National Credit Works, Inc.

Address  1530 Military Road
City Kenmore
State New York
Zip Code 14217

Fighting Against Abusive National Credit Works Calls

Stopping offensive calls from National Credit Works is not easy and can be overwhelming. If you have been harassed and bothered by National Credit Works, Inc, it is time to hire Francis & Mailman.

Unfortunately, identity theft or mixing your social security number can lead to someone accumulating unpaid debt in your name. This can give National Credit Works, Inc a green light to harass you on the phone, trying to collect false debts.


Who Can Help You to Stop Offensive Calls

The law firm of Francis & Mailman is here to help. National Credit Works, Inc will no longer call you with abusive language. No more threatening letters, no more calls where you work.

Francis & Mailman will will explain your legal rights and laws, check your credit report, and possibly file a lawsuit against National Credit Works, Inc. To get a free case review, call at 877-735-8600 or fill out our free case review form.

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  1. Bob Roberts says:

    This company is as bad as it gets. Harassment of people is their standard practices. I owe them no money but they call me every day asking for someone who I have never heard of. When asking them om many, many occasions to stop calling they hang up and call gain the next day. If you are ever in their area please throw a rock through their window for me.

  2. 702wrongperson says:

    Im logging every contact call this will become civil case due to harrasment, if I owe u! Don’t call pretending your looking for someone else, logging info to do reteach on me, I worked in collections with the best! And yes u can be sued! For wrongful identity harrasment. Look it up!

  3. Latrice Mitchell says:

    I have received calls from National Credit Works and they informed me I needed to pay 600 and something dollars by a certain time. Well of course I panicked and went to pay half of the amount after recieving calls from the police in my area. I was not aware of what I could do and if I had to pay it so I did and was informed that I had 30 days to come up with 329.91. What should I do.

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