OSI/Outsourcing Solutions

a.k.a. OSI Collection Services Inc.
Address 200 S Executive Drive
City Brookfield
State  Wisconsin
Zip Code 53005-4216
Phone 262-784-9035
Fax 800-758-6767


Are You Tired of Constant Offensive Calls From OSI/Outsourcing Solutions?

Unfortunately, many Americans are called repeatedly on debts that are not even theirs. If you think that the debt is a result of mistaken identity, you may want to first check all of your credit reports. Sometimes OSI/Outsourcing Solutions can mix your social security number or mix up your name with a similar name.

You must know that as a consumer, you are protected under The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. And OSI/Outsourcing Solutions cannot call you before 8am and after 9pm, use offensive language, threaten you or lie to you.


Hire Francis & Mailman Immediately

If the calls do not stop, call a lawyer to help. Call Francis and Mailman to get help on your side at 877-735-8600 for a free case review or fill out a free case review form.

We have a dedicated team of attorneys who will discuss your case, check and fix the credit report errors, and stop calls OSI/Outsourcing Solutions. .

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  1. Joe Lazio says:

    Several days ago, I began receiving phone calls from debt collectors who falsely represented himself as belonging to Rexfeld Law Firm; Mr Sullivan, (713) 579-7000 Xt 6060. The next day I was contacted by a K C Fox (866) 834-3556. Both these men were trying to reach my mother, who has not lived with me for 40 years, looking to collect some past debt of hers. I have since found out they work for Meridian Management (Financial Services), Houston, Texas. They have a long history of harassing the families of debtors in their attempts to collect debts. I have seen a list of complaints and law suits against them. Can you help me make them go away?

  2. helanthea beebe says:

    comcast cable is allways overcharging me when my man pays at the payment center they add an extra 2-300.oo dollars. comcast never lets you go over 2 months so how can it possibly come up 2 500.oo nevermind 700.00

  3. Joan Johnson says:

    I and several family members and neighbors are being harassed by a David Swaine from Mercantile Adjustment Bureau, LLC. He is calling daily to all of us saying that my father gave our name and number for a contact number on an application. He has gone so far as to threaten all of us. He has told one neighbor it is from a collection agency and he is trying to collect a debt. This is illegal. He has threatened my 80 and 84 year old termanal ill parents he is going to take their home. This is a debt that is over 7 years old. He leaves messages on my machine daily that the call is for Mr. ________ and to call him, even though I have told him many times, to STOP leaving messages on my phone for my father he DOES NOT live at the house where this number is. I have turned this over to the Attorney General Department of Justice. I am not enlisting my neighbors this man is saying I GAVE their name. He is using illegal and deceptive practies. I am send a certified letter to tell Mr. Swain to Stop harassing me and the neighbors. The neighbors are also sending this letter. This man need to stop and see what he can and can not do legally. We are working on getting help from Senior Citizen Legal council to help put a stop to this mans deceptive practices.

  4. Anita Tinajero says:

    thanks for the content on your site

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