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National Enterprise Systems is a real debt collection agency they are not a scam just trying to take your money, however, dealing with collections companies like National Enterprise Systems can be frustrating and exhausting.

Do not let National Enterprise go too far and start making harassing phone calls, especially when it may be for debt you don’t even owe.

There are laws that protect your rights as a consumer. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) keeps collection agencies like National Enterprise Systems from being abusive.

If National Enterprise Systems has gone too far with harassing calls, you need the law firm of Francis and Mailman. They will stop this abusive and illegal behavior.

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National Enterprise Systems Contact Information

Address  29125 Solon Road
City Solon
State Ohio
Zip Code 44139 (Cleveland)
Phone 1  800-260-5834
Phone 2 440-542-1360
Phone 3 800-973-0600
Phone 4 800-261-3509
Phone 5 800-491-0016
Phone 6 800-882-9325
Phone 7 800-261-3182
Phone 8 800-925-6141
Fax 1 440-542-1380
Fax 2 440-542-1381
Head Debt Collectors:
Ernest R. Pollak, 62, CEO
Scott Pollak, President
Christopher M. Pollak, 28, Vice President

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  1. Dianna Williams says:

    Richard Price was very rude to me because I told him that Stephanie Williams was not living and he called me a lier in so many ways. Sorry to tell you but we cannot come up with the money as she has told him. It is not that she will not ask she has but we do not have the finaces. He has no right to yell and scream at her and tell her to pone off her belongings and that is not going to happen. She has nothing to pone she barely has the things for her and he unborn child. He is going to cause her illness with the unborn child if he keeps harrassing her and then I WILL BE CONTACTING MY LAWYER IF THIS HAPPENS.

    I would appreciate if you take care of this matter because with economy these days no one is making it.

    She has tried to get the money and now since she has tried she should have an apology from Richard Price.

    Dianna WIlliams

  2. Heather says:

    This company has employees who have violated my rights. I get phone calls from Samantha Jordan. She lies to me and says she is mailing me information reguarding the debt. Yet almost one month later I have recieved nothing in the mail. Ms. jordan has threatened me and harrassed me saying that she is going to guarnish my wages, yet has continued to call and has yet to take any action. I have been bullied and reduced to tears because my finances have changed with the ever changing econmoy. If National Enterprise Systems would take payments of less than $500/month, they might get somewhere. I deserve an appology for the way I have been violated! I plan to file a complaint with the fair debt collections act because my rights have been violated!!

  3. denise says:

    this person has been threatening me if i don\’t make a payment that they will sue me i did offer to make a payment but he wants me to make a payment that i can not afford the will not make paymnet arrangmets they are impossible they said if i dont pay 400 by this month they will sue can they really sue someone for 400 dollars.

    • Amalie says:

      That sounds ridiculous. If you can’t make the $400 payment then they should be understanding and work with you. I have $75 taken out of every paycheck by NES. I haven’t been harassed by them, fortunately, but I do have some issues with Sallie Mae. That’s another can of worms. Anyway, I find it hard to stick to my case with these companies as they are relentless, lack compassion and understanding, harass the hell out of you, and treat you like you’re less than a Human being when you can’t afford payments. Don’t give up! Try to talk them down. Ask to speak to someone higher in the rank of commands.

  4. Lauren says:

    NES does take payments of less than 500 dollars a month. Don’t be bullied by them. I have a debt with them and I got a seemingly sane person on the phone who seemed somewhat straightforward with me and accepted a payment of 50 dollars a month on the account. I’m sure this is a fluke as I have heard endless stories about this company and I believe every one of them. I am expecting some kind of ridiculous amount to be debited from my account, in which case I will sue the living piss out of them. In the meantime just stay calm and be nice to them and record them whenever you can. This will help you in the future if they try to scam you because I guarantee they will change their terms with every call.

  5. heather says:

    I called NES today on my brothers behalf to try and work out a payment plan for my brothers debt. Sarah Waters was very rude and would not explain anything to us. She treated us like we were stupid when we asked questions about how how the options worked she told us to be quiet and stop interrupting her. She then said, “I’m just going to transfer you to my supervisor”. The supervisor Mitch Jacobs was even more rude and then had the nerve to say that WE were being rude to his representative. He was angry that I was calling on my brothers behalf. He then told ME to pay for my brothers debt. He asked why I was helping my brother and then proceded to ask, “Is your brother just incompetent or something, he must not know how to talk on the phone I guess”. When he said this he was yelling at me over the phone, I was pretty much in tears by this point. I replied by saying that my brother is very stressed out and has many bills in collections right now and I am just trying to help him out and relieve some of the stress off him. Then Mitch Jacobs still yelling over the phone at me replied with ” What are you, his little miss financial supervisor or something?” Not being able to handle the harrassment anymore I told him that we are just trying to work out some kind of payment plan and from this moment on ‘I’ will be recording this call. After this he was a little less rude, go figure, because he knew the way he was acting was uncalled for and out of hand. After all of this they were still unwilling to work out any resolution with us. That might possibly be because they took all our options away that they offered because they said that ‘I’ was rude. So apparently if they don’t feel like talking to you anymore they can just give the case back to citi bank to take care of. I will be making a complaint against this company and these two people.

  6. Donald says:

    My wife just got a phone (2/25/09) call from this company in regards to a debt that has lapsed in payment. ROXY (was her name) began attacking my wife as to negligence about paying the bill. My wife tried to explain our financial hardships, 4 children, and tried make suggestions as to what we can do get current and ROXY continued to attack and refuted any payment options under $2000.00 dollars a month. After making several personal attacking comments (including “you should have thought about your kids before you made this debt” and screaming at my wife, i took the phone before my wife went nuts on ROXY and tried to calm the situation. ROXY proceeded to do the same to me insulting my wife’s ethics, “she does not want to pay just admit it, i will freeze your bank accounts, i will garnish your wages, i will sue you, I will call your HR department now” and on. She refused payment arrangements with me below $1000.00 and told me that we really dont care. I asked her to work with us as the economy is rough on all of us. ROXY responded “ALL of us dont owe money, you do, so dont talk me about the economy”. I told her if she did not want to work with us, that is her option and she said she did not as we were not paying what she wanted and would not try and find a common ground even as we offered automatic draft to make payments. We later called NES back and found that there is a common ground and that someone else very nice, bent on collecting the debt began helping us. This practice of harrassment (especially being the first contact, and no documentation that we have recieved yet) is unacceptable and violates basic decent behavior.

