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National Credit Adjusters Cannot Harass You

If the consumer has an attorney representing them, National Credit Adjusters can no longer contact the consumer directly. All call and contact must be done through Francis and Mailman first.

National Credit Adjusters cannot use abusive tactic such as profane language, threatening language and actions, lying, disclosing the consumers debt information publicly and much more.


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If National Credit Adjusters has crossed the line about debt that you do not owe, you might be a victim of identity theft. Often, criminals can steal your personal identity and create loans or accounts in your name.

Call Francis & Mailman at 877-735-8600 immediately. We also offer a free case review. We will resolve mistakes on your credit report, discuss your rights, and stop collection.

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  1. Jessica Osborne says:

    I am writing this letter in reference to phone calls I have been getting for the past several months. This company tells me when they call I owe them over a $1,000 dollars for my Bally Fitness Account. My father, Russell Osborne has been sending quite a few faxes requesting they send either a fax or letter to me including who they are and what you want. I have not received any faxes or letters. I paid a collection agency already in reference to this account. They have been harassing me for several months.

  2. Lawrence Shaw says:

    This company has never contacted me, but I found this account on my report. I paid the debt in full and somehow they have even increased the amount on my credit report to a number 400$ higher than the original debt. I need this fixed

  3. Johnson says:

    Im writing this letter inreference to the incorrect info on my credit report that this company refuse to remove.I paid off Arrowhead investment in Dec.2008 thru National Recovery Services and Faxed proof of payment to this company and they reported to my credit report that it is an open unpaid account in Feb. 2009. They also have another account that say that I owe but they refuse to send or fax me any paperwork showing me that I owed on this account.

  4. Chad Greenwood says:

    The information that this company put on my report is incorrect…I don’t even know what the debt is for or who with…If this has something to do with a one of those scam loan companies, who somehow got my bank information and was taking money out of my account my lawyer will deal with them, this bull!!

  5. daphne matthews says:

    this company refused to send me a copy of the debt, but calls repeatedly and has threatened legal actions. the company they say the debt is for has me listed paid in full.

  6. jesssica says:

    I have a past due account with AT&T. I have shut the account down and went to another phone company. I got abill for 1000$ from AT&T. I have been paying as much as i can afford each pay day on this bill. They are ringing me constantly harassing me telling me it is not enough. I dont want this on my credit report and was wonering if they can report it even if im paying on it.

  7. Debbie Perkins says:

    On two separate occasions I have been accused of not paying my payday loans. Both loans were taken out in 2007 and have been paid in full. I am not sure what scam this is, but I have been contacted daily, even at my place of business to pay a bill that has already been paid.

  8. Patty says:

    I had a very rude collector call my job today, and it was from your company, I asked him nicely if I can call him back, or if he could call me during my lunch hour, I had my parents in front of me waiting to talk to me, he was so rude I had to hang up on him. He refused to give me the company’s phone number but I did manage to get the company’s name.

  9. Val says:

    This company calls me at the beginning of March 2010 stating I had a outstanding balance for a car that I paid off in 2001. Now they want me to prove it….

  10. debt collector emails says:

    these people keep sending me emails sayin i owe money to payday companies can they leave me alone please!

  11. amy says:

    I would appreciate it if Marshall Thomas would stop harrassing me about a check four years ago and threathing me about going to my job and the police are coming to get me. you are a collection agency not the FBI so stop it please it is called hard core harrasement are you aware of this.

  12. Colleen says:

    Hi I barrowed 400.00 on 11/16/2009. I have paid back 200 in Dec 09,200.00 in Jan 2010 and Feb 2010 235.00. I thought It was paid off until I get a harrasing call from M Clahan and Assoc that they have filed charges against me in the unpaid amount of 555.00. They are threatening me with court appearances and other bs..I have paid them 635.00 back on a 400.00 loan. Can they do this to me? can they take me to court if they are in NY and I am in WA.state? I have not received anything from anyone stating that I owe this money. Nothing in writting. How should I go about this issue.

    Best regards,

  13. AT007432 says:

    What is this? This is crazy for this company to be able to get away with this. These items are sitting n my credit report paid in full and nobody won’t take the time necessary to remove them. Crazy.

  14. Jeremy says:

    Supposedly they contacted my county court and I will have to show up. But even if they are real they are very unprofessional and break the debt collection laws found here They call you names, harass you etc. They even took $20 out of my bank account without permission! Would have been more but that is all that was in that particular one, no way I was giving them my main account. I also have another company NCA trying to collect on the same debt from SSM payday loans that I never approved in the first place! If they take me to court I will take them to court and fight back! Plus they are telling me my starting court cost are $1700 which is also illegal cause they have nothing to do with that! Then they hung up when I tried to explain I don’t owe SSM anything anymore but they don’t listen! Sounds like a big scam to me! Plus it does not show up I owe anything on my credit report and I have NEVER received anything in writing as to what I owe! Any ideas? let me know! Thanks! Jeremy TH

  15. anthony says:

    This company is harrassing me as well

  16. GayLynn says:

    This company called my office, wanted the fax number and also asked to speak to my supervisor. When you call them back, they will not tell you the company you are calling. The guys name is John King…what a JOKE!

  17. Jordan says:

    This company has been calling me everyday. but they have a Lincoln NE number. I called them to find out why they keep calling me and I was told that I owe two payday loans. she told me one was an internet loan for 219 which I didn’t do. the other one was one that I did but they got their money. so to stop them from bugging I agreed to pay it, even thou it’s already done, I told her I could do 25 a month, she refused, said it had to be 50 or more and had to be secured by a debit, credit card or checking or savings. she is out of her mind if they think that I am going to give them that personal info. she refused a money order. over a year ago I had a company in Ga and some guy posing as a federal agent trying to collect on this same deal. I need some help here, is this for real? when i asked the last time for proof to be sent to me, I never got it.
    can some one guide me on what to do? I don’t want them going after my wages for a debit I don’t owe

  18. Robert says:

    This company has been harassing me as well. I am contacting the federal government in hopes of shutting down this government.

  19. Amanda says:

    National Credit Adjustors continue to call my home with an automate message for someone who has not had this number for over 6 years. When I spoke to the rude women she stated that they had not talked to anyone on this number since 2010 and all I had to do was just ask for the number to be removed but that is what I did in 2010 and yet they managed to start calling again. She then proceeded to be rude to me and hang up on me.

  20. DanniG says:

    This company has just started harassing my husband on his business phone. I asked them to take the number off of the account because it is a business phone and they refused. They are trying to collect a payday loan that has already been repaid. How do I get them to stop. So far they aren’t on his credit report. How do companies get away with this? I am very frustrated!

  21. ccintheknow says:

    For all of you people complaining about these idiots, they were just on tv and revealed that they have ignorant collection tactics that should be reported to your local attorney general’s office as a form of harassment. Look into the Fair Credit Reporting Act and you may get this debt removed because of their collection practices. GOD BE WITH ALL OF YOU.

  22. Pamela davis says:

    I have gotten a notice from them stating that I owe a loan for $300. When I was working the money was being drafted out of my bank account, so it was resolved. I never got a receipt to the effect it was paid. Then I received a letter from Portfolio Group on Insight Capital that I owed the same amount of three hundred dollars. In which, that was taken out of my paycheck as well. With them I ended up paying a total of $700-900, saying that it was due to interest fees and what not. Why am I paying over and over for the same bill one, two, three times. I don’t have the money to keep paying these debts over and over again. It would be greatly appreciated if this matter was resolved or you find the ones who took the $700-900 and get your portion out of that. Sorry to be so blunt, but this is ridiculous. Thank you for your time.

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