National Action Financial Services, Inc.

Address 1 165 Lawrence Bell Drive, Ste 100
City Williamsville
State New York
Zip Code 14221-7817
Phone 1  716-565-1020
Phone 2 716-650-6240
Phone 3 866-529-1899
Fax 716-565-1035

Is National Action Financial Services Calling You About Debt That You Do Not Owe?

Have you been harassed by National Action Financial Services, Inc about the debts that you do not owe? Are they calling you in odd time? Are you confused?

If you do not recognize the debts, the law firm of Francis & Mailman is here to take your side. Credit report errors and false debt can be the result of identity theft. Criminals can steal your personal identity and create loans or accounts on your name.


It is Time to Hire Francis & Mailman

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  1. BEH says:

    Hi,i got a call form this collection agency and they keep harassing me and making threats to me. What can I do?

  2. Dr. *** says:

    We continue to receive harassing calls from National Action Financial Services seeking debt resolution for a \”Marta DeEsparza\” en re Blockbuster debt.
    We called this agency to inform them no Ms. DeEsparza is at this number. The representative was verbally abusive and now continues to call with threats and obscene language.

  3. cbk says:

    I paid a debt I owed to NAFS and they refuse to send me proof that I paid this. Am reporting them to the FTC

  4. Steve L. Gomez says:

    This company calls my mom and dads phone number and are being verbally abusive to them. I called them and told them that the debt belongs to my ex-wife which she agreed to in the divorce degree. They inform me that the debt is still my responsability. This bill is now over 10 years old. They want me to sign a new contract for this debt which is 15,000 us., how ever they informed me they would settle with me for a portion of the debt of $3011.94. They want me to give $1505.99 by 04-10-09 and $50.19 a month for the period of 05-30-09 thru 09-30-2011. I informed them to fax me the contract so I can have a lawyer review it over. My question is this: Am I still responsible for this bill.

  5. Ty says:

    The company knows they are not supposed to call a place of business. Never sent anything in writing and expects to have a verbal conversation with me . Not going to happen…Reported company and contact to FTC and will continue to do each time they call.

  6. gina says:

    one day there was a message on my answering machine stating that this was law office calling me and she was asking me all kinds of questions. she was meeting with her law office to discuss my case. i dont have to answer to you. and this person name was lee ann williams. she accussed me of stealing from this company because i cant pay my bill. she told me i owe 11,000 i dont owe them that. this has to stop

  7. Christina says:

    I’ve been getting robo calls from National Action Financial Services for a “Chris Bell Beard” regarding a Blockbuster debt. I’ve informed them multiple times that there is no one by that name at this number, yet the calls continue unabated.

  8. da says:

    I’ve received a letter from nafs stating I owe a debt of 15 dollers to blockbuster which was true. I paid nafs by phone and they gave me a confirmation number in the end of the payment process. Yesterday I received a voicemail from nafs saying I owe 15 to blockbuster, at first I thought that the payment haven’t cleared my bank, so I went to check my bank and the money was already taken out. What the hell is going on? This company needs to stop!

  9. Darryl Banks says:

    I have a business phone that was used by a former employee and I cannot get in touch wtih this company to have them stop calling. Can you help?

    • Phyllis says:

      I received a threatening phone call from them that they were going to pick me up at work to put me in jail for a $260.00 bill that was paid in 2011.. I have the receipt.. They are still taking it off my debit card. What do I do

  10. National action financial services sucks says:

    They left voice mail on my cell phone, and had the wrong number. I called their number and couldn’t talk to a human. finally searched the web to correct a problem i didn’t create!

    National Action Financial Services sucks!

  11. howard reed says:

    Someone from this company keeps calling me 3 to 4 times a day every asking for some lady named Andrea Peligun, this is not her number

  12. John says:

    The keep calling asking for Micheal Kinney. I am not Micheal Kinney! Do they want me for some work?

  13. Betty says:

    I never have had a Blockbuster account and I don’t appreciate mulitple computer calls where I cannot talk to a person and end this madness. I’m 81 years old and my telephone and message machine are my lifeline and I cannot get NAFS to STOP harrassing me. . .

  14. Barry W says:

    These people have been calling for weeks asking for a woman I don’t know regarding a Blockbuster debt. I’ve explained to them that my number must be her old number and that it is now assigned as a VoIP number…and I live in South Korea. They still call…they’re relentless.
    From the number of Blockbuster related comlaints I’ve read here and other sites, maybe it’s time to contact Blockbuster…

  15. Robert says:

    These morons continue to call me even though I have called them multiple times, explaining that the person they’re looking for is not at my number (which I’ve had for two years). They are extremely rude on the phone. I’ve placed a complaint with the FTC against them.