  7. Conan says:

    I too met the NES yesterday through representative Kim James. She sounded like a highschool sophmore reciting a script LOADED with heavy legal jargon. I honestly couldn’t take her seriously by her rapid fire accusations and threats of litigation concerning my outstanding balance with Bank of America. I was given 4 different deadlines to pay 3 different totals. Her favorite one to refer to was the total balance being paid by the end of the business day, which for her was 9 min from when she made her point that she was actually looking to collect money. She initially introduced herself as a legal advisor inquiring who would be representing me in court this coming Tuesday. I immediately felt in my spirit that these were bully tactics intended to have me react rather than respond. I’m collecting as much information as I can, per my family attourney, while making it clear that calls are being recorded and legal counsel is being offered. We shall see if they want to play ball fairly in coming days/ weeks. So far, they’re pushing their luck with personal attacks and commentary that won’t get them any closer to collecting than an amateur pick pocket on Marine. It’s terrible the way they conduct business.

  8. Stan says:

    This call/message was so bazaar (and potentially illegal) that we have to document it:

    The message was from a Kevin McCoy who indicated that he had received a FedEx with “information” this morning and wanted to make sure everyone was on the same page. Kevin McCoy continued to indicate that he would be “downtown” tomorrow at 10:30 AM (03/25/09) but there were still options available and that he expected a phone call back at 800-925-6141 x1403.

    We downloaded this message off the answering system, took the person’s name off that Kevin McCoy was looking for (wrong number) and let several people in the office listen to the message to get their reaction and opinion. They all agree that Kevin McCoy of National Enterprise Solutions was covertly passing himself off as an attorney or paralegal in the city or state that this roll-over phone number for our business is located. It was also brought to our attention from one lady that Kevin McCoy stumbled and sounded stressed through parts of the message, which generally indicates lying or undue stress with a situation.

    We are turning this recording over to our legal department, and it will be their decision to forward Kevin’s message on behalf of NES our state and federal agencies.


  9. Eve says:

    My first call with NES was in Feb 2009. They demanded that my husband give his bank info. over the phone. He called me @ work and asked that I look into this collection agency. I was floored to read all the comments left by the victims of NES. I have never denied the debt that my husband and I owe. I made several phone calls to NES for payment arragements and I always get a NO and then I get passed on to a SUPERVISOR. Its so funny the tactics they try to use. I hope everyone out there does not fall under the pressure of this agency. Its hard to pay a debt to people who mail nothing, but say they did, use fake names, and say there is a claim against you? I can’t help but laugh…..I’ve delt with Tyra, Mitch, Mark, Steve, Paul. I get passed around. Lol

  10. Latoya says:

    Funny to hear that NES uses just about the same tactics on everyone, they called my brothers girlfriend said that was the contact number they had for me thats odd because I have never used their phone number for anything not even on an job application as a reference, lol

  11. Melody says:

    This company called me this morning, claiming I owe 10,000.00, etc. Murray gave me only half an hour to find someone to pay this amount in full or he is filing a lawsuit against me and will garnish my wages by 35% or more. For one I do not owe an amount like this in any way shape or form! His tactics are pathetic. He told me the file had just landed on his desk at 8:15 am today and that he’s filing suit today if I don’t pay in full today!
    I asked him politely to mail me a copy of the bill so I can see for myself in black and white exactly what the account is. He told me they can’t do that, they can only do a fax or email. I insisted upon a letter from him and he insists they cannot do that. He then asked me why I needed to “see” it and argued with me that there is not wnough time as he’s filing suit today. He would not even give me and account number for this, only a company name.

  12. JT says:

    I was intially contacted for a debt on behalf of Verizon Wireless via phone in an abusive and hostile manner, along with threats and refusal of written validation. This company needs to be stopped.

  13. Heather says:

    I thought I was the only one who was treated this way and felt a little angry. Now, after reading all of this I kind of just giggle. How can a company expect to harrass all of these people and still think they are just doing their jobs? They have no right to belittle me or anyone else for that matter with a debt that they will not supply information for. I called to see what the recorded message left on my machine was about and when I tried to talk to Margaret, she was quick to demand money and when I said I couldn’t pay the full amount, she hung up on me. I tried to call back three times before someone answered again and they hung up again when I couldn’t pay the full amount. I tried…

  14. little bird says:

    All the automated messages are illegal. Per FDCPA and the case of Foti v. NCO Financial Systems – even automated messages as well as messages left by a person from a 3rd party debt collector must state who the call is for and have a disclosue in the course of the message to advise anyone who is not the debtor a chance to stop listening. Then it is to proceed with the nature of the call being to collect a debt, no other info allowed to be given – i.e. casenumbers, legal terms, ramifications, or any sense of urgency) and the identity of the company and the call back number. You can contact a lawyer. If you do want to consult a lawyer, be sure that keep all recorded messages and phone logs of when their “unknown caller” status shows on the screen. If you do happen to talk to someone on the phone don’t give in to any demands and record the call. WARNING! If you do record the call be sure that you live in a 1 part state – that means a state that only one party has to know about the act of a recording. If you live in a 2 party state then you should advise the person on the end that you are recording the call. Most judges arepretty lenient if you record a call from a debt collector, even if you don’t state that purpose, but you never want to take your chances against these slimeballs.

  15. tracy says:

    wow! im glad to see im not the only person being tormented by NES! why doesn’t someone put a stop to this company? its ridiculous how they talk to people. they want me to delay paying my rent and pay them each month! I was laid off in June 2008 and have been employed now for 4 months. I told them I can make payments but I don’t have 4800.00 upfront to settle my debt! geez can I get a break?! stop yelling at me!! Im thinking about sending them what I can afford until I get on my feet financially but 4800.00 I don’t have in one payment!!

