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North Star Capital Acquisitions, LLC also known as Zenith Acquisition is a debt collection agency located in Amherst New York. North Star Capital Acquisitions has a bad reputation for violating the laws under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). If you do a simple google search you will find numerous complaints about their collections practices. Luckily, for consumers that are contacted by North Star Capital Acquisitions, the laws under FDCPA are there to protect you, and you have consumer protection lawyers at Francis & Mailman here to help you.

Is North Star Capital Acquisitions Harassing You?

Under the FDCPA you are protected from harassment, intimidation, and abusive tactics used by collection agencies like North Star Capital Acquisitions, LLC.
Here are just a few of the common harassing tactics collection agencies have used, that are illegal.

  • Calling you repeatedly simply to annoy you
  • Calling you early in the morning before 8am or late at night after 9pm
  • Telling you that you will be arrested if you do not pay
  • Using profane language and threatening violence
  • Calling you at work after you have told them that you cannot have calls there
  • Misleading or misinformation about the debt
  • Reporting the debt to credit bureaus after you have disputed the debt and they have not proven that it is yours
  • Calling your friends and family and discussing your debt with them in order to get you to pay

These are just a few of the common harassing tactics used, there are many more. If you have been contacted by North Star Capital Acquisitions it is very important that you know your rights under the FDCPA.

If North Star Capital Acquisitions has violated any of your rights and is harassing you for a debt that you may or may not owe, you have the right under the FDCPA to sue them for the harassment.

If any of the above has happened to you, it’s time to call a consumer protection lawyer.

Hire a Consumer Protection Lawyer

The consumer protection law firm of Francis & Mailman is ready to fight for you against North Star Capital Acquisitions, LLC. Francis & Mailman know your rights under the FDCPA, and know how to protect you from harassing debt collection agencies. It does not matter if you owe the debt or they are trying to collect a false debt, you do not have to put up with harassment and abuse. Fill out our quick form or call us now for your free case evaluation.

North Star Capital Acquisitions, LLC Contact Information

NorthStar Capital Acquisitions, LLC
Address  220 John Glenn Drive, #100
City Amherst
State New York
Zip Code 14228
Phone 1  800-479-6011
Phone 2 716-213-0674
Phone 3 716-799-8000
Fax 1 716-213-0680
Fax 2 716-213-0681
Email David L. Paris, President
Gregory Nowicki, Chief Operations Officer
Howard Hornblass, Chief Financial Officer

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  1. John Jurasek says:

    This company has been calling my office asking for someone we dont know and have no connection with. We have asked repeatedly for them to stop but they continue to call. I called them to today to ask once again to stop but they assuse me of hiding this person!! I did some reasearch on them today and found many complaints on the web like mine. Any chance on a class action on this Co like what is going on with the anti fax attorneys??

  2. Dirk says:

    Yes, I have problems too. they are suing my wife, and they have violated several FDCPA laws and they have lied in Affidavids as well as other unconcionable acts,

  3. Ann Reed says:

    This company is suing me for $953.98 plus attorney fee of $145.00. I have never heard of North Star Capital or did any type of business with them. A lot of people posted
    comments about this company and are saying basically the same as I. However, I will find out what’s going on and get to the bottom of this fraudalent situation.

  4. john says:

    I paid off a settlement agreement with them in Jan. 07 and just today they are trying to collect again plus interest.Thank God I still had a copy of the cancelled check or I would have been screwed.They are afraid of the NYS Attorney Generals Office,after I said I will file a complaint with that Agency I had a faxed pay-off letter in 10 minutes.

  5. Dale Martin says:

    I am currently having problems with this company. North Star Capital is a/k/a Zenith Acquisitions, LLC. I noted a credit bureau listing from Zenith and sent a validation letter (June 23rd)…in return I received nothing from them, but something from Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC (June 30th) stating that I owe them and they are offering me some scam of a solution with an Emblem card. I sent Jefferson Capital a validation letter (August 26th) and received a response from them (September 3rd) that they sent this account back to North Star Capital Acquisition, LLC. I am now in the process of wasting another $6.00 to send them a verification letter. I know that they cannot validate this debt so I will wait another 30 days and then send all my paperwork to the credit bureaus for removal of this report. Not sure what else to do at this point.

  6. grandfather says:

    i never had any debts while residing at 25 macdougal st or did any business with this company today is the first i heard of them and they are trying to put a stop on my checking account for 964.54.i lived at that address in 2000. what kind of scheme is this.