  16. Barry W says:

    I contacted Blockbuster concerning the unprofessionalism and harassing nature of thier chosen collection agency. Blockbuster’s Customer Care immediately contacted me and reassured me that action on thier end would be taken and gave me an incident number to refer to in the event NAFS contacts me again.

  17. Jane says:

    I have received calls (cell & home) and letters from NAFS stating I owe money on a store credit card account. I had a credit card with the store, but that was some 25 yaers ago and there is no balance. I don’t even have the credit card anymore. I told one person who called this was not my debt – still calling. Call on my cell – try to return call to no avail. Can’t get thru to a Chris Gavin. I am sending them a certified letter today. Also, faxed.

  18. Betsy T says:

    I received a call on my cell phone to call “Christen Galvo” @ NAFS regarding a debt. When I called the person was very rude and would not tell us who they were calling for. I gave them my cell phone # (seeing as they had it anyway)and they said the debt was for Sarah Henry. Not even close. Let’s see if I get any more calls!

  19. JR says:

    How many complaints does it take to initiate a class action lawsuit against this firm?


    People from this organization have called several times looking for a
    “Michael Lathwood”. Thye are rude, refuse to remove my number from thier data base.
    I will file a complaint with BBB and FTC. I am sick of being harrassed by these people for someone I’ve never known.

  21. MML says:

    When I told the jerk I finally got on the phone that I did not go to Blockbuster in another state….in fact I have not been to a Blockbuster in 10 yrs. Also I told him to stop calling me as I am on a DO NOT CALL list. He said to call the Blockbuster store. I said give me their name and address, he didn’t have it. I asked for HIS name and address and he disconnected me. THEY ARE A SCAM and a pesty pain

  22. Linda Perez says:

    I’ve been getting robo calls from NAFS from Mr. Lynch regarding a Sprint debt. I’ve informed them multiple times to mail me a copy of the bill and discconnected me.

  23. Jennifer says:

    I can’t believe Blockbuster turned me over to collections for a $10 late fee that’s not even 30 days old. I go to the store often and always take care of any late fee. I say it’s time to boycott Blockbuster. I don’t want to do business with them anymore!National Action Financial told my mother with Alzheimers that we were going to lose our house because of a $10 late fee!?! It’s crazy.

  24. Amanda says:

    I have received multiple calls per day from this number for the past 4 months. It is a rude, automated mesage saying I need to call them back to resolve a debt issue. I have $0 outstanding debt and I’m not even sure how they got my number, as it is part of a business account. I have never received anything by mail to validate their claims.

  25. vf says:

    Somehow, they got my husband’s cell and keep calling. When I try to call back, I am on hold for an unacceptable amount of time and the call disconnects. The one time I was able to get through, they were extremely rude. The debt they are trying to collect on is over 15 years old, is past the statute of limitations and is not mine. I’ve been advised to send a cease and desist letter, which is on the way.

  26. NO FOOL says:

    Calling repeatedly asking for someone who does not live at this number. I tried to explain this to the woman and she became rude and told me “I know you are her and you owe us money. If you don’t pay up, then we will take action against you and see how you like it in jail!” When I refused to tell her my own name, she gave me the woman’s name, ssn and told me if I see her to let her know that she is in terrible trouble with the law. Again told her I did not know the woman and she said ‘well we will know when our attorney has the arrest warrant served’.
    I know releasing a person’s identifying information is illegal and these people are giving out information to perfect strangers. What if they call someone who decides to steal someone’s identity with that information they are giving out? I never heard of the woman, but if I knew how to contact her, I would put her in touch with someone at my law firm. So, NAFS, you need to bring your practices within the law.
    By the way people, if your debt is out of statute, don’t even call these people back. There is a good possibility they could trick you into ‘reaffirming the debt and resetting the statute of limitations clause’. Don’t give them any bank account information. Turn them into the AG’s offic in your state.

  27. Stanley says:

    Making threats of jail time, telling me there are warrants out for arrest, refused to say what debt was about, told me all kind of PID info on the person they were calling about even though I told them, I had never heard of them.

  28. Crazy ! says:

    Blockbuster has had my business for many years and I can’t believe that they would allow their business to be ran into the ground due to a late fee?
    What happened to this great business format? I hope that they review the complaints listed here and (RE-THINK) their go to market biz strategy before they loose several loyal customers!

  29. foster, mark says:

    I keep getting contacted. they are trying to get Tina Costello for an amount that she owes blockbuster video. I obviously have her old phone number. What must I do to get these phone calls to stop? Don\’t know her or anything about her. Please help.