  16. nick says:

    NES called me and left a message about pending litigation. I call the number and this horrible woman starts in on me about how I have to send nearly $600.00 by the close of her buisiness day (about 45 minutes) or I’d be sued for everything I own. That’s not even legal I know as soon as I got her off the phone I contacted my attorney. Anyway we got into a heated argument which resulted in me hanging up the phone on her. Two days later this crazy woman left another message, I called her back prepared to give the speach my attorney gave me and instead I got another woman by the name of Earlene, who was so nice and cordial. She agreed to accept $50.00 a month to pay the debt, and I told her as long as I get my FDCA section 806 debt varrification as required by law, I’d send her the money, but only by western union. Now after reading everyone elses comments I’m hopeing they honor the agreement. If they don’t I’m not too worried I’m going to be suing them either way for the first woman, if they don’t send the paperwork or honor the agreement I’ll just tack that onto my suit. It pays to have lawyers in the family. By the way these guys are breaking some serious federal laws, you can’t claim to sue someone if you don’t intend to, and you cant claim to be an attorney if you’re not. Anyone being abused by these guys should call the FTC and complain, then contact an attorney or legal aid. What they are doing is wrong and you have rights!

  17. Jaymae11 says:

    I paid them and it still says I have a balance with Verizon. When will this end!!

  18. mike says:

    is there any way to get these people to stop calling? i’m making monthly payments but they still keep calling,and they are also harassing my mother who has NOTHING to do with my debt,they keep telling her that i gave them her phone number,which i did not!…..any relief PLEASE

  19. mike powell says:

    They have called other people looking for me. I have never talked to them. I would advise them to get in touch with me personally before they call other people.

  20. tonia says:

    my landlord got a call from nes saying that he is responsible for my dental bill at aspen dental. we spoke to tim shaw in solon ohio. he asked my landlord if i was black, because blacks never pay their bills which is definately racism. he told my landlord he is a lawyer and will be suing him by the next business day if he didnt get results. 1st off i only owe about 7hundred dollars butthey want us to send 2480.00. not only am i suing this company for a wrong amount but im suing for this man impersinating an attorney and being extremely racist. justice coming soon everyone.he also told me when i returned the call that im poor and a dead beat. not to mention my landlord is elderly and has aheart problem. this guy made him start having chest pains. hold on to all because this will end.

  21. JAY says:


  22. pissed off customer says:

    NES calls here multiple times everyday with an automated message from “Roger Thompson”. Then when I call back, nobody ever picks up. I love it because my family doesn’t owe them a dime. NES owes me money for waking me up this morning.

  23. Nicole says:

    Got a call from Susan from NES for a student loan that when into default. I was fully aware of it as i was unemployed for 10 months last year. I wanted to make payment arangement she told me i needed to pay the full 11,000.00 today or at least 10%. I told her i couldnt, asked her to send me info in the mail, she told me no. Evry time i try to speak, she talks over me. The funny thing is i work for a lawfirm that deals with FDCPA violations and i am just waiting for these pepole to really slip up so i can sue them.

  24. Northern Girl says:

    Got a call today, Screw these jerks!

  25. Rebecca says:

    Hi, I had an account with National Enterprise Systems for a balance due on a Bank of America credit card, now, one month later I got something from Creditors Financial Group for the same balance for the same credit card. Is this the same company? Who do I pay? What is going on? Thank you!

  26. Wendy says:

    This company has been calling and calling. I have multiple names of people from NES. No one will work with at all!! They claim they have mailed me a letter when they took the account on September 10, 2009. I have nothing from them at all. I called the other company that has it and they said they sold it to themon that same day. I have worked out other arrangements with my cards and they refuse! They want their clients money now or else is all I keep hearing. No one knows what is going on but they sure know how to harrass people and demand money. What am I suppose to do??

  27. Kathy says:

    These collections agents are collecting MEGA BUX in bonuses and percentages of what they collect in daily/weekly quotas. They could care less about making or accepting payment arrangements – all they care about is HARRASSEMENT and their daily goals to collect and get paid. They are simply pea-brains, piss-ants and should be jailed.

    I initiated a phone call to find out the exact amount I owed. I made called first to WaMooooo, then to Chase, then to 4 other phone numbers that I referred to. (I have NEVER received any mail from these sleeze-bags). I owe a credit card bill for a whopping $250.00 which I have explained that I would pay within 7 days. I was asked for my bank account information, which I would not give them because I know they will attempt to draw these funds from it. I was asked at least 25+ times why I cannot just pay it with a check by phone — even to post date it — which I would not agree to. Within my agreement of 7 day payment in full I continue to get harassing phone calls. In so many words been called a dead-beat

  28. Juanita Hill says:

    would like to know what this place is

  29. Frances M Hill says:

    Just wontering what you are

  30. Mary says:

    I cant believe my eyes reading these comments! Im so sorry u had to go thru this horror, my experience wasnt as bad! I cosigned on a student loan, n had an agent by the name of Linda call me, explained that the loan was in default and the balance is now due, well I was surprise because the balance was over 41,000. now who has that kind of money laying around? She ended up settling my account for me, she was very helpful and pleasant! I thank God I didnt have any of these other agents call me or else I probably would of had a heart attack!oh and her ext was 1287 if you do have to go thru this company to resolve your debt call her she wont be as horrible as these others agents !!! GOOD LUCK!

  31. Victoria says:

    I asked them NOT to call me at work and they continue…I sent them the demand in writing the next call I get from them at work will resort in a suit being filed against that company… all our calls are recorded at my job…..

  32. Rita says:

    I too like many others have been harassed by these people. They called my workplace demanding that I set up a payment arrangement of more than I could afford, when I offered to pay what I could, it wasn’t good enough, I made one payment, and have another one they want by the end of this month. However I never ,like a lot of you , received anything in the mail from them. I am about to call them and tell them , if I don’t get something in writing, they will get no more from me. I explained that I was a single mom with three kids struggling to make ends meet, and they outright accused me of simply not wanting to pay the debt. I will be letting you all know how this phone call goes today. I am sure I will be passed around from one person to the next…