  7. Michele says:

    North Star Capital Acquisitions filed a Marshall’s Notice of Execution against me for a credit card debt that had a balance of less than $400 with Capital One. The debt is now recorded to be over $1,000. Capital One refused to close the account even though I was hospitalized. So, the account accrued. The execution states that my personal property can be sold at Public Auction and 10 percent of my salary levied. I am only now getting myself together after four years and I don’t even have any personal property. I rent an apt. and travel via public transportation. These are Gestapo tactics! These people need to be stopped.

  8. husband says:

    This company is messed up!!!! My wife is also being sued by them for a bogus $1,170 dollars. MY WIFE has NEVER had any credit..NEVER..
    She has been a stay at home mother for 13 yrs..NEVER had a job… There for NO CREDIT..
    NO ONE FROM THIS COMPANY WILL RETURN MY PHONE CALLS when I call to inquire about the misterious bill due!!
    HUMM!!!! OH! They did send a questionaire wanting to know EVERYTHING about HER and FAMILY..,Finances,expences.ect…

  9. JENNIFER says:


  10. kia says:

    My mom was served with an execution order yesterday and they freakin debited her bank account and made it negative and they say she owes them 4over $1500 dollars! please somebody tell me who these people are!

  11. kim says:

    I had an account with Wells Fargo that supposely sold this account to North Star Capital. I don’t have a problem with paying my debt but this is a third party company that I do not have a clue about. They turn my account over to an attorney Berman & Rabin, PA whom does not seem to be legit to me. Now this so called law firm is threatening me with.

  12. David says:

    Debt collectors may not use any false or misleading statements when collecting a debt. For example, debt collectors may not:

    Tell you that they are attorneys or government representatives, when in fact, they are not;
    Falsely imply that you have committed a crime;
    Misrepresent that they operate or work for a credit bureau;
    Misrepresent the amount of your debt;
    Indicate that papers being sent to you are not legal forms when they in fact, are;
    State that you will be arrested if you do not pay your debt;
    Threaten to seize, garnish, attach, or sell your property or wages, unless the collection agency or creditor intends to do so, and it is a legal action;
    Threaten that actions, such as a lawsuit, will be taken against you, when such action legally may not be taken, or when they do not intend to take such action.

  13. nancy says:

    hi im nancy and i dont know why and what goin on they want me to pay 1.488.oo for something i dont even have. i get ssi a month and am wear a hearing aid. i never heard of these people. i do know my older daugther b/f been using someone credit card. this is a crime. i been taking care of my own debt and it is going well but this co. i dont know who they are. i feel sorry for u and your wife. pl write help me.

  14. scott renaud says:

    i recieved a letter in the mail for a scott c renavd and is owing 1412.11 dollars this is not me the collection agency name is aargon the account number is 3549-030459 they need to stop sending these letters to my address for i do not know who this person is thank you

  15. Maureen says:

    I am trying to save my house from foreclosure and was just informed that NorthStar has put a lein on my house!! WTH!! I thought only people with an owning interest in your home could do this – ie. the mortgage company…What do I do????

  16. Steve says:

    I just recieved a collection notice listing this company as the creditor.
    Since I have had no dealings with this company,or any other creditor… I’m trying to figure out how they think I owe them $1,298.37 ???

  17. John Doe says:

    This company operates illegally on every level. If you get sued by them or any law firm representing them, always send them a certified letter disputing the validitiy of the debt. Trust me, they won\’t have the original paperwork from the original creditor. If they don\’t drop the suit, file a Sworn Denial with the court and send a copy to the law firm. Then, go to court. Ask, in court, for the orginal contract/agreement from the plaintiff (the lawfirm suing you), and watch them crap their pants. And, Never, and I mean NEVER agree to anything with an attorney before you go before the judge. They want you to either not show up, and get a judgement by default or get intimidated and settle with them before you see the judge. If you can file a Motion to dismiss right after you file your sworn denial. Chances are they\’ll back off and drop the law suit. Then counter sue them for every Federal, State and local violation you can find in STATE COURT! BAM! There it is. Take them on.

  18. Tess says:

    I have received a letter from attorney who are representing North Star Capital Acquisition LLC and they say my case its DISMISSAL!! Them sued me first (and I dont know for wath)I DON’T KNOW WHO THEY ARE!!I NEVER HEARD OF THEM,I NEVER HAD ANY CREDIT THER!!I NEVER RECIVED ANY PAPER OR LETTER FROM THEM.I will find out what’s going on
    please somebody tell me who these people are!