  30. Carol says:

    I would think to notify the blockbuster main hq’s & to tell them that this company is using the blockbuster business & reputation (such as it is) & that they are (ill)legally representing blockbuster to collect a debt to scam alot of people out of money, & especially harrass those who have no account w/bb and this company is calling harrassing people by asking for (they may or may not be) ficticious people by computer generated calls in which you can’t call back. I happened to be one of them they keep calling on my trac-phone. I’m sick & tired of their phone calls,

  31. K Hurst says:

    I keep getting called for a Crystal Southard. I just recently got this phone number and it was obviously this other persons at some time. This company calls 2-3 times per week. I finally called them this morning to tell them to quit and they told me my phone number was not in their database. THEY HAD JUST CALLED!!! And, the rep was incredibly rude. Unbelievable!

  32. Mike says:

    I receive calls from NAFS at least three times a week on my personal cell phone for Stacey Shork. I have informed NAFS that this is not Stacey’s telephone number but they continue to badger me for her outstanding debt.

  33. Michael Tedin says:

    I have been getting repeated robocalls from this company for Myra Sanchez’s overdue account at Blockbuster. They don’t give me any way to call them back and tell them that this is not Myra Sanchez’ number.

  34. Audra says:

    I too have been getting repeated robocall from this company for Sheras Stevenson’s overdue account at Blockbuster. They do not give me anyway in which to call and speak to a consultant to tell them that this is NO LONGER Sheras Stevenson’s number!!! SO IRRITATED!

  35. Jack says:

    This place calls me at least 5 times a week. How did you get to talk to a live person? When I call the number it is a recording with only a choice to pay the debt. I want to tell them to take my phone number off because I am not the person they are calling. I don’t owe anything.

  36. David says:

    I have been receiving automated calls from NAFS on a weekly basis. The calls have been referencing a Block Buster account that is past due for $21.73 and the person’s name is Zachary J. Albaugh. Today, I called for the third time and when the lady I spoke to said she could not find my number, I asked to speak to her supervisor. A very helpful gentleman answered the line and when I mentioned that it was a Block Buster account he said that is why the first agent could not help me, Block Buster is handled by a totally exclusive group within NAFS. So, the second call I made, about a month ago removed my number from NAFS, but not from NAFS-Block Buster. Everyone I spoke to was pleasant and helpful. May God have mercy on us all…

  37. Gartino says:

    we keep getting calls for a neighbor in our building. we’ve explained that this is a separate person with a different phone #, but continue to get calls. the practice of going by the address for a phone # is wrong & unprofessional. judging by the comments i’ve read, this does not appear to matter one way or another to this company!

  38. bill says:

    Have been getting calls for a blockbuster bill for about 6 months. I check with Bolockbuster and they indicated I did not owe them money. In addition, my credit report indicates no payment delequencies. The NAFS group is not legitimate.

  39. Alan says:

    I kee getting calls regarding a Donna or Tanya Chapman case # 09000. If I receive 1 more phone call from I am reporting them to the Ohio Attorney General. If they continue after that I will file suit for harassment

  40. RSW says:

    I keep getting these automated calls from this company looking for a Marianne Ortis…who is allegedly overdue on a bill from BlockBuster….for a measly 36.80. I have asked for a supervisor when they call directly, and read them the riot act, and that I was reporting them to the Attorney General if I received any more calls. I do know who this person is they are seeking, and have teh misfortune obviously to have been given her phone number when I installed my phone. The direct calls have stopped, but the automated calls continue to harss me.
    They were warned…I am contacting my state AG this morning….

  41. Carol says:

    Continuous robo calls from this company regarding an outstanding debt for an account with Blockbuster that is not mine. There is no way to talk with a NAFS representative to inform them they are not contacting the individual who owes this debt.
    I see that there are many others dealing with this same situation. I will file a complaint with the FTC.

  42. Laura says:

    I received a letter from this company stating that I owe money and to send in to clear. First of all, I\’m sending in any funds unless this company can provide me something with my signature that I indeed did purchase something and did not pay for. Second, the customer rep at this company says that this is a debt that has been around for a long time. My question to them is…..if this is a valid claim of debt, then why is this not on my credit report?????

  43. Being Harassed says:

    This company is constantly pulling my credit report. There are NO negative items listed on my credit, yet this company keeps pulling my credit report for no reason. 3 Times this year so far. I have reported them to the FTC and AG.