  33. Marc says:

    On November 10, 2009 I received a call from a lady who stated she was from “The offices of National Enterprise Systems to collect a debt and letting you know we will be suing you if you cannot pay your account in full for your Sallie Mae account. If you cannot make a payment, Sallie Mae will sue you and you will not be notified.” I can’t remember her name because she scared me into thinking I was going to be sued by the Government! On November 13, 2009 I received another phone call from a different woman, her name is Brooke Taylor, she seemed more reasonable, however, introduced herself the same way. She said Sallie Mae was willing to settle for this account for $2940 if I could come up with something that same day. I paid $200 over the phone and she setup the rest of the balance for November 23, 2009. I told her I know I cannot come up with $2740 by that day, she said she was going to set it up anyway. She would get on and off the phone and put me on hold to make it seem that she was talking to Sallie Mae. On 11/23 I made another payment of $600 and she tried to threaten me about being sued again. So I told her I was looking into putting the title on my car as collateral for a loan. On Wednesday, 11/25, I called her and told her I was denied and didn’t have the remainder of the money, $2140. By this time, I had done my homework. I wrote a letter of cooperation admitting that I would pay this off in payments because that’s what I was told by an attorney friend of mine. I sent it certified that same morning. Brooke told me,” You need to come up with the money because you agreed to it. I don’t care what you do, but you better have the money in your bank account by Friday because we’re collecting.” I told her she will be receiving a certified letter on upcoming Tuesday (make sure it’s signed and certified to cover yourself by law) and she got really irrate with me. Before the conversation ended she said,”The money better be in there because it doesn’t look good for you.” Oh yeah, and I forgot to tell you the debt is 12 years old. They cannot take me to court for a debt older than 10 years old according the the “time-barred” law. I find this company to use unprofessional and illegal tactics. It’s a form of humanistic abuse that nobody deserves. I know if we have debts, we need to pay them off, but NOBODY deserves to be treated like the less than a human. I would encourage everyone who has encountered them to file a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission and the Ohio State Attorney General for impersonating a law firm (which is illegal) and saying that you will be sued (the only ones who can say that are attorneys, not collectors by law) by a government agency.

  34. Lenny says:

    These people work on ear and ignorance. They play the numbers game and prey on people like you. They usually do not litigate. They have so many people to collect from that they cannot spend time on each and every case. So here is what you do. By law you have a right to VALIDATION.
    send them the following letter certified and FAX it too if you can:

    your name
    National Enterprise Systems
    29125 Solon Road
    Solon Oh 44139-3442
    Re: Acct #_________

    Dear NES:
    This letter is being sent to you in response to a notice phone call sent to me or made on date____. Please be advised that this is not a refusal to pay but a notice sent pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act, 15 USC 1692(g) that your claim is disputed and validation is requested.
    This is NOT a request for “verification” or proof of my mailing address, but a request for VALIDATION made pursuant to the above named title and section. I respectfully request that your offices provide me with competent evidence that I have a legal obligation to pay you.
    Please provide me with the following:
    1) a simple accounting of the debt as to principal, interest , penalties and any other fees associated with this debt
    2) The original account number
    3)On the original creditor’s letterhead a written statement that they have either sold, assigned or hired your firm to take over or collect this debt. NES letterhead or verbal communication is not sufficient proof.
    4) Proof that you are licensed in my state to collect debt.
    5) Your license number and registered agent.

    Your anticipated cooperation in this regard is greatly appreciated.


    (Your Signature)_______
    (Your Name)_________

    They must provide all this information before they can sue you. They are lazy and often do not follow through. Or they give you some of the information but not all of it. The best part is that most of the time they cannot get a letter from the original creditor (on that original creditor’s letterhead) to show that they are authorized to collect the debt.
    Also in this economy almost every credit card company out there will negotiate a reduction of debt or a payment plan. In general you can reduce what you owe down to as much as 20 cents on the dollar with the average being around 35 cents on the dollar. just deal directly with the credit card company and bypass the collection agencies. the credit card companies are suffering along with every one else and are making deals every day for cash flow. You can even negotiate a payment plan on the reduced amount.
    JUST don’t give up or give in.
    I have my own accounting firm and have been helping too many of my clients navigate these credit nightmares for the last few years.
    YOU HAVE RIGHTS and options.
    Never argue with credit collectors. Never give them personal information or bank account access. Any deals made get them in writing first before you start paying. If they won’t put it writing then it is no deal. They cannot call you multiple times a day. They van only call between certain hours. They CANNOT call you at work. If they do send the a certified letter IMMEDIATELY giving them no permission to do so. Send a copy of that letter to an attorney if you have one.
    Most importantly hang in there. Don’t let them keep you up at night and stress you out. Learn to hang up on abusive collectors. Record calls if you can. File complaints if you can. Do not yell, scream or beg! Don’t be antagonistic, threaten them, say you will sue them, report them or say that you have an attorney when you don’t.
    Hope this helps you.


  35. Scott says:

    As a former employee of NES I want to clarify that this company will take any settlement offer. For example if you have an account with Bank of America they say they will only accept 50% settlement offer. That is garbage. They will take anything. They can accept offers all the down to 30%, but if it is under 40% it has to be approved by Bank of America..which all the time it is.
    They are a bunch of hungry hounds there. You can talk to them and they say that “This settlement offer will not be good next week, you have to set it up today”..GARBAGE! You can call up at anytime and they will take your money. They are hungry money hounds and they are in it for your money. They push for you to set up payments by the 20th of each month because that is the closing date for commission checks. That is another thing..NES employees get nearly around 22% to 34% commission on accounts..depending on what state you live in.
    Another off subject topic about NES is the employees that are working there. From being a past employee there I have noticed the large amount of employees that go in the parking lot and smoke up drugs, then come back in the building to collect. Kind of scary thinking that people who are under the influence of drugs are making phone calls to debtors and taking payments. Every employee that is hired by NES is “drug tested” which every employee that works there will tell you that those drug test results don’t matter to NES. They will hire anyone at anytime! They have even hired individuals with criminal backgrounds. Only if the FDCPA and NES clients knew about this!

  36. foxxylass says:

    I receive calls daily from these telephone numbers 662-540-1656 and 662-540-1976. These list to a Holly Springs, MS land line. It’s interesting that they are waiting and immediately ask you questions before they even identify you. Of course, the person they were looking for did not live here. These people apparently mill telephone records or something and call anyone who has called that person. I told them that they had a wrong number, and of course, as it was not for me, I didn’t answer their questions.

