National Bureau of Collections, Inc.

Address  5922 SE 15th Street
City Midwest City
State Oklahoma
Zip Code 73110
Mailing Address:
Address P.O. Box 10718
City Midwest City


Zip Code 73140
Phone 1 405-737-6831
Phone 2 800-329-6831
Fax 1 405-732-4073

Is National Bureau of Collections, Inc Still Calling You about Debt that You Do Not Owe?

Putting up with National Bureau of Collections, Inc can be annoying and frustrating. Are you angry and scared? Are they calling you and your family members at odd times? Are they using aggressive language when contacting you?

As a consumer, you should be aware that you are protected under The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. This law was brought about in response to a lot of illegal actions taken by debt collectors.


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Unfortunately, National Bureau of Collections, Inc can mix people who have the same/similar name or mix your social security number. The wrong information on your credit report can lead to false debt.

Francis & Mailman is a dedicated law firm that will take action immediately to help you in this case. First, we will stop abusive calls, check your credit report, and discuss your rights and rules.

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  1. Pamela says:

    I received a phone call from this number. They were calling for someone else. However, the vm was horrible. They said the perons name and said there was a warrant for said person. The woman was absolutely rude. I called them and told them I’ve had this cell number for over 4 years and no there is no one by that name here. We will see if they call back.

  2. Julia McCathern says:

    On the morning of 4/14/2017 at 9:00AM MST, I received a call from a Sandy Joy with NBC. She was looking for my spouse. I advised her that I was his wife. She then proceeded to release information about a debt. Never not once did she verify his date of birth, social security number, address, or any other personal information. I had advised her of the situation. I advised her that we had moved to Arizona. Still not one time asking to verify any personal information on my spouse. She then stated that she would forward the information to the credit bureau.

    I immediately called back and requested a supervisor and was told by a representative that she would transfer me to Sandy Joy. I advised the representative that I would need someone over her. The representative transferred me to a Mrs. Wilson who was very rude and was talking over me and tried to twist my words. I know this because I worked in debt collections for 5 years. She just would not get the point that the issue was not that Sandy called me but that she did not type of verification. I explained to Mrs. Wilson that I would need her to pull the call and listen to it. She said “well we called an Oklahoma number”. I said “I do not have to change my number to move states”. I could have been any female that said I was this persons wife and Sandy would have never known any different because she did not verify any information.

    In the State of Arizona, it is a no spousal state which means my spouse can not speak to debt collectors with out my verification and vise versa. Neither lady tried to update the contact information. We have not received a letter which when I told them both that we were no longer in Oklahoma, they should have got a good contact number for my spouse so they could call him and get updated information and send a letter. A debt collector must first make contact by letter. They violated so many laws. They must always validate who they are speaking to and not just by your status.

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