  44. Kay says:

    I keep getting recorded messages 2-3 a week for a Crystal Tillman. This is NOT her phone number. They need to quit calling my number with these harrassing recorded messages that leave no recourse to get the number off the list! It is case #1400. They need to stop it!!!

  45. patty says:

    I have been receiving calls everyday for Janice Hoskins. I am not her and i contacted NAFS and was told my number was not in their system but the calls keep coming! They were very rude i just want this to stop-what else can i do?

  46. shelli buda says:

    I see that I am not the only annoyed person here! I too am getting the recordings regarding someone elses Blockbuster account! I have tried numerous times to end these calls to no avail! I am really getting tired of it…what am I supposed to do?

  47. r.b. shipman says:

    there is no one by the name michelle at this number they need to please quit calling me

  48. JV says:

    We keep getting calls and they are being very rude and very disrespctful to my mother. They keep asking for a Cristobal Rivera. WE DONT KNOW A CRISTOBAL RIVERA!!!

  49. henry nickerson says:

    ref.#4266841127469458 MY NAME IS HENRY NICKERSON I LIVE IN EAST PROVIDENCE R.I. i filed bankrup several months ago and this bill does not belong to me

  50. linny says:

    I just posted this on the blockbuster web site. Went to home page under “feedback” (far right corner.) Event though the feedback is supposed to be for the web page, do not care.

    “You need to get a new collection agency who actually verifies contact info. The people you currently have, NAFS are harrassing the hell out of people, including me, who owe NO DEBT TO BLOCKBUSTER!. We simply have the misfortune of having the old phone number of someone who does owe a debt. If they do not stop calling me every day, 2-3 times a day, on my BUSINESS PHONE, I will be forced to file a suit against NAFS and Blockbuster along with all of others being harrassed by these incredibly low life, foul mouthed, brainless idiots. My husband the lawyer will be happy to do this for me.”

    Would suggest everyone post a complaint to Blockbuster.

  51. michelle jackson says:

    Are these people serious???? RUDE, RUDE, RUDE! The guy sounds like he’s around 500 pounds,and Jennifer is a *itch. She yelled at me to provide her with my SS#, and when I refused, the fat-b*stard in the background was yelling at me as well. They are going straight to hell. I’ve written NBC Dateline to investigate them. Each time that I speak with them, I record it, and I encourage others to do so

  52. Tiffany says:

    This company called my parents and were very rude to them saying that it was in THEIR best interest to give them my phone number… their threatening people who aren’t even on their call list!

  53. Neicy says:

    ok…I see my case is the same…this robot recording calls my cell all the time..when I call the number back all the want is my credit card number or checking acct number (no way) I have never received anything in the mail about a late fee..I haven\’t dealt with Blockbuster in years (Redbox fan)

  54. Joe says:

    I continue to get phone calls from a Mr.Finnigan 800-443-2963. We just moved to Florida and purchased a new home so I have no idea why he is calling or how he got my address or phone number. I just wish I coould report this and something would be done about it……

  55. Brenda says:

    NAFS has called my cell phone# off and on for at least a year. They keep saying the name of someone I don’t even know stating the call is for him. I have told them repeatedly that there is no person by that name at this phone#. None of that worked. I am now sending them a registered “Stop-It” letter. They have to stop calling within 72 hours. It is the LAW and I have used it to stop other crooks.

    What I can’t understand is why anyone would stay on the line and allow themselves to be abused by these people. I have caller ID and can screen them out. I just resent the loss of my time and money over time dealing whith these criminals. They will stoop to anything if they think it will make them a buck. Good luck to all of you in stopping these thugs.

  56. sally wilson says:

    for 6months i have been recieving calls for a cristie ann reeves. my name is sally wilson. i have her old phone number. i have called numerous times informing you i am not her.again this morning a phone call. i talked to one of the agents a month ago and was told the number would be removed. this morning a kid by the name of nick answered my call. he said i had nevered called to complain. that is probably not a good statement to make to me. i have put up with this harassament for 6months and if my name is not removed from the computer i am contacting an attorney. its no wonder all these negative reports are filed against this company. they have very rude agents and nothing is being done to correct problems. sally wilson

  57. Bobby says:

    Yes, these people are rude. They hung up on me and even the manager was rude. If they don’t stop calling just keep calling them and give them a taste of their own medicine. Maureen is a *itch too.

  58. Brittany says:

    Have been receiving calls from NAFS for a couple months almost everyday for a person named Alton N. Hutton whom I have never heard of and does not have our phone number. Went online to finally get a phone number to stop the calls and found this one: 1-866-504-7050. A live person answered and assured me I would no longer receive calls for this person’s Blockbuster debt. We shall see…

  59. Drew says:

    Paid my $48 blockbuster debt to NFS and they keep calling me with automated voice messages asking for me to pay again. When I call them all they seem to have is an automated voice service that is no help — I can’t find someone to talk to to see if they received my check! I hate this company! Boycotting blockbuster for sure!