  37. Foxxylass says:

    After reading what these people attempt to do, I was told that if a debt has been written off and purchased by a collection agency, you have bad credit anyway. The idea given was not to pay the bill collectors because they bought your loan for way less. Not to say escape from your loan, but with the bailouts and those bonuses that are being paid to the very people that bilked you in the first place, hang up on them. The bill collectors didn’t pay what you owed, they are just trying to COLLECT what you owed. Do 20% of what you owed and just pay that if you want to pay them. Don’t jeapordize your family just to pay a bill collector, unless it’s the roof over your head. Watch Matt Lauer and Hoda and Kathy Lee….whatever channel they come on in the morning. The financial analysts said don’t pay a written off credit card bill. They give good advice for struggling Americans that are barely making it.

  38. recent grad says:

    WOW!! I was looking at all the cooments and this is the same thing that happened to me. I was told about mailing that were never sent, refused a payment plan, told that legal action would be taken and so on. The kicker is that my student loan had been deferred not defaulted and I had never received anything from the original loan company. is this company legit?? is it a scam??

  39. Victoria says:

    Basically as I’ve read above, same thing has been happening to myself. I completely understand that I owe the amount being questioned, however with NES I’ve been given several different acct balances by several different employees at NES. Same thing, calling my place of employment, not accepting anything under $700 this month(mind you it was the 17th when I spoke with them the first time)for a balance of $1209 or wait $1455, asking why I can’t just call my husband NOW to ask how much can be paid TODAY by the END OF THE DAY, asking who’s cell phone I’m using (because I told them mine was currently broken and I was borrowing my mother’s). I told them it was absolutely none of their business who the cell phone belonged to and then I get told I’m being abrasive.

    I don’t know how to handle these people without getting the impression that I’m getting “ripped-off”! I would like to start a payment plan to pay off the Bank of America card from 2002-03. I’m in a better place now that I could take on another payment agreement, unfortunately I could not at that time. I think I’m going to contact Bank of America and see if I still can’t pay them directly. I’m concerned with giving NES any of my bank information. Confused, irritated, concerened, indebted!

  40. Darkebe says:

    I received a phone call from this company today regarding a bill they say that my husband owes. I spoke with some girl named Shandra. I requested a copy of the bill or other proof and she said they already sent it and she isn’t sending it again. I told her that since she is refusing to send it that there is nothing owed. I told she offered to settle for 390 and I told her that I am not doing anything until I see proof and that she must send me something. Needless to say that I was furious. Not only with her attitude but the fact that I could have been anyone that answered not the wife. She gave me the information anyway. I have sent them a fax letting them know further phone calls will be considered harassment and that since the phone call was recorded I want a copy of the audio along with the proof. If I don’t get it in 7 days I will go to court and get a subpoena and go from there. Bad Business!!

  41. Lynn says:

    I used to work for NES & let me tell you–you ain’t seen nothing!! Collectors are threatened & browbeaten to collect the entire amount owed. Payment plans are discouraged except as a last resort. Collectors are allowed to offer settlements on certain accounts, but they have to be paid immediately or be not more than 3 payments. The supervisors & managers play favorites & if you’re not one of them look out. Working conditions aren’t bad, but the atmosphere is very tense. They preach about FDCPA compliance, but look the other way if they feel that you can get the money if you step outside it. Altogether a very unpleasant experience.

  42. Jessica says:

    I can understand that bill collectors are just trying to do their jobs however there is a way to handle there claims. After about 15 minutes or conversation and trying to find ways to collect my payment the gentelman on the line told me that i am in a legal binding and that I just didnt want to pay them. He was very rude in responding to me I had no problem making a payment to this company today. i was told that they would be willing to work with me and when I asked if they would take a credit card payment I was told yes. then when I pulled out my card to make payment i was told it had to Be 500 + because I lived in texas. This doesnt seem like he was holding true to his initial response about working with me on my payment. He told me to deposit money into my checking account and give him my checking account information.I told him I do not due business over the phone giving out my bank account info because my account has been hacked in the past (which is the reason i have no funding now) when I told him i am unemployeed and have no money in my account and that I would be willing to make the credit payment now he refused to take that as payment. Im not sure what this company policy is but if they want to get paymenbt from those that owe they should seriously considering taking less than 500 as a minimum for payment option. I do not even know that I owe this money and the next time i recieve a call i will be requesting a copy of the bill and the audio. How do I know this is not a scam…

  43. Tiffany says:

    After reading all the comments i see that im not the only one being harassed. I spoke with someone today the conversation wad so bad i forgot the persons name. I do however know that that person was a male. I explained to him that I could definitley afford a payment plan. He states that I can not do a payment plan and that i needed to come up with over $7,000 by next week. I told him that that was impossible and that i don’t even make close to that much…i was frustrated and now i don’t know what to think.

  44. Connie says:

    I too have had negative dealings with NES. They called and threatened my daughter because she was in default on her student loans. She was reduced to tears and feeling very helpless. I took over the battle and spoke to a woman whose name has escaped me. She tried the strong-arm tactics on me, but I had previous knowledge of how these companies work and would NOT agree to what she was asking. She wanted some outrageous first payment amount, and then a large monthly amount thereafter. I just kept telling her what WE could do, what my daughter could afford, and after about half an hour of her trying to wear me down, SHE finally agreed to OUR terms! Funny thing is, after having the payments electronically debited for about a year, they suddenly stopped! Don’t quite understand it, since my daughter’s loans were for over $31000, but I’m sure they will find a way to blame us for it. They’ve been calling the home phone and my cell phone recently. DO NOT GIVE IN TO THESE VULTURES AND THEIR TERMS!!!!!

  45. Annie says:

    I started receiving phone calls from NES this year. I was actually stupid enough to give them my last few dollars I had in my bank account. They demanded I keep giving more or they were going to report me as refusing to pay which would lead to higher actions. I have been having trouble seeking a full time job and unable to pay what THEY told me to pay. I also went through a hard time with my car getting broken into and it costing me money. My hours have been cut and when I tried to explain to them I couldn’t make 500 dollar payments they said it wasn’t their problem. They called me a liar and suggested I give up my cell phone and other things. This is just a little of what I have had to go through with them. Not to mention the multiple RUDE people they have working there. I was glad to know I wasn’t the only one having to deal with these people. I just want to know what I can do.

