it was the dead line which they say would think if it was filed wrong they would say ok this needs to be worked out..also i never got i bill from the doctor for this at clueless…

  13. Unkonow says:

    Meridian Management
    Mr. Moore abusive, and mentally unstable to cuss me out and call me over and over, I will continue to file complaints against this abusive company, I don’t owe them anything, they can’t even send me any type of bill.

  14. PISSED OFF says:

    RUDE collection company. Mr. Moore Meridian Management Collections.
    He calls over and over, my phone will not stop for days, if I answer he runs his abusive mouth, I hang up, he calls back over and over. 937-203-4856, 866-598-9371.

  15. Maria says:

    They left me a message saying they have a case with my name on it and if I don’t call them back, they will call my employer to verify my wages and go after my parents. What kind of people are they. They even called my 11 year old’s cell phone. How they got that, I will never know. They are mean and not nice. They called my work number today and said that they were a debt collector and that they needed to transfer him to me.

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