  60. Melody says:

    We got in debt when my husband broke his neck and back in an accident…then I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and had invasive surgery all within 6 months. My husband is permanently disabled and I missed a lot of work. I’m am now back to work and my husband is now receive Social Security Disability and Retirement but, even with this, we lost about 20%-25% of our income. Anyway, NAFS was on worst collection agency list. We are paying $283.00 to try to pay our debt back for Chase through NAFS but this large amount is really making it hard on us. Can someone help answer these questions? I am at a loss.
    1. Am I making a mistake us paying them back or paying this much?
    2. If I am, would I be able to ask them to lower it to maybe $100 or just stop the pre-dated checks and just pay them on my own?

  61. Bonnie says:

    We have been getting robocalls from this company for 3-4 months, at least one a day. Never a live person. They are usually from a Mr. Lynch, but there have been other names. They NEVER say who they are trying to contact. Just that they need to discuss a financial matter. I know it is not us, but for as long as we’ve had our phone # (10 years) we’ve been getting occasional collection calls for another person. The live people always apologize and say they will take our number off “the list.” One time I tried to call back the number given on the robocall, just to clear things up and stop the calls. I was on hold forever, jumped through VM hoops and was finally disconnected. I’m sure it’s some sort of scam, but I’m wondering how they think they will ever collect any money via robocalls if they don’t say who/what specifically they are calling about and if they don’t ever pick up the phone to deal with those who call back. It is very annoying to have to wipe one or two of these off my VM every day.

  62. a says:

    they had wrong number and called over and over! no way to opt out. no way to talk to a person. shouldn’t have to go online to look up phone. finally found this page and guy was helpful and blocked our number in the system.

  63. darryn cray says:

    These Morons are the rudest SOB’s that I’ve ever talked to they can’t answer a single question and i owe no one anything…I’m now reporting them…

  64. Anne says:

    Here’s what I have been told. Companies like NAFS contract with credit card companies with closed accounts that have been unpaid for 180 days. NAFS purchases these accounts for anywhere from 10-? cents on the dollar and then turn around and try to settle the account by badgering people such as you and me and are out to make a profit. Technically these debts have been charged off and you are not liable to pay unless you would llike to clear the bad credit from your credit score.

  65. ileea says:

    for 6 weeks we have received automated calls from National Action Financial Services for a $10 late fee for my 26 year old daughter who has a different phone number. after calling the corporate #214-854-3000, and complaining about the harassment, they told me it would take 10 days to remove this number. they were located in the Philipines, not Texas, as the number would seem to reflect. I searched, but could not find any other way to call the CEO’s office, and inform them that a class action lawsuit should be filed against them for their using NAFC to represent them. I will boycott Blockbuster, and hope that someone files a harassment suit against them.

  66. Ingrid says:

    For the past number of weeks my grandmother had been getting harassed at 8am by National Action Financial Services seeking a man because of a delinquent Blockbuster account. The amount in question was for $16, and my grandmother, who doesn’t speak any English, could do nothing but pick up and then hang up in frustration. My grandmother is a woman who isn’t well and needs rest, so to be woken up at 8am for something irrelevant is upsetting. When you call back the number in order to clarify the situation, you simply get the machine asking for payment. They make no amends for the possibility that THEY could have the wrong number. I called them back at: (716) 565-1020 and spoke to someone to fix the situation. They assured me they would remedy this, but it has still been quite a hassle tracking this number down.

  67. Lucia says:

    As many of you I have been harassed with robot calls for the last couple of months, now with 8:00am calls in the morning, so I thought it was time to stop. I also called 1-866-504-7050 and a live person answered and said that he was going to remove my number so I would no longer receive these annoying calls for someone else’s Blockbuster debt. We shall see…

  68. John says:

    I have had my phone number for five years. A few months ago I got calls from a different collection agency from live people looking for somebody named Chris. I answered one of the calls and after I told them Chris doesn’t live here the calls stopped.

    About a month ago the I stating getting calls from National Financial (Fraud) Services every two or three days.

    I would like to join a class action lawsuit and put theses creeps out of business.

    After reading the other messages I will never do business with Blockbuster again in my life.

  69. John says:

    I have had my phone number for five years. A few months ago I got calls from a different collection agency from live people looking for somebody named Chris. I answered one of the calls and after I told them Chris doesn’t live here the calls stopped.