  46. oprah says:

    I keep on getting a phone call from national enterprise systems about a bill and i keep on telling them that when i get the money i would send it to them. I feel like they can’t make yoou pay something that you don’t have the money to pay out like that. They should take payments that is less tgan $500.00 because some people can’t afford that much. And the bad thing about it is that they don’t care if you have kids.

  47. Lou2257 says:

    Received a call from “Kevin McCoy” today at work, hung up on him. Then he called my HR Dept at work and left a detailed message about how I would be sued in court if I did not him back at 877-912-1622 ext. 188. He said he was calling to get the “proper protocol” to serve a summons, but that I had the legal right to contact the plaintiff prior to court action. THIS IS NOTHING BUT SCARE TACTICS. The proper protocol is that “Kevin McCoy” and NES can pound salt until the end of time.

  48. justin says:

    my student loans went into default. i told them i could pay 100 a month for the rest of my life. they said that wont work. they said if i give them 10% down then we could work out a payment arrangement. they never said the arrangement would be 100/month though. so i’m just gonna wait it out and see what happens? if i give them 100 bucks a month using my debit card can they take money out of my account with out my concent? reply back at

  49. julie says:

    i have an old acct which for which i was on a payment plan, but when i lost my job i couldnt meet the montyly deductions. i now work as a temp and hours are varied. I a have been meeting the monthy, but am unable to pay the missed payments. in no way does NES want to work with me and are threatening legal action. I told them i could not pay more and that my finances are wiped out and it was suggested that i beg from family and friends for money (no has extra $ these days). I will continue to pay the monthly payments.

  50. Heather says:

    I have student loans through AES, but after I wasn’t able to make my payment on time a few months, they sent me to NES. They have called my hom, my cell, my mother’s work and everytime I talk to someone, they always say the same thing. “They want a $3000 Up front Payment” They start telling what credit cards my mom has open with that amount or more, also telling me about bank accounts that I have open (which I no longer have) to set up auto payments. But they still want $3000 up front. I don’t have that, neither does my mother. I understand I have a debt to pay and I am willing to pay it. I am working a great job now, so I CAN afford a low monthly payment. But they REFUSE to set me up with one. So I have started sending them money orders every month $100 here, %50 there, whatever I can afford. But to be honest, I don’t know where to see what my balance is! I’m getting worried that they are not putting my payments towards my loans…..

  51. Samantha says:

    Just got a call from them today I have no idea what they have been calling for but today I answered it and they hung up on me and called back just to hang up again. When I called to see who it was a guy answered and I hung up on him and called back and he was like I would advise you to stop calling here. I wanted to crack up laughing. Why are they harassing me and getting upset when I do it to them??

  52. prnrbaqnup says:

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  53. Lisa says:

    If you fall behind in credit card or any type of revolving payments for any reason – the very first thing you need to do is go online and become familiar with the fair debt collection act so that YOU have the upperhand when these leeches call. Also download a template of a “Cease and Decist Letter” so you can stop ALL collection phone calls. It wont stop them from mailing you and it doesn’t eliminate the debt, but it stops all calls immediately. Even firms like NES take it seriously because the fines by the Gov’t for violating it are huge.

    Like many, I fell on hard times and ended up in serious debt. NES contacted me on behalf of a credit card debt I became unable to make the minimum payments on. I was paying it fine at its original 5.99% interest rate, but I was 31 days late JUST ONCE and the interest was raised to 35.99% making it impossible for me to pay.

    The rep. that called me started off by trying to be intimidating and forceful and I stopped her fast. It was simple – I said if you wish for me to discuss this with you, then you will have a discussion with me, not talk AT me and you WILL NOT disrespect me. If you try to bully me or intimidate me, I will hang up the phone and overnight a cease and desist letter making it so your firm cant call me ever again.

    That stopped her in her tracks FAST.

    I told her it would be in her best interest to be civil to me and allow me to decide what i’m capable of paying because it’s either my way or they get nothing. She stuttered a bit so it was clear she was not used to a client being so assertive.

    She tried one last attempt to take the lead by saying – it’s fine if you dont talk to me, i’ll take that as a refusal to pay the debt and the matter will be turned over to legal. I said – fine, turn it over to legal. Let them sue me, let them win, I dont care – I dont have the money to give and I know for a FACT that if this goes to court the order will be $35.00 a week until paid in full because that’s the standard for unpaid credit card debts and that’s a whole lot less than what the minimum payment on the credit card debt was and if I defaulted on that $35 a week, I would be taken back to court for failure to pay and then be given a chance to prove my hardship which would result in the payments being lowered to $20 a month! (can you tell i’ve done this before…. sadly). I told her you can either accept MY offer and make your commission off what I pay or you can not accept my offer, i’ll hang up the phone, stop all calls, and then you lose the commission off not settling my file and the end result will be a small claims order that will be much lower than what you sharks want out of me!

    She then asked me what I thought I could reasonably pay without causing undue hardship upon myself and asked me when I thought I could pay it. I told her what I could do and when and she didn’t like it and said it wasn’t acceptable. I said “well, ok then – it was nice talking to you, have a n…..(was going to say “nice day”) but before I could she interrupted me and said – “let me talk to my supervisor about that amount”

    After some back and forth conversation, I ended up settling the debt for 7.5% of what was owed (the original debt was over $8,000.00) and was allowed to make the payments over a 6 month period.

    Overall – it worked out best for me because there was no way I could ever make the minimum payments after the jerks raised it to 35.99% interest .

    Now, the debt is gone and while it is a negative mark on my credit report shown as “settled for less than full amount owed”, at least it will come off my report in 7 years whereas if I didn’t settle this and had to pay the original balance, I would have died before it would be paid and my credit reports would have shown as delinquent the rest of my life, not just 7 years.

  54. Vano says:

    Do not pay a peny …. I paid off my balans what I owe but they still messing my credit dont trust this peopel they r skum. Im suprise y goverment not colse this organization down

  55. JoeW says:

    Com’on People Stop letting these people threaten you look up the laws.In most states they cant sue or garnish wages unless under surtain cases.

  56. Cheryl says:


    I received a call from NES today and talked to someone with a bunch of legal jargon regarding failure to pay on my daughters defaulted student loan. I had been paying on it with another collection company, had paid $2000 over the past 12 months. I missed a payment and SM sent to NES. They are the worst, I was trembling after speaking with them. They were asking for $2000 upfront and close to $300 monthly. I cant afford that. I am so glad I came to this website. I am going to send them monthly payments of $100 the same as Heather and hopefully get them off my back. At least I can take that to the Judge (if it comes to that) to show that I have made payments in good faith.

