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Have You Been Harassed by Nelson, Watson & Associates, LLC

Are you still bothered and harassed by Nelson, Watson & Associates, LLC? Do they call you at odd times, threatening you and using illegal tactics to collect some debts that you are unaware of?

Unluckily, criminals can steal your personal identity and create loans or accounts on your name. This can lead to big damage on your credit report.

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The law firm of Francis & Mailman is here to help and explain your lawful rights and rules. We will check your credit report, making sure your errors are fixed.

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Address 80 Merrimack St
City Haverhill
State Massachusetts
Zip Code 01830
Phone 978-416-2100
Fax 978-469-9046

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  1. J.C. says:

    These are the most awful people I have ever talked to! I had the pleasure of dealing with them today on behalf of my husband, and I was belittled, pushed and threatened. Ryan, a “supervisor”, is the worst one working there. I told him I was willing to work out a payment schedule, but I wanted to have all the information mailed to me. He refused to mail me anything, and told me if I didn’t pay off the balance by tomorrow, I would be sued. I was told to ask friends and family for the money. It’s just ridiculous. At least if my husband is sued, it will give us a chance to settle with the law firm and work out fair payments.

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