    About a month ago the I stating getting calls from National Financial (Fraud) Services every two or three days.

    I would like to join a class action lawsuit and put theses creeps out of business.

    After reading the other messages I will never do business with Blockbuster again in my life.

  70. John says:

    I don’t know if this company is real but it definitely looks like a scam.

    There was a real collection agency looking for someone named Chris several months ago. I don’t know who Chris is and when I told them Chris doesn’t live here their calls stopped.

    Nothing for three months. Now I it get these scam like calls from Mr Malone and Mr Lynch every few days. Now they are every other day.

    Has anybody got the calls to stop? How well does call blocking work? If I change phone numbers somebody else will be stuck with them.

    I am also interested in joining a class action lawsuit.

  71. Keith says:

    I have been getting these calls for about 4 months to call the law office of Mr. Lynch resolve a debt or tell them what actions I want to take. I have tried calling them and I can’t get anyone on the phone. If this is over a Blockbuster account they have the wrong person. I used my account a couple times a month with no problems. I do not have the time to wait for their people to anwser the phone when I call them back. The longest time I wasted was 30 minutes. So without a letter or talking with them I do not know what they really want.

    I have never heard of this company before the calls and I have never received a letter from them as well. Who the heck are these people and how did they get my cell number? Every year I make sure my number is on the “Do Not Call Lists.” Or are they randomly calling some people just trying to get money out of hard work people that just want to put these issues to rest?

    I am interested in joining a class action lawsuit. Hopefully this will put this company out of business to stop harassing everyone.

  72. Angela Roberts says:

    I have been receiving harassing phone calls from this company for someone who was at my residence temporarily. He has since moved and has no phone. The person they are trying to reach has tried calling them. This company will not even verify SSN, or tell him exactly what this debt is about. He has checked his credit report in the past 2 months, and it was free of any debt. So WHY did I get another phone call this morning. The person calling was Bruce Clough, his return number is 800-219-6295. The number listed on my caller ID was 800-219-6238. I am once again reporting this company and both phone numbers and the individual to my local Better Business Bureau. If a debt is correct, send Registered Mail of the true debt. If a company cannot do this it is a total FRAUD, and should be out of business.

  73. Randy says:

    I spoke to a “MS Green”. She said I had a CapitalOne credit card that was past due. Actually she told me it was charged off on 12/9/2000 for $769 andthe current balance was $1518 but she’d make me a settlement offer of $790. I told her i NEVER had a CapitalOne credit card, and asked for validation. She said I was NOT going to get any validation, that she had my SSN adn therefore the debt was mine – I just need to pay it. Again I disputed the debt and that I was going to send a letter to them disputing this debta and requesting validation. At this point she became hostile and beligerant (typical for this type of person). As I contineud to ask for more information, she REFUSED to giv me their mailing address and hung up. I called back to speak with her and she hung up AGAIN! I called back a THIRD time just trying to get information. SHE accused ME of harrasing and told me to STOP CALLING HER! LOL!!! Anyway, I got hte address, sent a letter adving to STOP calling me until they can send validation of the debt. Accordign to ARS Statues (Arizona Revised Statues) regarding debt colelction tactics, if the call me after that, I can sue them.

  74. Dean Strohmeyer says:

    On 12/2/10 I received a voice mail stating merely: “This is a call from a debt collector”. I thought it was merely a prankster. However, today (12/9/10) I received a robo call stating that Nat’l. Action Financial Services has repeatedly tried to contact me regarding a past debt and received no response; told me to call the no. 1-866-392-2178–if no reponse to their call were forthcoming they threatened me with more dire action, or words to that effect. Since the person gave the return phone no. so quickly, I could not get it down; thus I had to waste much time with Verizon to retrieve the phone no., which I finally did. When I immediately called back, no one was available to take the call. So their EXTENSIVE efforts to contact me consisted of TWO calls (no written communications whatever), the first of which did not even identify the debt collector or provide a contact. I do not have ANY debts whatever, and never have had. This outfit must be dealt with.

  75. Tom McClurg says:

    To whom it may concern: These clowns call my office number about every two days and leave some ominous message about settling a debt that I have no clue what it is or who owes it, if you answer the phone, no one is on the other end, you call them back and you get an answering machine that the voice mail is full. I just want to get ahold of these clowns to read them the riot act. They need to stop.

  76. Barry Mead says:

    These suckers call through a recording, and make the usual this is your last chance. You call them back and their voice mail is full. My credit score is over 775, I don’t have it because I have outstanding debt. I left a message in the same tone telling them to not ever call me again. If they do make it a person not a recording. They have no idea the repercussions they will suffer from this!