  19. Cara says:

    I received and small postcard notice in the mail notifying of a “Styled Cause” for “Dismissal Docket”. I have no idea what this is for and the only phone # on the is notice is for the court. It says Styled “North Star Capital Acquisition LLC” That’s the only reference to who is brought this to court. The notice also goes on to say if I don’t appear it may result in a default judgement. What does all this mean? I declared bankruptcy three years ago and everything was included in this. Can someone shed some light on this?

  20. Steph says:

    I just recieved something in the mail from them for saying they are going to garnish money from my bank account…but they don’t tell me how much or anything like that. they say it is from July 2008 well what the heck for!! I am going to hopefully get ahold of them tomorrow…this is just so weird that I have never got a phone call from them or anything and this is the first time I have got anything in the mail from them.

  21. Laura Johnson says:

    I am writing this letter or comment to you I just received something through the mail today and I do not even no who they are north Star Capital acquistion LLC I have no credit card and nevery had a credit card through them and I do not even know who they are and they have me having a court date and I do no even know anything about this so I will not be going to court when I do not even know who they are and what this is all about. And if they are saying I owe them money how can I owe money to someone I don’t even know what company they are and who they are. I have canceled the exmination date and will not be attending they have not even sent me anything and then I get this notice what kind of a company are they

  22. Kelly says:

    This company has other collection agencies attempt to get the money. I got a letter from 2 different agencies for the same account with the credit llisted as North Star Capital. I keep disputing the debt with each collection agency & they remove it from my credit profile, however, they keep selling it off to a new agency. My debt is 10+ years old which is beyond the legal time limit to collect and list on my credit profile. I do not know how to get this north star company to close this account out.

  23. CJ says:

    Well, we just got a notice from the IRS that North Star reported to them an amount of $1,540.00, and we now have to pay the IRS $550.00, “which includes all applicable penalties, interest and payment adjustments such as federal tax withholding, excess social sercurity tax withheld, etc.” My husband spoke to the IRS and was informed that anyone can report anything to the IRS without having to prove anything to the IRS. … p.s. we have never had any dealings with North Star

  24. Dan says:

    On June 1st I was served court papers for lawsuit filed by North Star through lawyer for $4000. The NS law suit affadavit was full of lies pertaining to a Wells Fargo account they purchased. I responded to the lawyer and court with my denial answers and requested document discovery for court trial. On July 7th their lawyer applied for a 30 day extenstion to provide me the discovery as North Star will not provide their own lawyer with the documents because I am sure they have none. On Aug 7th I will make a motion of the court to dismiss. Always answer your court summons and pleadings denying everything and request them to provide you the proof for court.

  25. Dedra says:

    I received a letter in the mail stating I owe 1145 from this company. The letter was sent from my sheriff county from this company. I have no clue who this company is. I do not have any credit because I do not have any credit cards. I was reading the statements above and that is what has happened to me.

  26. Kathryn says:

    Thanks everybody for sharing your stories. I’m a conservator for my 83 year old mother. North Star is trying to get money from her too. My mother is fluent in Spanish and diagnosed with Dementia. I will issue a subpoena for production of any and all documentation to with regard to this debt. If North Star does not respond to the Subpoena and produce documentation, North Star will not be entitled to recovery.

  27. horselady says:

    This company is garnishing my wages and when I call to find out why, I keep getting sent to other offices and getting the run around. They are telling me it is for a Wells Fargo credit card- NEVER HAD ONE.

  28. brooke says:

    i recently recvd a letter from this co, saying i owed cap one. but when i call cap one they can not give me a date on when the credit card was opened!! plus they have my maiden name and i have been married for 13 yrs!!! what to do???

  29. Jan Scranton says:

    This company has been hounding us for 7+ years, sending psuedo court papers etc. Now they’ve hired a Denver firm Machol &Johannes,LLC to bug us as well. Today someone from this law fim showed up at my door asking for my husband. They want him to sign something. They also send what ‘look’s’ like court papers, motions for this, motions for that but there are no court stamps or signatures on the paperwork. My husband had a stroke last year and so I usually take care of most things like this, but I don’t know where to turn, we are just scraping by, I can’t afford a lawyer to keep these people away, or get rid of them. Is there anyone who can help????

  30. Jerry Coates says:

    My Grandmother Barbera Owens received a statement from capital one saying she owed 3,142.26 for purchase made on a credit card.Once we contacted them they sayed they were made in Iowa and the last time it was used was in June.I need help with this because I dont have the money to pay this nor do I know how this was done because we live in louisiana,and this was done in Iowa and we dont know anyone in Iowa.

