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Unfortunately dealing with NCC Business Services, Inc is not easy. Often consumers do not know their legal rights or how to fight against harassment.

If a debt collector starts using abusive language or speaking to you aggressively about debt that you might not owe, remember Francis & Mailman is here to help. Make sure to save the phone numbers, the time called, and threatenings letters that collectors may be sending you.

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The law firm of Francis & Mailman has a professional group of attorneys who will take actions immediately. We will take your side, explain your lawful rights, and stop harassing calls.

Also, we will make sure that your credit report does not have any errors and is done correctly without mixing your social security number or similar name. Call us at 877-735-8600 for a free case review.

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Address  9428 Baymeadows Road, Suite 200
City Jacksonville
State Florida
Zip Code 32256
Phone  888-880-6020
Fax 904-733-2777

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  1. Dee Jones says:

    NCC business services failed to validate a debt that I disputed within the 30 day time frame. I sent them all the documentation showing that what the apartment had done was illegal and I did not owe that money. I sent a police report showing no damage. i sent all the documentation within 30 days asking for them to validate the debt they claimed I owed. They said no one ever called them back so they listed it on my credit report anyway without validating it. They are refusing to validate the debt and just put it on my credit report listed as in dispute. They told me it would no go on there if it could not be validated since I called with the 30 days. They lied and and a compliant with FTC is being filed. These people are acting illegally.

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