  77. Deb says:

    Don’t have a clue why they are calling- I am afraid if I call back they may get more than I bargain. Stop them please.

  78. Tia says:

    This co keeps calling my cellphone number asking for Mindy Spears. I don’t know her, I informed the rude male that I talked to and he called me every name in the book and invited me to do a sexual act. I reported it to the FTC and the calls stopped for a few months. Now the robo calls have started.

  79. terrey shiflett says:

    these people keep calling and waking me up at all times of the day and night. when i tried to tell them these chandler people do not live here they hang up or are rude to me. i have been told several times they took the number out. how do i sue these people so they will quit calling our home looking for someone else?

  80. Jennie Daull says:

    While my husband and I do have past due accounts, our original creditors have been told that we are going to file Chapter 7, and have given them our attorney info; I have been receiving the same type of calls. Everything from not saying who they are trying to reach to actually asking for me, and a different person and ext. each time. One even called me at work, which I told my original creditors is not allowed. The one who called at work was a fast talker and was immediately trying to verify my home address etc. I asked her who her company was representing and she told me she could not say. I told her if that was the case, the conversation was over and do not ever call me at work again. So, they continue to leave messages on my machine. As I said, while I do owe the debt, I will consult with my bancruptcy attorney and after I find out which credit card company they regresent, I will file appropriate complaints and possible lawsuits against National Action and the Credit Card Company that sent my account to them for collection after being told of my intentions,.

  81. Debbie Cochrane says:

    This company is having a computer call me and I’m sure it is not even for me. If I press 1 to talk to someone, no one answers. If I call back no one answers. I want them stopped and procecuted to the fullest extent of the law!!!

  82. Renie Ward says:


  83. Cedric Robinson says:

    I just got off the phone with one of your representatives after calling 1-866-529-1899
    and it was the worst customer support that I have ever had in my entire 52 years of living. The boy who I talked to wanted nothing to do with my complaint about getting calls daily from your company when I don’t owe anyone anthing. He was rude and hateful and nasty and hung up on me 3 times. I gave him my phone number and he asked if I was some female and when I told him I was not he told me I was a piece of work and hung up on me. This person should be fired immediately. This person does not respect anyone including the company he works for.

  84. Crystal says:

    I get calls at least once a day for donald rose, I have NO idea who that is. I was FINALLY able to get a hold of a person and they said they would take me off the calling list. I am still getting calls. I am wasting my minutes trying to get them to stop calling me and it doesnt even work. How do I actually get them to remove my number, I do not now or have I ever owed them any money at all, so why should I get harrased everyday sometimes serval times a day?

  85. Ruth Hemphill says:

    I received a statement that I had a loan Balance of $5371.69 and a past due mo. pmt of $223.82.The company was listed as World Omni and previous creditor was Mitsubishi. I called to advise that I had never had a debt to these people and owed no $$$. The fellow who answered the telephone was unbelievably rude. When I refused to give him my Soc. Sec. # he hung up the phone. What can I do? I absolutely will not tolerate this type procedure and will turn in as needed.

  86. Karen says:

    I kept getting calls from NAFS and when I called back they were looking for someone else. When I told them they had the wrong number and to remove me from their list, Mr. Bono was very rude and said he will not remove me from the list and I will have to take that matter up with the person who listed me as a reference. He demanded an alternate number and I said I didn’t have one for this person. He hung up on me. I called back and went through the same thing but this time I said I was going to report NAFS to the FTC and he hung up again. I called back and asked for their address and Mr. Bono’s full name and was told that he would be removed from the account and I would not receive any more calls. We will see if that happens. Mr. Bono needs to be removed from the company as he is rude, unprofessional and very aggressive.

  87. jason says:

    I just got off the phone with two of the representatives after calling 1-800-697-4976. They’re robo calling my parent’s house on a old capital one account. Th8s was paid back in 2003.

  88. Marsha says:

    I keep getting calls from a John Mercurio of National Action Financial system. They keep calling me about 3-4 times per day. I do not know who they are calling because they do not ask for a person by their name. I do not owe anyone at all. What can I do about this company.

  89. Psbintl says:

    I keep getting a call from a Mr. Linch. I finally called the number back and asked them what this was about. They wanted me to confirm all kinds of personal information before they would answer me. I told them I am not confirming anything! It’s Quid, Pro, Quo! If they can’t answer my questions I don’t answer theirs! I am not about to give out all kinds of personal information to these people!

