Ozark Capital Corporation

 a.k.a. Hosto & Buchan Debt Collectors
Address 701 W. 7th Street
City Little Rock
State  Arkansas
Zip Code 72201
Phone 501-374-1300
Fax Head Debt Collectors:
Bryan Edwin Hosto, President


Is Ozark Capital Corporation Bothering You About Debt that You Do Not Owe?

Are you angry from constant calls from Ozark Capital Corporation false debt? The law firm of Francis & Mailman fights against those companies that use harassing or using abusive tactics when they call you.

Are you aware that credit report errors and false debt can be the consequence of someone stealing your identity and creating loans or accounts on your name? This can ruin your credit life tremendously.


Call Francis & Mailman to Stop Collection

It is time to get the Francis & Mailman group of attorneys on your side to help you resolve errors on your credit reports. Call at 877-735-8600 for a free case or fill out a free case review form.

We will take your case seriously, explain your lawful rights, and stop abusive calls. All communication will go through Francis & Mailman. Let’s stop collection together.

Ratings for CreditReportProblems.com
  1. sherry byrum says:

    This company bought my debt from Providian Credit Corp. sometime after 2000. They bought my $3,000 debt for pennies on the dollar. They have turned it into over $11,000. I never had a contract with these people. They have a judgment against me and have been harassing me for over 8 years. I’ve learned that they are what is called Zombie Collectors. They present themselves as a law office but the law office is the collector’s law office. I don’t understand why they are allowed to be in business. If you are unfortunate enough to have this collection agency come after you hire an attorney immediately. I wish I had.

  2. Stephen says:

    Not sure how it got started but they said they served me papers and went to court on a judgement but where they said they delivered the papers I don’t live there… Hello They need to lose their licenses.

  3. valerie works says:

    This Ozark company (used lightly) has been harassing me for years too. They have been levying my bank account without mailing a two week notice that they are going to issue a levy which is required by law. I was sending them money orders voluntarily on a regular basis before they started wiping out my bank account, which I can’t even use now. Their collections actions go beyond unethical, calling at 6 a.m. and 11 p.m. and every 15 minutes between, calling me sweetheart and a deadbeat, they are illegal. No notice of levies, accepting my money then wiping out my bank account to the point I am loosing my home now and forget eating.

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