  31. dkw says:

    June 09, 10 I was served court paperwork for lawsuit stating I owe 4000 to NSA for an old Wells Fargo Account. Their affadavit was full of lies and I filed a denial response also requesting Discovery documentation. Went back and forth about discovery with their lawyer but I did not back down. I filed a motion to compel discovery with the court and at the motion hearing 2/7/11 their representative requested the case be dismissed due to NSA not providing any supporting documentation to go forward to trial.

  32. Angela says:

    This company has attempted to garnish my tax return however they have never sent me a summons or complaint, never identified the original debtor that they claim I owe money to. They have violated my due process as a citizen and the rights I have to defend myself against their claims.

  33. Angela says:

    Everyone needs to file complaints against this company, their attorneys and the original debtors with the FTC at AND with your State Attorney General’s office. These people violate the Fair Debt Collection Act over and over. They get away with it because we sit in silence and don’t make a big enough stink to bring attention to them. If enough people file complaints, the federal and state governments will go after them and maybe an attorney unafraid of a good fight will file a class action lawsuit against them in each state also.

  34. Andrew says:

    I received a garnishment against me for a little over $2000. It is paid off now but looking back at the papers, North Star listed an address I never lived at. Perhaps it belongs to my son with the same address. Anyway, I did nothing since I lost everything in 2006. I assumed it correct and was garnished. I would like to hire a Consumer Law Attorney and fight back. These guys make a living by going after the little guy who can’t or won’t defend themselves. Wolves!

  35. Hugh Johnson says:

    A judgment was placed on my credit report. I have no clue who they are or which creditor they are representing. How can I find this out? I need to know if this claim is legit. If it is, I will make some arrangement to pay it. The amount is $5,563. Reference #T010477A. Thanks.

  36. chantel says:

    This company hired an attorney and my husband was taken to court to pay on a valid debt in 2009. We paid it within 2 weeks and received receipt from the attorney THEY HIRED. It was off of his credit report last March 2010 (I check every year). I checked this April and there is a $500 balance showing, reported “since Oct 2010”! I call their offices and never an answer, always “mailbox full”. I have sent receipt copies to each credit reporting agency and am calling their attorney to discuss it today. No wonder his credit score isn’t going up and we cant buy a house! (this was the last neg. between both of us!!)

  37. miranda crandell says:

    This company to me to court for over $2000 dollars and I never even did business with them! Even when I did have a credit card I never had a balance past $250. This is bogus. I want all the money and headache back that I paid to this place!!!

  38. michelle says:

    my husband got a cerfied letter stating hes has to go to the magastrats office from north star for debt 1500.00 what should i do thanks

  39. geolady says:

    This group has tried to collect an 11 year old debt from CapitalOne. Who has paperwork after this amount of time?! Besides they can’t collect after 7 years and it cannot go on your credit bureau after 7 years. It cannot be restarted because it can only be reported by the original company. I have contacted my State Attorney General to help with this and they have. Sue this bunch for everything they have…that street goes both ways.

  40. Kim M. Shively says:

    This is all very interesting , and i am so glad I found this site. The same thing is happening to me . I am also on diability , and Have never heard of North Star. This debt goes back to 2003 , They say I owe $1111.39 , on a Capital one credit card , At an address i never lived at , they told me i had to file a police report , .I plan to get a hold of my State Attorney General , and let them know that this is all a scam. If there is an honest Attorney out there please tell us all what else we can do…Thank you KIMI

  41. Maidy says:

    This company has also goes under the name of:

    Zenith Acquisition Group
    170 N Pointe Pkwy # 300
    Amherst, NY,

    Phone: 716-799-0511
    Fax: 716-213-0680

    The John Glenn address is no longer valid and hasn’t been for a few years. I know this because I’ve recently filed a bankruptcy and retrieved this address via a impromptu skip search (hahaha, a skip search on a company that collects … the irony of it all). This company is a bottom feeder, the worst of the debt collection kind. If you are being harassed by them, use the power of consumer protection and fire back.

  42. Luke says:

    I received a notice from them today saying I owe 1374.40. I don’t even have a credit card and no debt to my name. Any chance this is a scam that will go away if you don’t respond? Or should i seek legal advice?

  43. Jon says:

    I get phone calls from this company at least twice a day, waking me up at 8am. They’ve called my cell at work almost resulting in my firing. They’re looking for Steve Hall. I am not Steve Hall, nor do I know who Steve Hall is. I tell them that they’ve got the wrong number and they keep calling!! I’m seriously considering paying this company a personal visit. They won’t stop calling me.

  44. a. luis paris says:

    They sued me and after I paid it still shows up on my credit report from court not paid.