  90. Charlotte says:

    This company continually called and left messages, never saying who they wanted. I finally called to stop this harassing calls and learned they were looking for someone not at my number. When I tried to clarify and ask a question I was treated rudely by a man named “Dave” and hung up on.

  91. Aurelia says:

    This place calls me EVERY FREAKING morning for a $20 debt from Blockbuster, that I paid over two months ago! It is irritating, and it\\\’s always an automated message. I\\\’ve called several times and they\\\’ve said that they will clear it, and they\\\’ve even confirmed that I don\\\’t owe anything! Please stop calling!

  92. Christy says:

    Company is extremely rude and hounding. They call a minimum of 4-5 times every day. We are not the Burgess’s! they had this number before we did. They haven’t had this number in at least 3 years!!!! Knock it off already!!!!!

  93. debbie says:

    I have a new phone number and keep receiving calls from this company. Apparently the person who previously had my phone number owes a debt and they are not updating their records. I spoke in person a few days ago with a representative from the company and let them know that the person they were looking for is not at this number. However, I received FIVE phone calls, all recorded, from them today. Truly harassing, and I don’t even owe anything!

  94. PEGGY says:

    Have been receiving harrasing calls from this FAFS for months now about a debt and a person I have never heard of. If this truly is a legit company how are they still in buisness? I can see it has been happening since 2008, Sounds like this company has been harrasing people for more than 3 years. Where is the accountability? We are all tired of the calls and would kindly appreciate them to stop.

  95. billy says:

    These guys are relentless! We have gotten 3 calls a day for the past two weeks. Jonathan leaves messages acting like he’s the most powerful financial collector on the planet. I guess he does not listen or pay attention to our greeting to recognize that he has the wrong number. I finally answered and pressed one to talk to one of them just to find out they were looking for someone else who I did not know. They said they would take my number off their list… We’ll see if they are good to their word. Based on some of the other comments they won’t.

  96. Angelica from Hawaii says:

    Received numerous calls on my husbands phone. Never heard of this company and my husband
    has never has any outstanding bbill. I handle all transactions. I’ve been trying to contact them back, tried answering their calls but no luck and the phone calls keep on coming in. Guess I will need to change my husband’s number. What a hassle!!!!

  97. robin says:

    they keep calling me over a debt I paid a year ago and keep getting an automated please call mr foster. Well Mr Foster if you want to talk to me then you can call me directly

  98. Kyle says:

    I just got off the phone with them, they have been calling my father non-stop for the past few days. They are calling for a legitimate debt I forgot to pay prior to my deployment. I spoke to a kid who sounded pretty green, re-affirmed when I asked to get a bill mailed to me so I could pay it and he brought his manager on the phone to try to sell me. The manager pushed moderately to get me to do a check by phone, when I insisted I wanted a bill he gladly took my information and said that he would get one out to me today. I actually seem to be more fortunate than most of the people on here as every person that I spoke to was actually warm and happy that I was trying to settle the debt. I will have to update when I get everything resolved to see if they stop robo-calling. Good luck to all if you fall in to one of the categories above!!

  99. Kimberly Gleaves says:

    I’ve repeatedly gotten calls from National Action Financial Services on behalf of Blockbuster for a past due amount of $27. I’ve tried to pay twice, each time the amount of $27 has been deducted from my account BUT NAFS says they can’t process the payment and call back. I’ve tried to call but can never talk to an actual person. I’ve never gotten a bill in the mail either.

  100. Marc says:

    We continue to get robo calls on my cell phone – never at home, never any notice in the mail, from “Mr. Foster” at National Action Financial Services”. Strange since this cell number (I’ve had it for about 18 months) is a secondary number on the account. We refinanced our home within the last couple of months and our credit is stellar… How can we get them to stop calling? My cell is charged with a call every time one comes in!!!

  101. STEPHENS25RITA says:

    I guess that to receive the loan from creditors you ought to have a good motivation. But, once I’ve got a short term loan, just because I wanted to buy a building.

  102. Michael Lawrence says:

    I paid my bill and have recieved the run around for 3 months without a satisfaction of judgement letter. The letter was promised several times and as of 3/7/12 I have not recieved it.

  103. Pascanal says:

    Ignore the calls and keep up with there calls through recordings. When you have enough of them on tape go to you State Attorney Generals office and file a complaint. This company has been fined by several states for the same problems you all are having. When a class action suit is filed and they are fined then you benefit off their scam.

  104. R. Nuzzo says:

    I have rec’d over a 100 calls from this company, when you pick up the phone they do not respond, most times you can not find out who is calling since they have a 800 block. There actions are in complete violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. I am sending them a letter to discontinue or I will file a formal complaint with FCC.

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