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Is Palisades Collection, LLC Harassing You?

Collection agencies like Palisades Collection, LLC must follow the rules put in place by the The Fair Debt Collection Act. Many times they will do whatever it takes for them to collect a debt and sometimes, that crosses the line and turns into harassment. If you are receiving threatening letters, or calls from a representative at Palisades Collection, LLC, do not let them push you around, fill out the contact form for a free case review.

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Contact Information for Palisades Collection, LLC

Address 210 Sylvan Avenue
City Englewood
State  New Jersey
Zip Code 07632
Phone 1 800-991-9367
Phone 2 201-567-5648
Phone 3 866-230-9094
Phone 4 866-230-8075
Phone 5 201-567-2438
Phone 6 866-230-8094
Fax 1 610-758-9781
Fax 2 866-230-8094
Head Debt Collectors:
Arthur Stern – Chairman of the Board, Asta Funding
Gary Stern – President & CEO
Robert J. Michel, CFO
Mitchell Cohen, CEO, Asta


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  1. Kim says:

    This company is just as bad as the any other company, and they love doing things that are Illegal. I made an agreement to pay 10.00 a month on a Credit card that they had because I am Disabled and on a limited income from Workman’s comp. They took the first payment then told me it wasn’t good enough last I knew that was refusal of payment. They then took 75.00 dollars from my Checking Account and Froze my account which only had my money from Workman’s Comp in it. A sharffe told me they could not take that Money legally because it was worker’s comp but they never did return the money to my account. It is Illegal for any company to take Workman’s comp, or Disability money from your accounts and it is also Illegal for them to deny a payment of any amount.

  2. Raymond says:

    This company will try to make your life misable and do anything legal or not to try to trick you into giving personal information they can use against you….beware

  3. Frustrated says:

    You can never accuse this company of not having perseverance. They started sending debt collection information to my mother about 3 years ago, for a fictional debt. The notice said it was for First Union bank, an entity I have never conducted business with. Just in case the bank had inherited a debt from some where else, I called Wachovia (who now owns First Union). Wachovia doesn’t even have my name in thier database. No history whatsover. My mother told this agency I now longer lived there, and they stopped calling. About a year later I started getting the notices at my house (they found me). I didn’t respond. It took a while, but the notices stopped coming (they have to pay for the mailing, you know). 3 weeks ago, they started calling and leaving messages on my work cell phone. I have never answered a call or acknowledged them in any way. Should I? I have been told not to contact them at all, but wondering if this is the best course?

  4. Frustrated2 says:

    This company keeps calling my work looking for someone named Will Dial. He’s never worked here. Every time I try to answer them or call them back, I end up getting a dial tone when I start to try explaining to them they can’t get ahold of that person here. They seem to not actually want money, it’s only to harrass people that have nothing to do with them.

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