  45. Richard Wallace Sr says:

    I was HANDED a notice of judgement from this company TOTALLY out of the blue, they were putting a gaurentie on my paycheck….I am fighting this, I sent a Certified mail letter to their com. along with the local sheriff (whom was suppose to deliver the notice)DEMANDING more info..It has been, 40 days and heard NOTHING from either..The money has started to be taken out of my check…WHAT NOW

  46. Julie says:

    Try this one they called me and I actually owed the bill I started paying on it and never received anything else from them. Now I owe one more payment and received another letter from another company wanting the same money they said they bought my account from these people. When I called north star they said they are not a debt collecting agency?????? Now Im going to be stuck paying this bill all over again. I have bank statements were they have takin the money is there anything I can do?

  47. Donald Faulknor says:

    Well, they can’t seem to find out what bill they’re collecting for. Why would I pay a bill that I don’t know where it came from? It’s a judgment on my credit report, $789. They do a lot of harm to credit reports. Wish I had a way of getting it taken care of, whether paying it or otherwise, but I’m not paying it until the company can tell me what it is.

  48. Suzanne says:

    Northstar capitol has for the second time just stolen money from me out of my bank account. They recieved court approval to garnish my paycheck. They were told it would not be until September before they would be able to garnish me because my check is already garnished 25%. Is there anything that I can do? How can it be legal for them to take every penny out of my bank account without my knowledge? How are they able to do this when I am already garnished to the full extent of the law? Does anyone have any answers for me? They would be greatly appreciated. I am so angry!

  49. Denise says:

    I received a letter of collection last week (Feb. 24, 2012), with a date of March 9, 2011 from Total Card, Inc., saying I owed a debt of $1837 for a credit card that I have not used in 10 years! When I asked about the account, I was told it was transferred to North Star. I would like to know what kind of charges have been billed to me on a card which hasn’t even been in use!

  50. Bill Woods says:

    New Federal Law, A Collection Company cannot call you or try to collect a debt unless that company is licensed in the state you live in. Call the local Sectary of States Office. The States now want taxes from North Star Collection LLC from doing buiness in the state without paying state taxe license fees. CHECK IT OUT!. No more interstate collection practices. They will now fall under the “Long arm Statue”. Also when they call and they say we are recording this converstaion, tell them to hold on so you can start recording too, THEY WILL HANG UP.

  51. Genesayqua says:

    My story is just like everyone else’s story: NEVER HEARD OF THEM and I have no debt to my name. File a dispute and wait about a month to see what happens. God bless.

  52. Shannon Richardson says:

    I just went to court after North Star Capital Acquisitions, LLC tried to sew me for a bill thru Capital One Credit Card that i already paid them! I have the proof i paid it but the attorney that represented them Hayt, Hayt and Landau sent me a settlement offer which i paid it and now another attorney Andreu Palma and Andreu is trying to sew me AGAIN for the SAME bill. This is ridiculous that these debt collections can keep getting bought over and over EVEN WHEN you pay it off!

  53. Irene says:

    I just found my friend’s old letter of North Star and from what I read in the comments here, I think that North Start bought old debt and tried to collect on that old debt. My friend’s account from North Star was forwarded to another collection agency. They have not contacted my friend anymore. You might want to contact the State Attorney General or the Fair Trade Commission to get some kind of help.

  54. Carol Jayne says:

    This company garnished my husbands money through his bank, and today sent what looks like an official letter saying with interest he owes over $2,000.Supposedly for some debt from 2007. The bank lawyer spoke with my husband but still we do not know who he is supposed to owe money to. This is not a rinky dink band. I am wondering if they are not on the level why is the bank cooperating with North Star?

    • Terri says:

      I have been looking for this company. Do you have an address for them? Everything I have sent to them has been returned. Thanks.

    • victor says:

      We have been looking for them as well. Do you have a number, email or a way to get with the lawyers that are representing them. They have messed up my wives credit big time. My email is

  55. Jan Scraton says:

    ok, it’s been 5 years and once again this company is trying to put us on the street. They now have filed a’ writ of continuing garnishment’ for the whopping amount of $11,112! My husband had another stroke in January of this year, lost his truck driving job and now makes around $300 a week stocking shelves at a local grocery store, he’s 54 and I’m 66. If they garnish his wages we be lucky to get $200 a week, and it would be an ongoing hardship, and would last pretty much forever at that amount. We don’t have that kind of money and this was for a debt back in 2007. Isn’t there some kind of statute of limitations??? I also suspect this debt was paid off, but because the original creditor is not listed, I can’t go thru my files to see for sure… isn’t there somebody out there who could help us??????????

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