  57. Roselyn says:

    I was informed from my student loan provider, Sallie Mae that my debt was given to debt collector, National Enterprise Systems. I spoke with Lynn Hirko from NES to discuss that status of this debt and what options are available. I proposed to Ms. Hirko that I could give NES $500.00 on the spot and then set up a monthly withdrawal of $200.00 per month. I made this proposal on 2 separate phone conversations. Both times, Ms. Hirko rejected the proposal. She said my only option is to either pay the entire $38,000 debt or pay the reduce cost of $20,000. She said payment plans was not an option. I informed Ms. Hirko that I do not have $20,000 in cash nor do I owe property or assets. Ms. Hirko then stated to ask friends or family members for the $20,000. I informed her that no one I know has that kind of money. She then proceeded to tell me that if I don’t pay the $20,000, court proceedings will commence. She has threatened suit, garnish wages, etc… As with many other complaint here, I along with my mother have dealt with yelling from Ms. Hirko. She is completely unwilling to work out any compromise whatsoever. I’m currently researching consumer protection laws and if NES has violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. I’m also consulting lawyers with experience with debt collectors. I understand and completely aware that I owe this debt honestly. However, I think that’s wrong that NES is unwilling to work with me on this. I want to pay back this debt. It’s not that I’m unwilling to do so. It’s just I’m financially unable to; at least with the options she provided.

  58. GG says:

    I am currently battling NES over a private student loan from a Bank that defaulted several years ago. I declared bankruptcy and it disappeared from all of my credit reports listed as discharged in chapter 7. I realize this does not normally happen by my lawyer said that it might sometimes happen based on the wording of the loan and it possibly not being a true student loan. I did not hear anything from the bank for 1.5 years and my credit report had not changed and NES suddenly contacted me saying I owed a ridiculous amount of money and tried to get me to agree to send them money even though I had nothing in writing. I called the bank and they had no record of an open loan and could not talk to me about it. I then sent NES a validation letter asking for what I owed, what it was from and proof that they were authorized to collect on the loan and they sent me back paper work showing I had once received a loan from the company (something I am not disputing.. duh)but no other info showing that the bank has either sold the loan to them or asked them to collect on it. I sent a second letter requesting this information a few weeks ago and giving them 30 days to comply- so far nothing. I have no problem settling this if it really is a problem, but I fear it is a zombie debt situation and that the debt may have actually been discharged in bankruptcy. Has anyone else experienced something like this? What happened when you requested validation? did they stop bugging you if they could not give you the information you requested in writing within 30 days?

  59. Rose says:

    I called NES a little bit ago to try and work something out to pay my debt that I own. I was transferred to Matt Burns. Matt was extremely rude to me, was talking over me and I could barely get a word in. He kept asking me what I was gonna do about it. He said that I was just telling him everything I could not or would not do. He asked me to go to my grandparents or aunt and uncles for the 47,000.00 they want by 4:30pm TODAY. I had 1 grandma and she died n 1996. I have 1 aunt and she is on social security and lives with her son, she does not have the money. I want to try working something out and THIS is why I called THEM this morning. Matt acted as if I am the only person in the world who is struggling with student loan payments. Yes, I work but my income is not enough to pay all of my student loans, put gas in my vehicle to get to work and put food on the table for my family. Matt told me to go to H&R Block and hurry up and get my taxes done so I can make a down payment to them. I told him that we hent even gotten our W2’s yet. I explained to Matt that I wouldnt have called them today if I wasnt willing to pay back the debt. I also explained that both my husband and I are currently applying for 2nd jobs to help cover expenses/student loan payments. Matt said he needed something tangible by 4:30pm today and then told me he was hanging up. Every other place that I have called concerning student loan debt has been happy to work with me and understand that everyone is in the hurt bag right now. I will be calling and talking to the head honcho about the way this companies staff talk to and treat people. Its absolutely unacceptable!

  60. DEBBIE says:

    I also was contacted last week regarding a bank of america credit card that my mother and I had with them. We were making payments every month as we also had another card with them. paid them both on the same day. seperate times and they were putting the full amounts being paid on only one of the cards. Now Nes claims I can pay half of whats owed or I will be sued. For one, I have been reading on alot of sites that they cannot sue or garnish wages or put a lean on your property. In one day they called me several times and it was always someone driffent. I asked for a supervisor and he couldnt even give me a correct email address so I could get information from him thru email. I have sent a DV letter thru fax ad I havent heard from them since. I will not pay them. They have no clue what they are doing. Also, what does it mean on the back of the letter I received that if im from New York If I pay any part of the debt the original creditor and turn around and try to collect the full amount? REALLY. NOT FRIGGIN WAY ARE WE PAYING THIS!!!

  61. tim says:

    there was $16.oo left to pay on my account with them. now i keep getting messages from a john thompson wanting to talk to me. They did let me set up payments, but now it’s over, and I’m being harrassed again. maybe they decided they’d like some more money. this was all money owed to Univer. of Pitt. It couldn’t have increased. I haven’t been at Pitt for years!

  62. sweet dream says:

    just got a call form some crazy rep,requesting to collect money from an old account with verizon from 2007. i don’t even know if that account is mine or not i have been a fraud victim i the past and the matter has not been resolved yet. the rep was trying to harrase me several times,also threaten to collect from ny ban account. he was putting so much pressure to his voice and himself because i was not falling for it, it was very funny to hear someone lose there temper and control over money when it is not verified if the account belongs to the person they are trying to collect NES, well got to go please find out first if you have the right person before you sound like a fool!!!!love you

  63. Noella says:

    I was contacted on several occasions by NES. I actually got an app on my phone to send their number to voice mail because for a couple reasons, I know they can’t touch me. I owe roughly 5k to Sallie Mae. I also work part time and my weekly paycheck isn’t even enough for them to garnish. I contacted them when I was ready. Upon doing so I spoke to a Ms. Williams. She was actually very nice and extremely informative. I have been making monthly payments of $51.00 a month until I finish their “Loan Rahab Program” which I was even sent paperwork on.

    • Cheryl J says:

      I was just contacted by NES. Trying to find out if they’re legit, before I sign paperwork for the Loan Rehab program. It sounds like a good deal, and the payments are affordable. They say it’s a federal program, so shouldn’t that offer some protection? I hope they don’t screw me over.

  64. Kim Valentine says:

    I just received a call from National Interprise System and spoke with Michael Anderson, who said the were trying to collect a debt from a Salley Mae Student loan. I am very annoyed because these peopel keep calling me on my job. Well I am tired of these people harassing me about a debt that is NOT EVEN MINE, so I called theme and told them that I was going to file a civile complaint against the compant for calling my job. I was told that they will be removing my work phone number from the list. These people don’t understand when they call someone’s job that they can be jeopardising your job they don’t care so why should I care. I told them I will file a law suite against this company if I recieve another phone personal phone call at work and futher more collect the debt from the preson who owes it to you.

  65. L.Leal says:

    So after receiving numerous calls from these people and letting them go to my answering machine. They were being routed out of El Paso Texas btw. I finally looked up the number and had a friend answer the next phone call I got. The guy was rude on the phone demanding to know who he was speaking with and if it was infact my person. I looked on here and read what a lot of you had to say and then went and pulled my free annual credit report from the FTC. None of anything I owe is farmed out to them! They only show up on my TransUnion report as having made an inquiry on January 9th 2012. So they pulled my report saw who I owed money to and are now trying to FRAUDULENTLY coerce money from me. If they keep it up I don’t know what I am going to do. Probably call my local DA and go from there. I suggest you all go pull your credit reports and make sure you actually are supposed to be paying these people if you already are paying. You could very well be paying off the wrong people. Good Luck!

  66. twinkie1cat says:

    Here is a new one. I have a Disability Discharge for my student loans. What that means is that I am medically certified that I don’t have to pay them back. National Enterprise Systems calls twice a day and demands that I pay even though I have a discharge and says that they will garnishee my Social Security check. They claim there is no way to get out of paying back student loans. Sometimes they call from what appears to be a local number and other times from an unknown number. When it is a local number I tend to get snagged. It sounds like these people are a bunch of greedy Republicans. Most of the time they do not even give their name. Tonight I specifically asked for the name and address of the company. If I keep getting calls after I send them my letter confirming the status of the loans (disability discharge) I think I will try to sue them. $15,000 would be a real nice piece of cash.

  67. SUSY says:

    i kept getting calls from NES which I told them I could make monthly payments but they wanted of course the whole payment, I wrote them a notarized letter saying to Cease & Decist and further contact with me, and that as a Good Faith Payment I will pay $50.00 a month until I can settle, I got no more phone calls or my daughter no more mail but one letter showing a 6 month payment plan, BAMMMM, make sure people you put on the letter “cease & decist” & ” as a good faith payment” and they cannot reject your letter or payment arrangement. GOOD LUCK!!!!

  68. Stanley Zimblatt says:

    Why even talk to them? They are a debt collection agency. Save yourself the aggravation as you will get nowhere. Until you get a letter on real letterhead and expensive paper, signed by a real person who is an attorney in your local area, you’re not talking to anybody who can make a difference. Once it gets into the court system – then there is real action and a real timeline and, at that point, you can resolve the issue. In the interim, put away money so you have “negotiating strength” and ADMIT nothing so that the statute of limitations may apply.

  69. Joe Jessey says:

    In regards to the NES. I co-signed on one of my son’s student loans. In spite of being harassed almost ever day concerning my son defaulting on $3573.00 they keep calling my 92 year old mother. My mom has told NES several times my son doesn’t live there and also her son but they keep calling. Im disabled and on SSD. my health insurance is $7.95 a month not much left to live on. Im going to try out your suggestion using the letter provided. Then once I get the info I will send them a letter certified mail.

  70. TifaAngel says:

    Recieved a call from this company and they were extremely rude an unreasonable and threatened to sue me. I am going to call whoever I need to to get these people to stop. It was unecessary to be rude and threaten me when they cannot sue me at all. I contacted sallie mae and they told me they are resolving the issue regarding my loan. This company is full of jerks.

  71. Kj says:

    I called this NES to let them know that the debt had already been paid since, July 2009 and still shows on my credit report as a delinquent account. I was told by one to call the Barclay bank and have it removed. They gave me the number to Barclay. At Barclay, since this account is paid in full and the account got sold to NCO they no longer had the information. I have to call NCO. Whoever that is. But I was transferred back to NES. This guy came on the phone and I explained what just played out. I asked him “What should I do?” it’s still negative on my credit report. He answered as “You can do whatever you like MAM! it is your account”, “we just don’t deal with credit bureau” I said well, you don’t have to be rude or snapped at me I only asking you for information that’s why I’m calling. You’re short and rude to me and the way you talk to me is degrading. I asked for supervisor. He said “we don’t have supervisor” I said well, what kind of call center is it that doesn’t have supervisor or manager. So, I got heated up and yelled to the phone said “GET ME YOUR SUPERVISOR” he put me on hold and I called back from another phone and talked to another person and she was rude as well. So, now I told her forget about the credit bureau. I will file a complaint against him because, he is non professional, he put me on hold unannounced and then he came back to the phone to disconnect the line.

    This place can burn down for all I care. So, stupid can’t get anything done from people who doesn’t listen. They are not so happy with the 10 dollars phone job then they need to find another line of work.

  72. DL says:

    I received a call from NES tonight, and they said they had been trying to reach me, but I never returned their calls. They have never left one voicemail. So, they said they had to talk to my mom who cosigned on my loan, and they told her that the minimum they would accept is $5,000, then $300 per month. They were very rude, and same stuff – “quit interrupting me.” I have not , nor has my mother, received anything from them in writing.

  73. K. B. says:

    They call and call all hours of the day, early in the morning very late at night, they rarely leave a message and if they do it’s vague, unintelligible, or garbled. Usually it’s 10 seconds or so of silence.

    They just recently contacted my ex. Funny thing is I never used his number for anything regarding my financials. I’m not sure how they even connected him to me, we never lived together, never applied for anything together and never shared a last name or anything that they could have used to connect him to me. Very weird and very creepy. They need to stop.

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